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Neighbors Furious Over Lady's Christmas Dragon Decorations, So She ‘Fixes’ It

One Woman's unconventional Christmas decorations upset her neighbor, so she took things a step further.

The Angry Neighbor


Instead of doing the typical Christmas inflatables in her front yard, author Diana Rowland decorated her yard with three large dragons along with some lights in the grass and on her bushes. But this upset one anonymous neighbor who for some reason doesn't understand that dragons are way more awesome than snowmen.

We're Gonna Need More Dragons

This "fan mail," as Rowland called it, wasn't going to intimidate her. Instead she upped the ante and added two more dragons to her original three. She said her sister gave them to her. They are Christmas dragons with santa hats so maybe that will be festive enough to appease her disgruntled neighbor.

Dragons For Charity

Fundraiser talk started to get back to Rowland after her story went viral, so she took to Twitter to tell people not to send her money. If they want to give money, she urged them to give to a worthy charity of their choice.

Penguin Love

Some took her words to heart and donated to causes they felt strongly about. This one noted that her "dragon army" will help foster baby penguin chicks in South Africa.

Dragons Are Always Acceptable

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The letter from the neighbors rubbed plenty of folks the wrong way. Dragons are indeed acceptable at all times of the year, something you'd definitely know if they were real.

You wouldn't be sending any lame notes in that situation.

Where Is Dragon Baby Jesus?

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Some did think she was missing something with her dragon presentation. Where is the baby Jesus dragon? Why aren't there any smaller dragons around to take the role?

There need to be more dragons at Christmas.

Make Dragons A Christmas Staple

If this can start anything, it would be the addition of dragons to Christmas lore. We have flying reindeer and snowmen, but why no dragons. It's a winter fantasy world and we could use a few dragons.

They don't even have to be deadly. They can just be hanging out, enjoying hot cocoa, watching the snow fall and melt on their extremely hot skin.

The tradition starts today.

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