8+ Seriously Smart Products For Your Car

Now that you've had plenty of time to clean out your entire house and the garage there's one thing you still need to do. Give your car an upgrade.

Oh yes! Are you feeling me? Let's spruce up that fabulous ride of yours so good that it will be the envy of all your friends... when you can actually show it off to them.

1. This Gap Filler


If you love to munch in your car you know just how annoying it is to lose those fries down the side gap. This cool invention will prevent that and help you keep your car clean.

2. This Faux Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover


OMG, get a load of this. Talking about upgrading your car the right way. Ha, ha! Wow, I've seen some wheel covers but this is a first for me. This is pretty swanky. Huh?

3. This Headrest Car Trash Can


No more searching for a plastic bag to put away your garbage. This cool trash can is both stylish and totally portable. Take it away with you to throw the stuff out. Easy peasy.

4. This Waterproof Seat Cover Protector


Let's face it kids and pets can totally make a mess in your car. And then you gotta clean it before you go out with your friends. This car seat cover is super handy.

5. This Car Vent Organizer


Keep all your important gadgets like your cell phone, some mints, and of course your sunglasses right by your side with this super cool car vent organizer. I really love this idea. What about you?

6. This Essential Documents Wallet


Never look for your car's information again. Keep it well-protected in this handy and sturdy essential documents wallet. That way you won't mistake it for something else. But I bet you already have that. Right?

7. This Cell Phone Mount


Why settle for an ugly cell phone car mount when you can get something as cute as this. Ha, ha! Talk about a great design here. This little guy will put a smile on your face.

8. This Back Seat Organizer


Nothing says you're really well prepared like this back seat organizer. Just check out how you can keep your kids' stuff all neat and tidy. Now driving to the cottage will be a pleasure.

9. These Air Purifying Bags


Let's face it, our cars do get stinky sometimes. I mean we spend a lot of time in them and end up munching on stuff occasionally. So, you may need to get these air fresheners to soak up odors.

10. This Power Charger


Ugh, chargers can be so ugly and unsightly. Well, somebody solved that life dilemma here. How do you like this blinged-out car charger? It's actually adorned with handmade rhinestones. What? Now that's driving in style. Hehe.

11. This Car Tray


It's understandable that you may need to grab some food to go especially if you've been driving for a long time. So this super cool car tray will be your lifesaver for sure. How awesome.

12. This Back Seat Headrest Hanger


We ladies love to have our purses nearby. Maybe it's a girl thing but I know I gotta have my purse by me. So this headrest hanger is such a great invention. No?

13. This Cleaning Gel


There's nothing as annoying as dust settling into all those crevices in your car. But don't fret about it too much. Just get this gooey gel that will get rid of it all fast. No, really! It looks weird, but it works!

I'm truly impressed by all these fantastic gadgets that are now available to keep your car clean, tidy, and well organized.

There are so many cool ideas here to get you started. What are you waiting for. Go get it!

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