Bruce Willis’ Wife's Mental Health 'Taking A Toll' After Husband's Diagnosis

Alicia D'Aversa
 Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming Willis attend the "Motherless Brooklyn" Arrivals during the 57th New York Film Festival on October 11, 2019 in New York City
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Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming Willis has opened up about how her husband's recent health diagnosis is affecting her own mental health.

The 43-year-old actress and model is making sure to take care of the family now that Bruce Willis has been diagnosed due to aphasia, cognitive disorder that affects a person's ability to speak and understand others. Due to that, the Die Hard star has retired from acting.

Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming Willis is getting candid about how her husband's recent health diagnosis is affecting her own health.

Emma Heming Willis and Bruce Willis in a forest sitting on a log and looking into one anothers eyes
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Now that he has retired from acting due to aphasia, she is making sure to care for her family, but it has resulted in a decline in her own mental health.

"I struggle with making the time for self-care every day," Emma told The Bump.

"I put my family's needs above my own, which I found does not make me any kind of hero. That amount of care for everyone else within my household had taken a toll on my mental health and overall health, and it served no one in my family."

Emma and Bruce share two daughters with Bruce: Mabel, who is 10, and Evelyn, who is 8.

So she is being sure not to only care for her husband, but also for her two children who still are very much in need of their parents (and really, when do we ever stop needing our parents).

But she did receive some advice from "not long ago" that helped her put things in perspective.

Bruce Willis in the vent in Die Hard with the lighter
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"When you over-care for someone, you end up under-caring for yourself. That stopped me in my tracks and really resonated with me."

"I don't mother myself perfectly but I know that I have some basic baseline needs that are a must, like first and foremost, exercise."

Bruce Willis looking in the mirror on 'Friends' saying "you're a neat guy"
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"It's a time I can disconnect and can do something that I know makes me feel good overall."

She continued to talk about the great joy her family brings her, which includes, of course, Bruce Willis' daughters from his previous marriage to Demi Moore.

Rumer, 33, Scout 30, and Tallulah, 28, are all part of a very large family that they all co-exist happily.

"I always wanted a family for as long as I could remember," she said.

"If I had a vision board (which I don't), family would be the center and everything else would filter around that. The girls bring so much love, laughter and life into our home."

"For us as a family, it's always been about making memories."

Bruce Willis with one of his daughters on a ski mountain
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"I'm not even sure we have rituals or traditions. We just love spending time with each other and we know that time is precious, and I don't take that for granted."

Hopefully, Emma Heming Willis will be able to find a balance between caring for her family and also caring for herself.

We are wishing Emma, Bruce, and the rest of their family nothing but health and happiness and a bright future.