20 Times The Bridezilla Was Actually The Groom

Ashley Hunte
A man in a suit having a different man place a corsage on his jacket.
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More often then not, women preparing for their weddings get branded as "bridezillas." And a lot of the time, that label is pretty warranted.

But a wedding is usually between two people, and in many cases, a groom will be involved. As these Redditors easily pointed out, sometimes the "bridezilla" isn't a bride at all; it's the groom (or one of the grooms).

"My cousin’s husband was a groomzilla." - intentevolar

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"He insisted the wedding take place near his home town, and that it take place on the forth of July so his groomsmen could all wear American flag ties and socks and the theme could be ‘MERICA."

"There was a large cardboard sign at the reception with his face on it as an adult compared to him as a baby."

A large bouquet hanging from a wooden wedding arch.
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"There wasn’t one of the bride."

The user further described the wedding's theme, saying, "The national anthem and born in the USA were played." Ironic music choice right there.

"Not me, but one of my best friends." - whatruckus

A wedding party posing with the bride and groom.
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"My one brother and I have the same circle of friends, and we were both in the wedding. He was the Best Man, I was a Bridesmaid (the now wife is also my best friend, but her little sister was MOH)."

"Apparently at their apartment during the bachelor party, our best friend (the Groom) got [expletive] up bad."

Two glasses having liquor poured into them.
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"And they had their bachelor party the night before the wedding. He passed out on the couch and [expletive] himself. My brother and one of our other friends cleaned him up and cleaned the mess up, and put him to bed."

"...This all happened while they were all drunk, and the groom was passed out. My brother told me not to tell the Bride."

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"He said none of them have talked about that part of the night since. But, apparently she knows now and she was pissed when he finally told her. They got married in 2012."

"I once attended a wedding as a gf of one of the *13* groomsmen." - suzy9mm

A shot from the song I'm On a Boat by the Lonely Island.

"It was a 9:00am wedding and lots of the guys were on day 2 of a 48 hour hangover from the bachelor party. The wedding took place on a cruise ship so the entire wedding party was going to sing 'I'm On a Boat' by Lonely Island after the ceremony concluded."

"The bridesmaids were ON IT."

A woman making an awkward face as text on the screen reads, "well this is awkward."

"Dancing, singing, trying to hype up the crowd of mostly middle aged to senior family members. The groomsmen literally did nothing. Didn't even break rank or tap a toe. It made the already awkward performance just flat out painful."

"I went to my step son's wedding last week. During the traditional cake cutting, they each feed each other a small piece." - arbitrary_rhino5

A simple three tiered wedding cake with white rose decorations.
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"EVERY ONE in the history of weddings knows that the bride may have a little leeway with the smashing of the cake in the groom's face but that it's a big no-no to make a mess of the bride. The groom is supposed to do it gently."

"Well, the bride does hers rather nicely and he gets away rather unscathed."

A bride and groom cutting their cake.
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"However, the groom, thought it would be hilarious to smash the cake all over her face. And he did. It got everywhere, including in her eye. She got upset, naturally, and ran out of the room to clean up and probably cool down. All of the guests were horrified for her."

"Before he could follow her out, some of his groomsmen caught him and smashed a huge piece of (blue) cake all over his face."

A man in a suit falling face first into a sheet cake.
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"They both came back after a few minutes, cleaned up and relatively smiling. I can only imagine that she let him have it while they were alone."

"Seeing the cake all over his face probably made the whole thing much more bearable for her."

Two women looking at each other as they laugh hysterically.
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"She's either really laid back and forgiving or one hell of an actress. The rest of the night well, she handled it like a champ!"

"My friends made me out to be a groomzilla at [my friend's] bachelor party..." - fretless_enigma

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"...because I didn't want to go to a loud alcoholic party environment after being awake for 25 hours because I WAS THE ONLY SOBER ONE AND IT WAS A TWO HOUR DRIVE HOME."

"I don't know if other places do this but during the reception they usually have a slide show of the couple growing up." - Slimy_Shart_Socket

Projector slides strewn around a projector and some catalogues.
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"Well the groom, right around when the slide show got to his teenage years, switched to gangster rap, and had a bunch of clips of him drinking, smoking, basically being a wannabe gangster. Best thing to show your new family."

"At a wedding I was at a year ago, the groom felt ill and left the reception early to go lay down." - BrobearBerbil

A man with the sniffles, wiping his nose with a tissue.
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"It's not bad to get sick, but he didn't make an announcement or anything. He just left the bride alone to announce it after he left."

"It made it look like they were fighting or something."

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"They had to do a call for guys to come dance with the bride and it felt really awkward. He should have just told everyone he wasn't feeling well and said some goodbyes."

"So my wife and I were both in the same wedding party for two of our close friends." - Dajbman22

A bride and groom cutting into their wedding cake.
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"My job the morning of was to be the liaison between the groomsmen and bridesmaids (also to get breakfast for both). As I'm dropping off some stuff from Dunkin' Donuts to the salon the girls were getting their hair done at, the groom calls his bride to be to tell her there is a problem with the cake..."

"Luckily I picked up the phone since she was in the middle of getting her hair done..."

The top tier of a wedding cake with roses and a "Mr. & Mrs." sign on it.
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"...and was able to run interference and work with the maid of honor and the two mothers (and roped in his father) to figure it out.

"Can't believe he thought it was a good idea to tell his wife something is potentially going wrong just hours before the ceremony starts."

"Got asked to throw the bachelor party. Bought tickets for the groom and three friends for a cruise." - Khue

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"Got told on the last day that the best man was coming the day after we got back to town...

"Best man throws the bachelor party for anyone who doesn't know... At least that's what I thought."

"I think traditionally the role of the groomzilla is to show up drunk at the wedding and vomit during the ceremony." - PaulsRedditUsername

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"Haven't seen it myself, but YouTube is full of videos."

"At my wedding, I planned to be stone cold sober. My groomsmen had plans to kidnap me, tie me up, and take me to a strip club for a lap dance while they poured tequila down my throat."

"They were cruising around town looking for me."

Chandler from Friends bringing Joey two pizzas.
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"My best man was a bro. He told the guys, 'If you find him, bring him to my house.' Then he hid me at his house and we watched Star Trek and ate pizza all night while the rest of the guys drove around."