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Dog Bites Off A Boy's Entire Hand In A Backyard Game Gone Wrong

A boy, 4, lost his hand recently after simply playing with a couple of dogs next door to his house in Utah.

Boy's Hand Ripped Off

CafeMom writes that a husky bit off the boy's hand after he stuck it underneath a vinyl fence.

Dogs May Not Have Known What Was Going On

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The boy supposedly had put a sock on his hand, as he thought he was playing a game with the dogs. According to KTVU, Battalion Chief Jason Cook said the child was just making a sock puppet. But the fence was basically solid, so the dogs on the other side couldn't see that there was a boy playing with them.

Game Gone Wrong

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One of the dogs bit at the sock, pulling so hard that his hand became detached.

First-Responders Arrived Quickly

After helping the child with his injuries, first responders then went to look for his hand, but were unable to find it. The boy was transported via helicopter to Primary Children's Hospital.

Hand May Be Gone

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Emergency responders think the dog may have ingested the hand.

Boy Is Handling It OK

CafeMom writes that doctors had to remove an additional portion of his forearm. But Cook says the boy is taking it in stride.

"He's a tough little guy. He never cried the entire time in the ambulance or hospital."

Even Friendly Pets Might Not Be So Friendly

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Cook also wanted to remind parents and caregivers to always take care around dogs and other pets, including the ones that are familiar with us.

Thousands of Attacks Occur Daily

According to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburg, every year, about 800,000 dog bites take place. Of those attacks, about 334,000 are so bad that it involves a visit to the local hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Always Be Cautious Around Animals

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"Not all animals are always nice, or they may feel threatened at some kind of action," says neighbor Stacey Taft. She adds that she feels terrible for what the parents and child are experiencing. “I mean, no parent wants to go through that," Taft said.

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