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Jason Momoa Crashes Couple's Wedding Resulting in Simply Amazing Photos

Jason Momoa gets around, turning heads all over the place and just making some viral content move. It just happens to be placed around the premiere of Aquaman, right?

Whether it is planned or just attention due to the film, Momoa is having fun with fans. He even crashed a wedding in Hawaii recently, with his trident in hand.


He even made it into the official photos of this couple, just making his way through the background like sasquatch. Tom Hanks has some competition.

Various Angles

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There are various angles of the moment -- also showing the difference between professional photos and candid shots with your phone. Both look good, but the lighting is different.

All Smiles

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And the couple was all smiles throughout the photoshoot, with Momoa doing a few different poses. This wasn't just some quick appearance. He was there, he might've had some food, shared a few phone numbers.

Watch That Trident

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The trident got plenty of use in the shoot too, with Momoa play stabbing the couple with it. He did not summon any sea creatures for help, though.

Rump Roast!

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Also ended up stabbing the rump here, which seems like a saucy photo to have at your wedding. But it is also isn't every day that Jason Momoa shows up at your wedding.

Just Hanging Out

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He also just seems to be hanging out, not even on the move or pushing to get to another event. He's just there, with the trident, having a good time.

Just Carrying It Around With Him

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And the way he's just carrying it around everywhere, you kinda feel like he's taking the role of Aquaman to heart. He's not going by Arthur, he hates Bruce Wayne, and he's completely method in a way that makes Jared Leto blush.

Viral Advertising?

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Then again, it all just could be some sort of viral marketing. Pushing Momoa out to do cool things with the trident in order to promote the film without promoting the film explicitly.

The PhotoBOMB

Momoa's photobomb made plenty of headlines, so if it is viral advertising, it is working. Though, Aquaman didn't fare as well at the box office here domestically, so who knows. It was already a hit overseas.

Guy Is Having A Ball

If his wedding hijinks weren't enough, here is he hanging out with Ben Affleck. Aquaman and Batman might hate each other on the screen, but they're clearly best buds elsewhere.

Viral Weddings

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This is only one viral wedding taking over this week. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are currently on their fifth wedding reception -- allegedly -- and that's getting plenty of attention.

Meanwhile, Miley and Liam Hemsworth tied the night -- it is official now -- and celebrated with a "10 years later" post on social media.

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