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Bhad Bhabie Is Being Accused Of 'Blackface' In Latest Instagram Post

Danielle Bregoli, a rapper better known as Bhad Bhabie who rose to fame from a controversial episode of Dr. Phil where she told him to "cash me outside, how 'bout that?" that went viral, has now found herself in the spotlight after another controversy.

Bhabie shared this video to her Instagram page, which caught a lot of attention.

Immediately, fans in the comments began commenting that the white rapper was looking particularly dark skinned, with one writing, "Bhad Bhabie wanna be a black girl so badly . This [expletive] weird."

"How TF Bhad Bhabie go from a white teenager to a grown black woman?"

"This makes me sick. If you think that she’s just 'tanning' then you’re sick. Bhad bhabie this isn’t okay," another fan tweeted.

Bhabie took to her Instagram story to respond to these comments.

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She shared a Facebook post from someone defending her saying the older pictures were "3 years ago" and that she was "older now." Bhabie added a kissy emoji to the screenshot.

She then replied more directly, saying, "Y'all worried about me getting makeup done for a photoshoot?"

Instagram | @bhadbhabie

"I'm usually the wild one but y'all need to chill and focus on what's important right now."

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