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9+ Cringey And Hilarious Tinder Experiences That Will Make Your Soul Hurt For Days

Online dating apps are becoming more ubiquitous among single folk the more our lives move deeper into the digital world. The popular dating app Tinder has arguably popularized these apps for young single dating hopefuls and has the potential to help foster meaningful relationships.

However, not all matches are rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine. Some Tinder conversations and bios really make you wonder what goes on in people's brains.

Well this is one hell of an idea for a first date.

Sounds fun if you were maybe Sabrina Spellman.

Or maybe this is Sabrina?

Either way, it doesn't seem like the person on the receiving end of this message was jumping at the opportunity.

A great quality many look for in a partner is having a great sense of humor.

This knock knock joke is hilariously unexpected, but unfortunately, may never render a number.

Aw, how sweet!

Is creepy the new cute?

Definitely a weird compliment to receive, and maybe one to keep in mind when you're trying to fend off someone you're not interested in.

As they say, don't talk about politics, religion, or "American Idol" contestants at the dinner table or on a first date.

If you want things to get heated, then go ahead. But I warned you.

Likert scales are always so tricky!

Maybe the sender should have clarified right from the beginning, but it seems that they knew that answer was coming.

Is a -50 possible?

I guess we all have different ideas of what a compliment is.

If only we could call the sender's abysmal compliment cute, but it's the only thing that's actual trash here.

This user thought they were on Tinder, but they are in fact in the Twilight Zone.

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Either these gals really are twins or this chick is really just trying to increase her odds at finding her future beau.

This Tinder viewer is reaaallllyyyyy reaching for a reply here.

If they really didn't want to answer you the first time, I'm pretty sure they're not going to answer you now.

And the poor excuses for compliments just keep coming and they won't stop coming.

Nothing like a warm greeting going up on a Tuesday!

I wonder what their Wednesday greeting is like?

How nice of this person to be so honest right from the start!

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At least this Tinder user is telling you that they're catfishing and not waiting for you to figure out after five years and a marriage proposal.

Honesty issss the best policy.

Sometimes you swipe right on someone and hope they're not going to send you a cheesy pickup line or sad flirtatious message.

Most of the time, all hope has been lost.

Is this actually a typo or just a Freudian Slip?

Is there really a difference between the two?

At least the one who received the heartfelt message has a good sense of humor!

Oh man! They put up a pretty high wager!

Keep the money and take yourself out on a date.

You deserve it for all the awful conversations you probably have on the app!

This is pretty bad.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I have probably — okay — totally 100% also done something like this.

But in my defense that year could have been so long ago! Sorrynotsorry I am horrible.