Andy Cohen looking at his newborn daughter.
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Andy Cohen Shares The Sweet Meaning Behind His Daughter's Name

Andy Cohen is the sun, to which all the planets in the Bravo TV universe revolve around. He's gone toe-to-toe with Bethenny Frankel and has been tossed like a rag doll by Teresa Giudice — and lived to tell the tale.

Recently, Andy made the exciting announcement that he was expecting his second child via surrogacy. The beautiful baby girl was born on April 29th, and on Monday, May 9th, Lucy made her much-anticipated Bravo TV debut.

When it comes to getting celebrities to spill their guts, James Corden has nothing on Andy Cohen.

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For the past 15 years, Andy has served as the proverbial patriarch of the Bravo TV universe. He's hosted every single series reunion from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Below Deck.

Andy is also the host of his own Bravo companion series 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen'.

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On Watch What Happens Live..., Andy hosts a revolving slew of castmates from Bravo's most popular TV shows and a wide array of celebrity guests.

In a delightful change of pace, Cohen recently announced that he himself had some tea to spill.

Andy Cohen and daughter Lucy.
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On April 29th, at 5:13 PM, Andy welcomed his first daughter (and second child) into the world via surrogacy, Lucy Eve Cohen.

Andy is understandably elated and took the time to discuss his first moments with Lucy on Monday's episode of 'Watch What Happens Live...'.

The esteemed Bravo host began by thanking every one of his friends and followers for all their well-wishes toward Lucy and his family.

Cohen remarked about how the many virtual congratulations helped to pick him up at a time when he needed it most.

Andy Cohen blowing kisses to the crowd.
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"Of course, I didn't do this on my own," Andy reminded the Bravo audience. "I have to once again thank my incredible surrogate — what a partner and friend she's been to me."

Andy also made sure to mention how proud he felt that his surrogate could carry and deliver his daughter in New York state.

Andy Cohen looking at daughter in hospital.
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For decades, surrogacy contracts were deemed void and unenforceable — especially where compensation was involved. Now, thanks to a recent change in legislation, compensated gestational surrogacy is now 100% legal.

Cohen then moved on to discuss his daughter's namesake with the studio audience and the viewers at home.

Andy Cohen out to lunch with his son.
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“As for her name, Louis is a big name in my family — two great grandfathers and my dad, all named Louis,” Andy explained.

Eagled-eyed fans may have also noticed how Andy always has a St. Louis Cardinals cap and various other baseball memorabilia close by.

St. Louis Cardinals mascot.
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It should therefore come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Andy originally hails from St. Louis, Missouri.

"So that’s where I got Lucy. I’ve always loved the name Lucy, by the way.” Andy stated.

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As for Lucy's middle name, that too hits close to home. "My mom, as you know, is named Evelyn and that's where Eve comes from."

After the proper introductions had been made, Andy announced that it was high time Lucy made her Bravo TV debut!

Lucy Eve Cohen swaddled on a picnic blanket.
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Andy then threw it to a homemade video of himself cradling Lucy in his arms, singing a nursery rhyme that's all his own.

"Lucy Cohen's got the 4-1-1. Queen, queen of midnight fun!"

Ben Cohen meeting Lucy Cohen for the first time.
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"Midnight! L-C-M-C! Late night, on Bravo TV!"

How Bravo has yet to pitch Andy a reality series based around his single-parent childrearing adventures with Ben and newborn Lucy, I will never understand. All I can say is when/if it inevitably happens, I'll be there.