Adulting Problems That Are So True And Relatable

Being an adult can be great. You can go to sleep whenever you want, you make your own money, and you can literally eat an entire chocolate cake for breakfast if that's what you choose to do with your life. As most of us know, adulting also has a few (or a lot) of downsides. You have bills to pay, everything starts to hurt, and you have to make your own doctor's appointments. I know, ew. Don't worry, you're not alone. You are about to relate SO MUCH to all of the following adulting problems.

1. I always tell myself that staying up past midnight is a good idea, and I always regret it in the morning.

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2. True story: one time my refrigerator stopped working, so I hit it really hard and it worked again.

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Which is good because I like my neighborhood and didn't want to move.

3. When you're trying to be a good person but people make it so hard for you.

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4. Why is this so me?

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5. Andy Dwyer might be the only person who really wins at adulting.

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6. Who else remembers this movie?

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