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Gynecologist Reveals The Realities Of Abortion And How It Could Change A Pro-Lifer's Opinion

Dr. Jennifer Gunter is a gynecologist who speaks and writes prolifically about women's rights and a woman's right to choose.

Her Credentials

Recently, she took to Twitter to post a thread about the facts about late-term abortions and why they're necessary in some cases. She starts by providing some of her credentials on the topic.

Not 'Whims'

Dr. Gunter wants people to realize that women aren't having these abortions simply because they don't want the baby -- they are extremely rare and are done so for legitimate reasons

Held Up in Courts

One such case involved a minor who was raped by her brother, got pregnant, and then needed to wait months for an abortion while her case was decided by the courts.

Not Expected to Survive

A couple other cases she shared involved fetuses that were not expected to survive so the women chose abortions instead of going through with labor or a c-section.

No Room to Talk

Dr. Gunter goes on to say that if a doctor has never done a post-24-week procedure or have spoken with these women's' OB then they have no room to talk about this topic.

Mom's Life in Danger

Other times the mother's life is literally on the line and the only way to ensure her survival is an abortion.


She concludes by saying it is frightening that some doctors have no empathy for these rare but tragic situations.

Thank You

Plenty of people loved Dr. Gunter's thread and were sure to thank her for speaking out on this important topic.

Don't @ Me

Dr. Gunter is also not here for anyone telling her she doesn't know what she's talking about. She is absolutely an expert in this field.

People Are Opening Up

Some people are using Dr. Gunter's thread as a safe place to share their own heartbreaking stories of late-term abortions.


Another woman shared her story of being refused an early delivery so she could have a proper funeral for her son.

'Forced Birth'

Dr. Gunter has now taken to using the term "forced birth" for woman like the previous Twitter user who are denied the right to being induced early.


She also points out that in Canada, there are no abortion laws. And amazingly, abortion rates are lower there.

A Fight That Won't End

When you have loud voices like Meghan McCain and Ben Shapiro shouting about "infanticide" and treating these type of procedures as choices people are making because it is the fashionable thing to do.

It disingenuous and selfish at the end of the day. They always only care until the baby is out of the womb.