'Sister Wives' Fans Can't Take Kody Brown Seriously After He Says Robyn Isn't His 'Head Wife'

November brought big news for fans of the hit TLC show Sister Wives as third wife Christine Brown announced that she is divorcing husband Kody Brown after over 25 years of marriage.

As viewers of the show know, Christine hasn't been the only wife to show unhappiness in her plural marriage, and now, fans of the show are questioning one of Kody's latest claims.

During last week's episode of TLC's hot show "Sister Wives" Kody was caught in an argument with his family about his strict COVID-19 rules.

"I’m just going to say it out loud. I know everybody’s suspicious of me. Just please stop. Like, just don’t be suspicious of me," Robyn told her fellow sister wives.

"Kody is not somebody to be run by one of his wives," she added.

"These are the rules that my doctor has given us, and these are the rules that we’re making our nanny abide by."

He continued: "It’s pissing me off."

"They’re looking to Robyn, like, for some kind of approval," he said angrily.

"I don’t have a head wife in this family. Now, I’ve had women try to be. All right? I’ve had plenty of wives who have tried to be."

Robyn, speaking through tears says:

"This is why it’s so ridiculous to think I made these rules up. Because I know Kody’s like this. He’s not going to have a wife come in and try to tell him what to do. He’s just not."

Despite Kody's stance on not having a head wife, Twitter has a different opinion.

"Still confused why Kody has any wives left except Robyn, he isn’t even there for his kids very much," tweeted one fan.

"I don't have a head wife on this family," said the man legally married to the head wife of the family," tweeted another.

"Robyn, just sitting back, watching their family implode... while keeping Kody under her thumb and running the show," remarked a different viewer.

Are fans of the show superimposing Robyn's face onto "The Godfather" movie stills? Maybe.

Is it hilarious and making me cackle? Absolutely.

"Robyn is the head of the Brown family," tweeted one creative viewer.

"I started a #SisterWives marathon today after taking a 4 year hiatus," tweeted another viewer.

"I can see that not much has changed. Kody still dislikes Meri and Robyn is still his favorite," they added.

People couldn't help by point out the hypocrisy of Kody being unable to leave Robyn's kids.

"If Robyn is saying that she can’t have Kody away from her house for more than two weeks then that may be the real reason why he didn’t go to the surgery and that’s horrible," tweeted one upset fan.

It's clear that fans are siding with Kody's now ex-wife Christine, and Kody's second wife Janelle.

I am interested to see what kind of events will transpire in the rest of the season.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights to keep up to date with everything going on with the Brown family.

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