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13+ People Who Bring The Funny Big And Bold

Sure, subtlety has its place every now and then — sometimes it's the cleverest, slyest kind of humor — but today we're throwing subtlety out the window!

The people on this list are more in-your-face than that last slice of pizza. So if you like your jokes big and bold as well, this one's for you!

1. Basically a metaphor for this whole article. 

Twitter | @goodfellowes

Yep, that big, bright, and suuuuper tacky purse is just like what I wanted with this article. It's loud, obnoxious, and often just laughing at itself — and if that doesn't sound like my writing, I don't know what does.

2. Small sticker, big impact. 

Twitter | @asausagehastwo

It takes a certain something-something to go out and get a custom sticker made for a kid's parking space — but it's that kind of bold gesture that's more than appreciated over here.

3. ♫ They see me Roman, they hatin' 

Reddit | RoboYoshi89

Talk about a rude awakening — this poor kid better keep his guard up, huh?

Actually, jump-scare or no, that's basically how I feel waking up each morning already, so...

4. Need a good costume on a budget? Wakanda forever!

Reddit | LuciferOnyx

Then again, most people are going to get so distracted by the fact that they have bubble wrap to pop that they probably won't even bother with the costume afterward.

5. I guarantee it's still better than my cooking. 

Reddit | handofskadi

That being said, maybe make sure where your ad is going to be placed before placing it. Regardless, I know my appetite's gone MIA.

6. You've got to hand it to him, that's a nasty prank. 

Twitter | @BrianLeeWow

It's one of those tricks that makes me scared to start a prank war. I just know someone's gonna take it too far and I'll end up flipping out of my desk chair.

7. What, you've never had a pick-up lime used on you?


Well, I've seen cheesier moves — especially the move that's just like this one, except you put your number in a brick of cheese.

8. Sometimes you are the art. 

Twitter | @cdaenerys

It's almost spooky how accurate these look. Now, I know I'm going all "vampire conspiracy" again, but I'm pretty sure these people are vampires — or at least some kind of unwrapped mummies?

9. Kids are always gonna bring the funny in next-level ways.

Twitter | @demii_7

Say what you will, but this gives me hope for the next generation. Don't take yourselves too seriously, folks!

10. What the future will look like for "Distracted Boyfriend."

Reddit | RobertThorn2022

This pic has been floating around for a little while now and I can confirm that these are not the original people from the stock photo — despite how much they nailed it! The man went on Reddit to clarify.

11. I can't see how it could mean anything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Twitter | @nathan_tyo

Not that I really recommend starting your day off like that. I think that's more of a Post Malone-style strategy...ALLEGEDLY! Please don't sue me, Post.

12. We truly are the strangest generation. 


Like, I assume these are all wedding-related to some degree, right? They're not just random pics from Jeff's phone? I'VE SEEN THAT ONE BEFORE, JEFF. I'VE SEEN ALL OF THEM!

13. Well, it's always where you'd least expect it. 

The Chive

Definitely a funny costume idea and if you're familiar with the popular Far Side cartoon that this is referencing, then it's even better.

14. That's definitely going to make a bold statement. 


Jewelry like this has layers — you know, like an ogre or an onion — except it's probably not as stinky. Still brings a tear to my eye, though.

15. Good to see the concept of "extra" is alive and well.


What's the point of having siblings if you can't embarrass the crap out of them at any chance you're given?

16. Yep, you'll be able to date the article precisely with this pic.

Twitter | @thelittlegracs

2018 has had some weird AF memes out there. From Tide Pods to car salesmen, we clearly need this to end soon.

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