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20 Funny Labels That Were Actually Worth Reading

When we buy something, we generally just expect the product's label to tell us how to use it. And if there are special warnings we need to know about, those should definitely appear there as well.

But sometimes, a product is straightforward enough that's legitimately hard to think of what you're supposed to say on it. And for some companies, that empty label space is a chance to get creative.

Naturally, you'll get some fun results if you turn somebody lose with a label maker, but even those who have to worry about manufacturing costs like to have that kind of fun, too.

Surprisingly, this isn't the result of Shake n' Bake finally realizing how much those Talladega Nights shout-outs likely helped them.

Reddit | alanstanwyk

Instead, this ode to Rickys, Bobbys, and Ricky Bobbys comes from a powdered protein company. They're obviously trying to be the next sponsors on his jacket.

I can take or leave the emoji, but there's something else about this beer label that should get some attention.

Reddit | Burgerkingaka

Namely, the assurance that it was brewed without any cruelty to snozberries or wangdoodles. Can Willy Wonka say the same? I doubt it.

Somebody obviously thought the Hokey Pokey instructions on this mat label were the best part of it, but I'm not sure I agree.

Reddit | Monkeydimples

I'd say there's a lot more imagination in warning us not to throw the mat at people, taunt it, or glue it to pets or pregnant women.

What kind of customers do these guys have?

I can only offer my most solemn sympathies to whoever had to put this label here.

Reddit | Chairboy

Hopefully, they only had to suffer the indignity of cleaning pee out of a hand dryer once before they said, "Never again."

This was the result of the uploader's daughter playing around with their label maker.

Reddit | Thesportsartist

So no, sadly the company behind this toothbrush isn't assuming their customers love to eat farts. But here's a question: Does the brush itself love to eat farts or whoever uses it?

While there's nothing wrong with how this label is worded, it took a long time to figure that out.

Reddit | 2dMinecraft

And even once we can figure out with this garbled mess says, are we supposed to think it's sarcastic since it's kind of written like a Spongebob meme?

At least those waiting in line have something to pass the time now.

Nothing inspires confidence like a medication that tells you not to use it.

Reddit | Maddkilla2

My favorite part, however, is that "stop use and talk to a doctor if."

If what, pill bottle? If what?

Yeah, "do not use" seems like the best advice.

I can appreciate why they included a disclaimer on this juice because both of these events seem pretty unlikely.

Reddit | YoungCelestial

I have to say, though, the "bad" side of this doesn't actually sound that bad, if only because I have no idea who Jason Donovan is.

It's always hard when the people you're trying to reach take your warning label as a challenge.

Reddit | composercaleb

My favorite part is that "excessive use of the label maker is prohibited" tag near the bottom, which actually looks like it was written mid-facepalm.

Sometimes, it's the times they forget to put a label on at all that benefit us the most.

Reddit | redgoldfilm

Now that nobody knows what's in this cake at Ben and Jerry's, it's 30% off. And I don't know about y'all, but that game of roulette seems pretty hard to lose to me.

I'm not saying this is bad advice, but I'm really concerned at the prospect that people actually need to be told this.

Reddit | burgerthrow1

One might expect that "don't put anything that isn't paper in a paper shredder" might cover all the bases, but I guess it needs to be said.

As a general rule, they are not a good place to put a baby.

I'm not sure how addictive chili is, but I suppose I'll have to take their word for it on the rest of this.

Reddit | lisandersongoku

I don't recall hearing much about chili affecting people's language or sex lives, but that part about the flatulence definitely checks out.

Based on this label, whoever owns this book store doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Napoleon.

Reddit | YoungManInCoffeeShop

Nobody can say it isn't informative, though. Not only does it let people know that he was born in Corsica, but I now know the word "pestiferous" thanks to this label.

I'm guessing they included that last instruction just to make sure we were paying attention.

Reddit | litwi

Once again, I suppose it serves as pretty good advice. If you ever meet a panda, your first step probably shouldn't involve slapping it.

Apparently, this person chose this label as a way to keep their roommates away from their food.

Reddit | bathofknives

And considering that only the most daring of fridge raiders would dare call this label's bluff, it's probably a pretty effective one.

I'm assuming there are some poisons you have to keep cold?

At first, it's kind of hard to tell whether this is a joke or just a poor translation. That is, until you get to the part about the moon.

Reddit | thedirtybeerthirty

Since only the highest of mint's governing bodies can make such a warming statement, it's clear that they were really doing their due diligence by asking for the "Sturgeon General's" input.

And I thought a drink that could operate heavy machinery was always impressive enough.

A lot of us have that one switch with a mysterious purpose, which the uploader's grandma finally found an appropriate label for.

Reddit | BlehBlueHippo

I guess when you flip it and immediately get a phone call from someone yelling at you in a different language, it's the right time to break out the label maker.

Whoever makes this cleaning product could think of only two contexts where anyone would bother reading their label.

Reddit | L_xo

If they're not about to use it and need to know all those scary parts regarding how corrosive this stuff is, it's because they made a tragic mistake on the way to the bathroom.

Well, at least this label actually gave us the instructions before it decided we couldn't handle them.

Reddit | Hyperballl

That's more than a lot of people got when their dads "taught" them how to fix a car. I guess it's hard for a label to make someone hold a flashlight and scream at them for hours.

This may not be everybody's favorite way to label the different coffee types, but it's definitely easy to understand.

Reddit | nospoontaken

I can only imagine that it came after a long series of customers loudly wondered where the "real" coffee was.