Woman Gives Everyday Objects Hilarious Names After She's Gifted A Label Maker

Would you be surprised if you received a label maker as a wedding gift? I admit I would be. Well, Lita Martinez received just that from her brother and sister-in-law and instead of hiding it away, she actually put it to good use.

She relabeled appliances and other things in her house in the most hilarious way. And her creativity actually made her go viral.

Wedding gifts usually contain items like pots, dishes, and towels.

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

And occasionally, random (but useful) items like a label maker will make their way onto the registry.

Now, most people remember playing with label makers when they were kids.

It was almost like a contest to see how many ridiculous labels you could put around the house before your parents told you to stop because "it wasn't a toy".

Well, when one woman was gifted a label maker from her brother as a wedding gift, she decided to get creative by renaming everyday objects in her home.

This is actually too funny!

1. Stove Siren

I have to say I kinda miss this old-fashioned-looking kettle, especially because mine doesn't make that iconic sound when the water has boiled.

2. Laundry Sauce

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

Ah, laundry day is definitely not my favorite day. Right? I just had to do laundry last week and it's always so tedious and tiring.

3. Goodnight Juice

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

But perhaps after a long day of working and then doing laundry, you can dip into this feel-good Goodnight Juice. LOL. I like the sound of that.

4. Awake Water

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

If you're like me and wake up groggy in the morning because you're just not a morning person this "Awake Water" might do the trick. Nice.

5. Sink Demon

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

Does anyone know what she might mean by sink demon? I can only assume she's referring to the sink garbage disposal. That's a clever name for it.

6. Raw Toast

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

Because we all need some nutrition during the day. Don't we? Just slap some peanut butter on it and you're good to go for a few hours.

7. Bread Moisturizer

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

Speaking of bread, now you might need this to soften up that slightly stale bread loaf you've had sitting in your pantry. Am I right?

8. Food Tornado

Instagram | @litasnotintotemptation

Seems that Lita is really awesome with puns and also pretty creative with words. So this seemingly odd wedding gift might have been the best one ever.

9. Dinner Spoilers

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

For me, these wouldn't be "Dinner Spoilers". I would have to label them "Late-Night Munchies", lol. That's my kryptonite. What's yours?

10. Adult Jack-In-A-Box

Instagram | @litasnotintotemptation

And it really is. I mean don't you just love when you put things in only to watch them pop out and ready to eat?

11. Decongestant

Instagram | @litasnotintotemptation

When you're just slightly stuffed-up because of the changing weather and your friend makes some special spicy salsa with a secret ingredient, that'll clear out your sinuses in an instant.

12. Booby Traps

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

You can say that again. I'm definitely not a fan of this female booby contraption called a bra. Ha, ha. If only we didn't have to wear it.

13. Really Young Chickens

Facebook | Joe Arroyo

For those who eat eggs, how would you label them eggs? I think I would label mine liquid energy. This is so fun!

14. Food Forgetters

Instagram | @ @litasnotintotemptation

Why do I feel like this label is targeting me directly? I swear I'll eat those leftovers one day!

Online, there has been a ton of positive reactions to Lita's funny labels.

Her brother's Facebook post about them has racked up thousands of reactions and shares.

Just when you thought this was a pretty unusual wedding gift, this post proves it's really up to the recipient.

Unsplash | Ekaterina Shevchenko

If they can make something out of it then kudos to them.