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12+ Funny Pics To Put On The Walls Of Your Underground Apocalypse Bunker

The end of the world may not be upon us just yet (who knows really, just trying to be blindly optimistic) but when the fateful day does come, we'll all need a pick-me-up or 20 in the form of funny picture apocalypse bunker decor.


Reddit | blakwngbrd

Boy, let me tell you! If I had a tradable commodity for every time I've nearly had a giant squid rain down from the heavens and crush me, then I'd be the most prominent trader in the whole hellish wasteland!

Introducing, The Lizard Clock!

Reddit | blakwngbrd

In the post-apocalyptic landscape, electricity can be scarce, to say the least! So, we've trained lizards to tell you when your food is done so you don't have to waste any generated electricity!

Dat And Cog

Reddit | kradnozd

As hordes of zombified creatures clamber at the door of your bunker, relax by looking at this picture of animals that were created after the great radiation leak which destroyed half of the planet.

The Beginning Of Humanity's Fall

Reddit | jcepiano

While sitting in your apocalypse bunker, it will be useful to remind yourself of the hilarity of the fall of man, starting with this monstrosity!

Humanity's Fall 2: Anti-Vax Boogaloo!

Reddit | Icy9kills

Yes, celebrate the sequel to humanity's painful demise with this upsetting representation of some of the worst signs ever made!

Horse With And Without Hair!

Reddit | DogTeeth_Val

Once the rocks have melted and the seas rage like fire, it'll be good to remember a time when horses not only existed but had hair! What a time to have been alive!

"I'm used to my impatient toddler stalking me through the bathroom door, but this took it to a much creepier level."

Reddit | goodluck_canuck

As the wailing sounds of tortured souls trying to escape the fire and brimstone raining from the sky by throwing their near-lifeless bodies against the grey concrete walls of your bunker, use this picture to remind yourself as to why you didn't install windows!

"Spotted in our room in Nashville, TN"

Reddit | wikilinksys

I mean, no one wants their underground apocalypse bunker to reek of smoke!

"Finally, a fight I might be able to win"

Reddit | DuttyBarspoon

I cannot shake the image of a group of adults just launching poor kids around the room like balled up pieces of paper. Much like what happened when the first of the resources ran out — such horror, such unimaginable horror.

"My local weather station, telling it in real life terms."

Reddit | decide-and-go-be-it

While acid rain constantly works to wash away humanity, use this delightful chart to remind yourself of how easy life was before the weather became your enemy. Also, let me take this moment in the list to offer you a friendly reminder not to open the door of your bunker, no matter how much the wailing subsides.

"I repeat NO sticking things on the walls!!!!"

Reddit | byin10101

Keeping furniture off the walls may prove difficult as the "Event" causes gravity to shift uncontrollably; however, keep this sign up as a friendly reminder to guests. (You will have no guest, no guests ever, this is your life now, guest-less and alone)

Darth Fender

Reddit | Mattie_Merlin

Playing non-stop hits from such bands as Death-star for Chewy and Pulled Apart By Forces (please share your own ones in the comments).

"A pregnant squirrel. You know you never seen one before"

Reddit | Import

Just look at its little content face. Nothing screams, "The apocalypse isn't really that bad!" quite like this pregnant little squirrel unweathered by the torrential winds which now blast across the land!

Found In Central Park

Reddit | foonsirhc

This guy must be a nightmare at the dentist then! Takes a sip of coffee and realizes mug suddenly says "#1 Dad!" as lava begins to seep under the doorway and melt everything that we have created into nothingness.

The Stuff Of Nightmares

Reddit | marcogilharris

In your post-apocalyptic existence, perhaps such crazy things exist! So, why not honor the new age of humanity post-nuclear destruction with this wonderful pin-up!

"My boss brought in skeletons to work and said I had to move them around everyday for Halloween."

Reddit | Herbi-Herbison

Use this to remind yourself that the bleached bone skeletons of your work colleagues sat at their desks is not on your conscience! You warned them enough, that's all you could do.

"Trains were down."

Reddit | dominicjames

What with modes of transport being largely a thing of the past, this will hopefully remind you of times before your feet were burned with walking across the scorched Earth on your daily scouting missions for food. Choo choo my friend, choo choo indeed.


Reddit | AZtwoNE

This pumpkin is enough to give adults everywhere nightmares, and make mechanics everywhere laugh maniacally! Not as maniacally as you laugh to yourself in the corner of your bunker, however, as the isolation and constant threat of judgment by the tortoise overlords drives you to insanity.

Happens to the best of us.

But not really. So when you're chowing down on cold canned beans in your bunker, just remember, it could be worse. You could be eating roasted melon.

"A realistic Danny DeVito mask."

Reddit | GallowBoob

Because you just know the wasteland outside the bunker is chock full of horrific monstrosities, why not have a more appealing monstrosity inside?

"These poisonous chemicals (mothballs) are heart-shaped and candy-coloured, and seem to be instructing people to ingest them."

Reddit | theleahlemon

Dangers abound in a post-apocalypse world, so there's never a bad time to remind yourself that things aren't always what they seem.

"My Grandpa mows the yard every week with the same grey shirt that has Yamaha written on the back with black letters. My Grandma just noticed this last week."

Reddit | wrud4d

So the good news about this is the radiation has always been trying to kill us, and its success rate isn't 100%. Seriously though, sunscreen is the best.

"The month after Jangust."

Reddit | E_Wind

Lucky for you, dates don't even matter anymore. Calendars are basically meaningless in the confines of a bunker. Nothing matters anymore!

"A really honest company..."

Reddit | depasonico

Now that's an innovative way to streamline tech support. Just like all the messages you try to send to other survivors, the feedback just goes nowhere!

Speaking of innovation...

Reddit | BlueMan1419

Somebody is already prepared for imminent doom. Sure, it's not the most practical ride, but hey, they've got the skills to cobble together a working machine from spare parts, and that's invaluable in the hellscape.

"The world's best tailgate."

Reddit | BeigeListed

I don't know about you, but I will miss things like this in the end times. Harry from Harry and the Hendersons spooning a trash panda? Come on, who doesn't want to get stuck in traffic behind that?

"I guess that pillow wasn’t machine washable."

Reddit | Empire120874

Now, there's an upside to apocalypse bunker living - without machines to do our bidding, all those "hand wash only" items will finally get their due, seeing as there's no other option.

"Risking it all for a cool photo."

Reddit | CryptoExodus

Now there's something you'll never have to worry about again: trying to one-up anybody else's vacation pics, because there's nowhere to go and life is now an endless vacation.

"Too close for comfort."

Reddit | skywaybum

See? Just look at the silly things we humans will do to seek thrills, when mere daily survival could be enough of a challenge.

"My son learned a lot in our last trip to the zoo"

Reddit | TheNamesNotNate

Dear Lord, what are they feeding those tortoises in that zoo? Hopefully not what the giant tortoises the size of skyscrapers now feast upon during the long nights of humanity's reckoning — all hail the tortoise overlords!

"How Impressive Is That??"

Reddit | DodgeViperFan

See, now that's a survivalist's level of determination and furniture-stacking skills.

"Somebody flew their truck into somebodies house earlier today in my home town."

Reddit | Ein_The_Pup

See? Yet another bonus to dwelling underground in a bunker - not having to worry about flying trucks crashing into your house.

"A rule my teacher made."

Reddit | cabbage_fork

Rules are good! Nobody wants to live in a lawless land where they don't get notified that Jason Momoa has entered the room.

"At work, they take Screensavers very seriously."

Reddit | Abdullah_super

This clearly isn't just another office. A real team works here. Let's hope your bunker has a similar attitude.

"If you can't fix it, make it work for you."

Reddit | EthanYouIdiot

Speaking of attitude, sometimes that's all you have in life. Finding a new way of looking at things can really turn things around when life it at its bleakest. Not sure it can do much about the burning wastes outside, but still.

"The first tube light they sent was delivered bent. Fortunately I got a free replacement...."

Reddit | Tuna_Stubbs

Consistency is a lost art, but this delivery company has it down. Apart from that, okay, maybe let the world burn just a bit.

"Just finished making rice crispy treats to share at work!"

Reddit | buterbetterbater

It's funny because you'll remember meat but you'll only have rice to eat! What a great prank, end of the world.

"Best headline of the day."

Reddit | Electr0n1c_Mystic

Okay! So if you are going to seal yourself off from the world in anticipation of the coming apocalypse, maybe make sure it's actually imminent.

"The most 2019 snack ever."

Reddit | dainthomas

Finally, as your little concrete bunker becomes unimaginably hot due to being submerged in molten lava, remind yourself of the time when you could cook snacks which tasted like butt — simpler times, such simpler, simpler times.

Good luck with the armageddon! And remember, don't stay outside for too long as the giant tortoises can smell your fear!