Woman Is Furious After Job Opportunity Is Sabotaged By Man She Rejected In College

Amy Pilkington

No one likes to be rejected, but if you're a human being it's probably going to happen at least once in your lifetime.

Just because you may like someone that way, that doesn't mean they'll feel the same and learning to handle such things is part of growing up.

Unfortunately, not everyone handles rejection the same way.


Sadly, for one anonymous Redditor, a former friend did not take rejection kindly and kept on holding that grudge.

The incident occurred during her interview process for a job at a Fortune 500 company.

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She described the events in a post to the r/legaladvice subreddit, wondering if there was any legal course of action.

"A guy I rejected 5 or so years ago just cost me a job, do I have any recourse?" the post was titled.

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While visiting the company for a formal interview, the Redditor says that she noticed a guy she knew from college.

It started off as a pretty standard college relationship story.

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She says that they had been friends, but he was looking to be more than that and she didn't feel the same way about him. So they eventually lost touch.

He didn't seem to notice her, so she didn't say anything and they never interacted.

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The interview seemed to go really well and she thought she'd landed the job.

A bit later, instead of getting a message from the person who interviewed her, she received one from him.


She shared a screenshot of the messages in her post.

The messages she received were...well, odd.


After informing her that he's the Director of Operations and Finance, he tells her outright that she didn't get the job and that he was 100% responsible for it.

I don't know about you, but I'm confused.


Since he wasn't involved at all in her interview process, that certainly comes out of the blue.

His reply to her asking why he'd do such a thing made it clear that this was all about a grudge.


She explains that "not ready to settle" and his not being her "type" were the reasons she gave him for rejecting his advances in college.

This is some messed up behavior.


His use of scare quotes makes it clear the phrasing was meant to stand out, even if he tries to play dumb at the end.

"I've cut my losses with the job but I am just wondering where I can go from here."

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Unfortunately, the legal experts in the comments had bad news for her. Since he wasn't discriminating against her due to her gender, race, or sexuality, what he did was awful, but not illegal.

Since she isn't actually employed by the company, it doesn't fall under sexual harassment either.

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These loopholes make it possible for this kind of thing to keep happening to women across the country.

The best she can do is send the text and information to the company's higher ups.

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Though since he clearly has the power to veto any hiring choices, it's doubtful HR or the executive branch would do anything about it.

Ultimately, while it sucks to lose out on a good job due to some petty grudge, she probably dodged a bullet.


If they hadn't crossed paths, she may have been hired only to discover him and his grudge later when it would be harder to get away cleanly.

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