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43 Regular People Who Happen To Look Exactly Like Our Favorite On-Screen Characters

Please prepare for a lot of incoming cuteness.

It turns out that a lot of people accidentally resemble fictional characters. Some lean into it pretty hard, while others are blissfully unaware of the power they have over our attention spans.

All of them, however, are worth tilting your head sideways at for about five seconds while you say, "Yeah, I can see it" out loud.

This kid who looks like Russel from "Up."

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Anyone else feel like crying at how cute this is? Just me? Okay.

This little boy just needs his own Dug and Carl (and maybe Kevin) to finish the whole look.

This guy, who needs to find his Russel.

Kiwi Report

Just like Russel totally needs to find his Carl! This happy grandpa looks exactly like Carl from Up.

He even has the perfect nose for his future Carl cosplay! You go, grandpa.

These guys who look like Mario and Luigi.

Kiwi Report

Do you think they were wondering why someone was taking their picture?

Luigi is an okay match, but Mario is almost spot on. Photoshop a hat onto them, and that's some good cosplay.

This IRL Peeta.


This man has the face of someone who did not pose for this picture willingly.

At first glance, it looks like he's holding a DVD — but it's actually an action figure. Whoever bought him that has a great sense of humor.

This woman who clearly lives a double life.

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Man, imagine being that guy. You're minding your business when your friend snaps a picture, and suddenly you making that face is a viral meme because the woman behind you looks like Carmen Sandiego.

It's a rough life.

This actual Mrs. Doubtfire.

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"My girlfriend's great grandma looks almost identical to Mrs. Doubtfire," Reddit user yarbage wrote.

I...I see it. I'm going to pretend she was the inspiration for Mrs. Doubtfire's final look. Okay? Okay.

This woman, who made some iconic hair choices.

Kiwi Report

Okay, so who's ready for a debate? While the Cruella de Vil comparisons are obvious, does anyone else also see the resemblance to Mother Gothel from Tangled?

Either way, this look is iconic and beyond reproach.

This guy, who leaned all the way in.

Reddit | u/adamruzick

Do you know the muffin man?

Not only did this guy lean in, but he decided to share it on social media for all of us to see. That's a real hero right there.

This uncanny babysitter.

Kiwi Reportt

So weird that Jack-Jack's babysitter from The Incredibles went on to become a contestant on Kid's Baking Championship.

I salute you, Kari. Enjoy becoming a baking legend. Call Jack-Jack if your stove breaks down.

This toy came to life.


Woody came to life! And lost his hat!

Actually, it's not that he came to life — he's already achieved that — it's that he's finally ascended to his final form, aka being a human being.

This wonderful Wonder Woman.

Instagram |

I promise you this isn't just two photographs of Gal Gadot in costume on set of Wonder Woman. You're looking at cosplayer @lis.wonder who just happens to have the same exact face.

This man who dressed the part.

Imgur | u/21dimitri, Disney

When you know you vaguely resemble Tony Stark, you kinda have no choice but to just go for it.

He even got the red tint on his sunglasses right. 10/10, would mistake for Tony again.

This girl, who knows exactly who she looks like.

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I feel like it's so easy to imagine the scenario that the picture was taken in.

Her friend definitely noticed how much she looks like the sloth from Zootopia and made her pose for that picture.

This Queen of the North who has her glare down pat.

Instagram |

It must be a lucky feeling when you're a cosplayer and one of the most iconic characters of recent teleivision happens to share your face, which is exactly what happened to Astra Void with Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark.

This Andy, who needs to hang with Woody.


So, we have Andy and Woody. We just need a Buzz, and we have the whole gang!

I'm not going to hold my breath for an IRL Rex. Unless Jurassic Park suddenly becomes a real possibility, that is.

This guy, who I assume speaks with a vaguely Eastern European accent.

Kiwi Report

Guys, he got the entire outfit right. The all-black ensemble, the jacket, the striped scarf?

It's almost like he planned that, but I can't for the life of me think of a reason why someone would plan to look like Gru from Despicable Me.

This Linda Belcher.


The angry look on this woman's face basically confirms she was not intentionally dressing like Linda Belcher.

I mean, no one could be angry while dressed as one of the happiest characters on Bob's Burgers, right?

This guy, who ISN'T Jimmy Fallon.

Reddit | u/kdblol

Do you know those pictures of celebrities posing with their wax figures? I genuinely thought this was one of those pictures.

Nope. It's a Reddit user's dad, and I am absolutely shocked.

This guy, who is literally Thor.

Instagram | lasselom, Disney

Long, blonde hair? Check. Beard? Check. Crazy good looks? Check. Arms that could squash a man? Double-check.

This Instagrammer, Lasse Matberg, looks so much like Thor that I had to do a double-take.

This future girl.

Kiwi Report

I just can't imagine those lip fillers being worth it.

A botched bit of plastic surgery turned this woman into Leela from Futurama. All she needs is a purple wig to complete the look.

(What I hope she actually got was a lot of painkillers.)

This drive-by Rick Grimes.

Imgur, AMC

Oh hey, if the zombie apocalypse happens, I'm gonna go find this guy.

He looks so much like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead that I half-expected him to be wearing a beat-up cop uniform.

This female Harry Potter.

Reddit | u/W00dzy87

This Reddit user found a picture of their grandmother, and now I'm wondering if that Reddit user is secretly Daniel Radcliffe.

I like that her bangs almost form a lightning shape.

This Spider-Man clone.

Instagram |

Cosplayer @jordanthomasjohnson_1999 went viral on TikTok for his uncanny resemblance to Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland.

There are a lot worse things to go viral for!

This adorable Dora.


The live-action Dora movie looks great, don't you think?

This adorable Dora has the whole outfit, including a themed Dora shirt, yellow socks, and a purple backpack. She's so cute that I could absolutely die.

This guy, who I swear is Ian McKellan.

Imgur, New Line Cinema

If that guy didn't have a bigger nose than Ian McKellan, I would swear this picture is of him chilling between takes on the set of Lord of the Rings.

This tiny "Tarzan" star.

Kiwi Report

That hair! How can one baby have such an amazing head of hair?

Also, while we're here: Tarzan was a totally underrated Disney movie, and we should all slap some respect on its name.

This IRL Snape.

Reddit | u/mygoodness82, Warner Brothers

This is so uncanny that I actually did a double-take. This man is really out here looking like Snape, all the way down to the all-black uniform.

I wonder how many times a day people ask him if he knows he looks like Alan Rickman...

This animated chef.

Kiwi Report

I love the concept of that kid going into a video store (which still exists, apparently) and picking up a copy of Ratatouille to demonstrate how much he looks like Linguini.

This twin of Sideshow Bob.


This guy made a lot of sacrifices to make that picture happen. And by that, I mean: oh god, his poor hair.

I hope he had some detangling shampoo ready. I mean yeah, this was worth it, but oof.

This girl with the brave hair.

Kiwi Report

Gingers everywhere rejoiced when Brave hit theatres. Merida's flowing hair turned out to be almost impossible to imitate...unless you were blessed with curls that incredible from birth.

Maybe I'm a little jealous.

This future Prince Charming.

Kiwi Report

First of all, time for a straight fact: Shrek 2 is a better movie than the original Shrek.

Okay, now that we've all agreed on that fact: how do you think this guy feels about being Prince Charming?

This accidental Ron Swanson.

Kiwi Report

Some people think this guy looks like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, but I have to disagree. This guy is clearly the real-life version of Ron from Parks and Recreation.

I mean, even their ties (almost) match!

This long-lost brother of Harry Potter.

Instagram | @anupily, Warner Brothers

The similarity of these two is totally in the lower half of their faces.

They have the same lips and similar jawlines. If you were scrolling Instagram, it would take you a second to realize that wasn't Daniel Radcliffe.

This guy, who must be 006 or 008.

Instagram |

This Daniel Craig impersonator looks so much like James Bond, they could use him on set as a body double!

Or maybe he's actually James Bond, hiding in plain sight?

This cute grandma.

Kiwi Report

When was the last time you thought about Sylvester's granny? Well, you're welcome, now you're wondering what happened to her. I also don't know, so we can be confused together.

Also, this is such a small detail, but I love that the color of the bag is the same color that Tweety is.

This casual Obama.

Reddit | u/cuedashb, @barackobama Verified

Okay, Obama isn't an on-screen character, but this guy's resemblance to him is too good to not include.

Everything from his nose to his white hair is pretty Obama-esque, don't you think?

This alternate Carl.


The only thing this guy is missing is a scowl!

Everything else is spot-on, from the sweep of his hair to his black, rectangular glasses. If only he had a bowtie to complete the look!

This grown-up Merida.


Merida, but make her an adult.

While we just saw young Merida, now we have her older, fiercer twin. I love that she was up for posing next to the Brave poster!

This happy Will Smith.

Reddit | u/Dr_Skyman, @willsmith

Um, what? This guy straight-up looks like Will Smith. Any Will Smith, really.

His hair is closest to Will in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days, in my opinion. His goatee is all later Will.

This guy, who looks like IRL Kristoff.

Tumblr | bassiter

One eagle-eyed Tumblr user realized that YouTuber Cole Labrant looks exactly like Kristoff from Frozen.

I hope he saw that post, because now he has a perfect last-minute Halloween costume for this year.

This top of the line Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Instagram |

When you look this much like Tom Cruise, there's not much else you need to finish up your Maverick look besides aviator sunglasses, a white t-shirt, and a bomber jacket. This guy nailed it.

This accidental Elsa cosplayer.

Kiwi Report

I wonder what the odds were of her wearing Elsa's same eyeshadow look?

The only thing missing is Elsa's iconic braid, but we'll let that go — after all, she has the eyebrow raise down pat.

This Bruce Willis twin.

Reddit | u/LostAmiga, @dobledebruce

This looks like a before and after comparison, but for a guy who aged maybe ten years in between both photos. #tenyearchallenge, anyone?

Also, the user who posted this called him, "Bus Willis" and that's better than any caption I could ever come up with.