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16+ Animals We Don't Want To Get On The Wrong Side Of

Because animals are so often cute and cuddly and hilarious, it's easy to forget that they are, well, animals. They have the tools to survive without humans around, and the attitude to use them when they have to. Every now and then, we get a glimpse of that less cuddly side of them, and it's clear, you really don't want to get on their bad side.

Kangaroo Jacked.

Reddit | paddjo

You'd think 'roos would be all leg-power, but dang, this joey didn't skip out on upper body strength either, and if there's any doubt as to how jacked he is, check out what he did to that bucket.

Absolute Unit.

Reddit | mike_the-___

Did this cat just find an opportune spot to dig in for a nap, or did the cat make that divot in the bricks? Best to just let sleeping cats lie, I think.

Hail Kitten!

Reddit | Hornbillinmonsoon

I really don't know what sort of a ritual got interrupted here, and I really don't want to know. Glad someone got a pic though.

Apocalypse Cow.

Reddit | jainswapnil52

Even if this bovine didn't cause the destruction that lay at its feet, it's still a survivor, and that should earn it plenty of respect.

It Stirs.

Facebook | Jacob C Smith

And this is why you let sleeping cats sleep. Just look what happens when they wake up!

What. The. Cluck.

Reddit | GallowBoob

So, chickens have some kind of a ritual involving a spiral formation in a field, and I don't even want to know what it's all about.

One Baaad Night.

Reddit | [deleted]

A herd of sheep in the daylight is a pretty serene sight; a herd of sheep at night is much, much different.

Neighborhood Watch.

Reddit | Deplorable_17

Remember, when you go camping, you're in someone else's territory - and they're well aware of who the interloper is.

Attempted Murder.

Facebook | Canuck and I

We already know that crows know how to use tools, and it looks like it's only a matter of time until they figure out power tools as well.

Oh Yeah!

Reddit | GallowBoob

This tortoise's Kool-Aid Man impression is as funny as it is terrifying - let's face it, the thing had to claw and bite its way through some harsh conditions to make it through, and it did make it through.

Monster Mash.

Reddit | zantsuu

Eat your heart out, Godzilla. Okay, sure, it's just a baby turtle feasting on a berry, or is it practicing to take down larger fare?

Stark Stork.

Reddit | PlasmaWarrior

The menacing look on this shoebill stork's face makes you wonder where the fable about storks delivering babies ever came from. Fun fact, shoebills are nicknamed "death pelicans" and are known to eat things like eels, snakes, and even baby crocodiles, so yeah, give them some room.

You've Been Warned.

Reddit | adamhasabeard

If horses bite, what do ghost horses do? Not sure I would stick around to find out.

Reputation Earned.

Reddit | send2s

The Canada goose is already known for being an ornery, temperamental bird. They aren't called cobra chickens for nothing! And this one seems to have a protection racket started.

Underworld Blues.

Reddit | ShortMarzipan

Okay, this guy is two heads shy of guarding the gates to the land of the dead, but he's also got some serious boss fight vibes going on.

Heeeere's Chicken.

Reddit | endofgenesis

If someone re-made The Shining, set in Kentucky, and focused on revenge against The Colonel, this chicken would be a star. And, frankly, I'd watch that.

Beach Blanket Nightmare.

Reddit | xantahalasajache

It's as if these gulls learned from that goose: "It would be a shame if someone were to break up your lunch." Or, it's a sign that Hitchcock was ahead of his time.

Hello, Clarice.

Reddit | fjordfjord

Quid pro quo, yes or no? Can you hear the lambs? Are they screaming?

Okay, I just kind of weirded myself out. I'll stop now.

Yer Bucked.

Reddit | SirSteve

So, you want to decorate your walls with his friends? You might want to re-think that, because the bill is about to come due.

Prison Break.

Reddit | ozietello

Apparently no cage can hold this pooch, so don't even try. Talk about a dangerous customer.

Feeling Lucky?

Reddit | progboy

Cats can be quite territorial, and apparently some won't just mark it with scent, but will stare down anybody even thinking of coming near their balconies.

Keep. The Lid. On.

Reddit | BlazerTheKid

When this moth gets out of there, he's going to be so, so angry. Don't let his size fool you, he's 100% rage.

Sweet N' Sour.

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

This dog would never get bullied at school with his scowly friend at his side.

Nibble On This.

Reddit | sejin_mb

Where is he going to store his nuts for the winter? Wherever he wants to, and what are you going to do about it?

This Is Theirs Now.

Reddit | primal-chaos

Clearly we've interrupted something here. It's okay, there are other places to go.

Slowly backs out of the bathroom

We All Float Down Here.

Reddit | mcvell

No clown makeup or balloons needed, message received.

He's Called Bouncer.

Facebook | Animals With Powerful Auras

And if you're not on the list, you're not getting in. Period.

Death Comes To Santa's Village.

Reddit | dabaers

The appetite for destruction is as clear as it gets. This cat is about to bring down Godzilla's fury on an unsuspecting Christmas town.

Predators On The Hunt.

Reddit | toncinap

Is a group of five cats called a "pentagram"? Maybe it should be. Not only do they look possessed, but they appear to be working as a team now, which is not an encouraging sign.


Reddit | BasedOnAir

Okay, so it's tiny, but it could very well grow into something more serious, and with an attitude like that, look out.

Angry Birb.


I've seen enough Jean-Claude Van Damme movies to know what comes next, and it's not pretty.

A Cabal Of Meerkats.


If you see five meerkats gathered together under a lamp, they can't be doing anything other than plotting our demise, right?

Big Iceberg Energy.

Imgur | Rikkonakamichi

If there's a look that says "Get off my property," this walrus has it down pat.

Infernal Beast.

Reddit | adamacles

I think maybe this is what one of those earlier cats managed to summon from the depths. so, good luck with that.

Containment Has Failed.

Imgur | moi3ius

Pretty sure cardboard is just what cats train on. And if so, this one is ready for action. Just not anywhere near me, thanks.