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14+ Funny Pics That’ll Have You Slappin’ Your Knees Till The Cows Come Home

I'm no doctor, but I can say with near certainty that looking at funny pics will do something to your brain chemistry to make you smile. So let's elevate our laughter levels with some of the internet's best knee-slappers.

Good one.

Reddit | Vbomb1337

I was about to finish this sign's thought until it stopped me dead in my tracks. Even if there's literally a ghost in your vehicle, it's safest to pull over before calling the Ghostbusters.


Reddit | damwards

Since the dawn of photography, wedding photos have been a thing. Sure, they're a great way to commemorate a special day. But more importantly, in the age of Photoshop, they create opportunities like this.

Rough move-in day.

Reddit | morgyph

This is a rental truck. I know these trucks are usually driven by people who are unfamiliar with them, but it's still hard to understand how anyone messed up this badly.

Toddlers, man.

Reddit | HeyT00ts11

This was accompanied by the caption, "My neighbor's toddler was a little too quiet." The plants probably don't like it, but anything is better than a terrible two's tantrum.

Give me the catnip and nobody gets hurt.

Reddit | Gato1980

There's an old wives' tale about cats intentionally sitting on newborns to suffocate them. I've always thought it sounded like baloney, but after seeing this unsettling photo, I'm not so sure.

It is your birthday.

Reddit | ShyPurpleCat

I'm not sure if this is the bleak culmination of cubicle culture, or a sly way to poke fun at the utter boringness of it all. Also, it looks like both Peter and Steve F. don't care about their coworker's feelings.

Fair is fair.

Reddit | koreenalynn

Wedding meal planning is a complicated task, hence the necessity of an early RSVP. This invitation takes a reasonable approach: if you don't RSVP, you're still totally welcome — it'll just become a BYO chair and meal situation.


Reddit | EwenKai

"I wasn’t allowed to play much, so usually I woke up earlier than everyone and played on the PS1 with the sound on mute for a couple of hours," explains the poster. "...Until I got caught."

Dad humor hits the big screen.

Reddit | GeorgePug

That's a cringe-inducing dad joke there, but I'm a little concerned for this theater. Like, are you guys showing any movies, or have you given your sign up entirely to dad jokes?

Be good for goodness sake.

Reddit | bryony_sian

I've never given much thought to whether penguins are naughty or nice, but this aquarium in New Zealand is keeping score. It seems like there's a lot of egg-related drama in the penguin world.

Is he okay?

Reddit | jakedaily

Every cat has its own little quirks, but this sleep style is on another level. It's incredible that a couch potato like this is related to the king of the jungle.

On point.

Reddit | saya_doge

It's always good to stay on top of the latest meme formats in a fast-moving meme economy. It's even better to incorporate said memes into your classmates' desktops.

At least there's lots of bread.

Reddit | mike_oc23

This sad, sad club sandwich was provided by China Airlines on a 13-hour flight. I mean, it's better than resorting to cannibalism, but not by much.


Reddit | youyouxue

In 2019, we can't ask much of our heroes. There's no Superman swooping in to save us. So we need to be inspired by smaller, humbler acts. This guy is the hero we need, but don't deserve.

Har har har.

Reddit | m5k

This guy's sign is funny, but his face is serious. That's probably because, after a lifetime of hearing jokes about his height, he's finally decided to grudgingly lean into it.

It's a costly world after all.

Reddit | D0NW0N

Anyone who's been to one of Disney's parks will probably confirm that yes, it's the most magical place on Earth...even if they had to pawn off all of their possessions in order to afford it.

The transformation begins.

Reddit | snailfarmer420

"I recently became a dad and put my "uniform" on while still at the hospital," wrote the Redditor who posted this pic. "I've been planning this for a while."

Snoop Dogg.

Reddit | C0LT0GRAPHY

This four-legged fellow likes to find his owners hairbands all around the house and pick them up in his mouth, often resulting his hilarious DIY grill.

"She sounds hideous."

Reddit | dekes_n_watson

Please tell me everyone remembers this commercial and can understand just how perfect this is. If you don't know what's going on, kindly go to YouTube and look it up. You won't regret it.

Pictured: the real nightmare before Christmas.

Reddit | Hackrman420

Honestly I fully support more people doing this. Santa seems a little confused, but otherwise this appears to be a perfectly jolly Christmas picture.

This cat is just so done with you.

Reddit | kirrk

The Reddit user who posted this said their cat looks like a woman who's been working the drive-thru window for too long and honestly? Yes.

Pin it.

Reddit | rosie_roo

Honestly this is kind of home decor inspo I have come to know and expect from Reddit.

Ah, smells like every Friday night in the early 2000s.

Reddit | daaave33

Tell me you can't smell this candle right now. Everyone who ever stepped foot into a glorious Blockbuster, even just once, knows that smell. It's the smell of an amazing movie night, mixed with plastic DVD casings and cheap blue carpet. Ahh, childhood.

All I see are good boys, TBH.

Reddit | Martinbails

I appreciate the shout-out at the end for every doggo who's just out here living its life and doing the best it can. Not every dog is suited for a career in the military, police force, or guiding the blind. And we love those doggos just as much.

You don't have to tell me twice.

Reddit | kevins_the_name

This is a quality post, of course I'm going to share it. It deserves that kind of publicity.

Here comes your blushing bride.

Reddit | chosenplatypus

This groom turned around expecting to get his first look at his bride-to-be and instead came face to face with his own brother. Check out the tiara. This is one stunning princess, and she deserves to have the most wonderful day possible.

If your daughter says she found teeth at the beach, are you expecting dentures?

Reddit | Probablynotdrew

I'd say probably not. This guy was most likely anticipating a handful of shark teeth perhaps but instead he got to come face to face with a sandy set of dentures. At least his daughter thinks it's hilarious.

Pictured: friendship.

Reddit | Arsenicyellow

What you're seeing here are two total buds just hanging, having some laughs, and they decided to strike a hilarious pose for the camera. So basically, this is friendship #goals.

This calendar offers a pretty harsh dose of reality.

Reddit | kymera99

Personally I think these should be handed out at college graduation instead of diplomas.

The only LOTR tattoo I'm interested in.

Reddit | wallbricks

Sauron's out here bringing all the boys to the yard with his rings and honestly, good for him.

Wedding day vs. one-year anniversary.

Reddit | cozminace

Yeah, they look a little worse for wear. And I'm sure we should be focusing on the addition of a baby in the second pic. But I'm more interested in the doggo that's come along too!

She's giving him something to scream about.

Reddit | BigWoodyBoys

Is this considered "flash photography"? Because if so, I'm pretty sure it's condemned in most art museums, madam.


Reddit | woodybiggles

I'm not condoning taxidermy. But I will say that this person knew what they were doing when they found themselves with a dead chipmunk, a dead snake, and some time to kill.

A baggy full of coke.

Reddit | benwhosometimesdraws

I'd like to think all the dads out there are slappin' their knees so hard right now, the cows have all come home and decided they're here to stay.

The chillest acorn you'll ever see in your life, guaranteed.

Reddit | Import

I don't want to judge too quickly. But based on first impressions alone, I think it's safe to say this acorn enjoys the finer things in life, like Doritos and Red Bull and maybe pizza bagels, if it's feeling fancy.

"Let’s take a picture with the dog they said, it will be fun they said."

Reddit | flandersgreatest

Yeah, the dog thing isn't great. But can we talk about how poorly timed this photo is? Two people are barely even off the ground while one is jumping for joy (although I'm sure that joy quickly disappeared once the doggo latched on).

Hard at work.

Reddit | CantFindBacon

Much like those "eyes open" glasses you can buy to (theoretically) get away with sleeping, this professor has decided to use a somewhat convincing effect on his office door.

This pond is shaken, not stirred.

Reddit | Crescendo104

This is probably a polluted drainage ditch, but it would be hard not to feel at least a little bit secret agent-ish any time you walked your dog in the area.

Change my mind.

Reddit | HopsRs

This is the kind of message that's more effective in an office, but this dude feels strongly enough about it to preach his gospel on the street. Alas, no one will hear his plea.