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12+ Hilarious Pics That Just GET It

Relatability is a key element to most of what makes us laugh, it's that feeling of being a part of something bigger than ourselves — or, at the very least, the ability to think, "Yeah I do that same dumb stuff too on a daily basis, and seeing you do it makes me feel a bit better about my worthless self."

With that wonderful thought in mind, please enjoy these 12+ hilarious pics that just get it — whatever the 'it' may be!

"I never slept in class!"

Reddit | touabi1

Yeah, but you'll all be super embarrassed when it turns out that that is this kid's real face, the lovechild of Karl Pilkington and an immature doodle.

Seems Fair

Reddit | Tort-ured

Cor blimey guv'nor, these are the best pies in all of London! (Said in Dick Van Dyke's British accent on helium while doing a painfully twee jig)

*Leans Back And Uncontrollably Screams The Circle Of Life*

Reddit | Cats_Rulez

That new Lion King remake just looks worse and worse the more I see of it. (Yeah, suck it Jon Favreau you beloved national treasure who ruined a perfectly fine piece of my childhood yet still made a ludicrous amount of money from it!)

Calling All Teenagers

Reddit | Chantrak

Yeah teens, Christ, get your own damn independence already! It's not like I'm way into my 20s and still living at home because I spent far too much money in university on burritos and cheap cider!

"My neighbor's toddler was a little too quiet."

Reddit | eyT00ts11

If anything sums up looking after someone's kid, it is this damn photograph. They'll do anything to make it look like you're a dummy, whether they're trying to set themselves on fire or hole-punching the plants, it's all the same.


Reddit | RobotThoughts

If I drove a Kia I'd want that registration as well. (Chuckles while looking forlornly out of the window at my car with one wheel propped up on bricks for the fourth year in a row)

*Laughs Awkwardly And Too Enthusiastically To Pretend He Gets The Joke*

Reddit | CrankyBear

Oh, lord, yes this is just so accurate. It's like grief, but it's talking about software development! Well, let me just tell you for nothing, that there have been many times when I've been putting the numbers into the computer for various purposes and this has literally been me. #relatable!

The Realities Of Baking

Reddit | gottamemethemall

Now I've seen the Great British Bake Off, and I've seen how easy they make it look. However, this "hedgehog" is a pretty damn accurate representation of how things normally turn out.

"Men staring into the dark abyss of Valentines Day cards."

Reddit | Erratic_Professional

Just looking at this you can smell fear, sweat, existentialism, and a craving for high carb lager.

"Sometimes I do things that only confirm: I am an idiot."

Reddit | Sunshiny_Day

This is why you pay other people to do things for you. Then, when they mess up you can stand there and shake your head like a condescending twat like I do, it's the more expensive but satisfying option.

*Starts Frantically Drying Socks With A Hairdryer*

Reddit | James121601

There's nothing wrong with just turning stuff inside out and wearing it again! Unless you're bothered about what people think of you, in which case take it from me, it's not a good idea.


Reddit | MysticWolfy05

This is what my family dinners look like too now that I've taken to only wearing a batman costume when we go out. Pfft, it's not embarrassing mom!

Please God Buy Some Tacos!

Reddit | Parkingjas

I like that business model, meme-worthy desperation. Also, a good name for a perfume, "Meme-worthy desperation, by Jean Claude Gautier".

"Fantastic. I'll just turn around then"

Reddit | MysticWolfy05

Never before has something been so simultaneously helpful and useless at the same time — except perhaps the internet itself.

Who Wrote This Question?

Reddit | Hascerflef

I remember exam questions being needlessly convoluted in their phraseology but thank God the exam board didn't employ Redditors to write them when I was younger.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Reddit | savak9

We never did the whole yearbook thing in our school, do many schools still do it? We never did those hoodies either where you write the year of graduation on the back with everyone's name in them. I think it's mainly because my school year pretty much unanimously hated one another, good times.

"My girlfriend saw this at her university’s health centre"

Reddit | savak9

I never really got why STD posters felt the need to be funny and lighthearted; I mean, if you aren't getting checked and this funny doodle is what makes you go get checked, you've got some weird priorities.

"My local movie theater thinks they’re hilarious"

Reddit | GeorgePug

I really love it when people use this medium to make really long jokes while I'm driving. I always get just to the end and miss the punch line and have to turn around and go back.

"Cool Prius!"

Reddit | Introvert_Life

Is that being self-aware, or just defeatist?

"This is why woman live longer than men"

Reddit | MATT280792

Yes, as you can imagine, the above video shows two boys repeatedly taking it in turns to bang each other on the head with the lid of a bin, all while laughing hysterically. So long as they're happy I guess — and heck, it's cheaper than a Nintendo Switch.