26 People Who Shouldn't Have But Did

Generally, it's rude to try to police people and tell them what they should and shouldn't do. But c'mon, some people are just getting to be reminded where their lane is. After all, if Jurassic Park taught us anything, it's that just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should.

1. Sometimes, it's okay to just let an idea stay an idea without ever following through.

Reddit | Horsespit

That being said, I think this person might be onto something and we need to make some phone calls immediately. I'm not saying this should be canon for both Hey Arnold! and The Simpsons, but I'm also not not saying it.

2. Now, I'm definitely no expert, but I think this ceiling fan got installed better than any ceiling fan ever.

Imagine the parties you could throw in here, especially if you put in black light bulbs. Sure, there's a 105% chance that your party guests end up with permanent optical damage, but what party isn't worth a few risks?

3. How to make sure your parents never take you to church again.

Reddit | postgameforlife

Or, maybe church is exactly where you should be. I'm choosing to believe that this devil is actually just making a very large cup of tea using an enormous tea bag. That'll help me sleep at night.

4. I don't know whether this person was having a "going in" problem or a "coming out" problem, but there's no question they're in for a really smelly drive home.

Reddit | all-top-today_SS

I think it probably says a lot about my overall health that the only thought I have after seeing this picture is that I could really go for a milkshake.

5. Higher education? More like higher prices, amirite?

Reddit | aghostinthecode

There's something to be said for being able to cash in on a group of people who are woke enough to be angry about something like this but too lazy to actually do anything about it. Like, what're you gonna do, walk across campus to the other bookstore? Please.

6. In an extremely Michael Scott voice: Parkour!

I'm guessing based on her evening wear, this wasn't a choice made at the peak of sobriety. I'm also guessing that the dent she left in the car will be a constant reminder that she's not Spider-Man. Hold up. Wait for it.Peter Parkour.Nailed it.

7. The moment your mom is about to realize why she's always finding empty chip bags hidden in the couch cushions.

Imgur | anlyin

Let's not pretend that Gabrielle's mom didn't know exactly what was going on. Playing dumb just means she gets an afternoon off, guilt-free.

8. Maybe it's time to change up the ol' marketing strategy here.

Imgur | Fotoshap

Like, "Hey, you know how you never get calls from protective services wondering why you're endangering your child? Well, we can change all that with Un-Breakable Wine Glasses (TM)."

9. When you wanted to go see Magic Mike but your kids dragged you to Transformers instead.

The Chive | The Chive

Momma's still gonna git what momma wants to git. And, if we're being totally fair, Michael Bay gave the Transformers their "down there" parts first.

10. The wild streamers are used by many creatures as a natural camouflage to hide their ingenious traps.

Either someone was out for Kevin McAllister-style revenge on that poor girl, or someone is notinvited to the decorating committee next year. I'm looking at you, Caitlyn.

11. When choosing a name for your business, it's very important to be memorable.

The Chive | The Chive

Some day, I hope I'm pure and innocent enough to look at a sign like this and just assume it's about dogs. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

12. I'm guessing that girl from the church in pic #3 finally got around to writing that letter to her pappy.

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

I know that kids can be savage sometimes but this is...this is a lot.

13. "Mom, no time to explain. You know my Michael Jordan shirt? I need you to buy six more of them, stat."

Reddit | ceddlaflare

Poor kid's going to end up having a bad day when someone mistakes him for a real basketball on his way home and he gets dunked by an 8th grader.

14. Rooooooock sand. You don't have to put on that red light.

Reddit | shady226

Have you ever wondered if Starbucks screws up people's names on purpose so that we post images of the cups online and flood social media with their branding? Oh no! I'm part of the problem!

15. This is exactly what I'm talking about with having an idea that no one is forcing you to follow through on.

Reddit | SquidWithBatWings

Granted, my fingers often look like they're covered in Flamin' Hot Cheeto dust, but I come by that honestly, by way of an unhealthy snacking habit.

16. The poop emoji...but make it fashion.

Kamdora | Kamdora

No, wait, I want to take that back. She doesn't look like the poop emoji. She looks like Jabba the Hutt's tongue got even longer and wrapped all the way around her. The point is, I don't understand fashion, and she's probably going to win an award while I'm sitting here wearing the same jeans I've been wearing for two weeks.

So, maybe just don't listen to me after all.

17. This is one way to claim your personal space on the subway.

Fail Blog

You know how some cities are mounting a campaign to stop man-spreading on public transit? Well, this city may want to draw up some slogans to stop this woman from using the subway.

18. At least she's not littering?

Fail Blog

I get it, when kids have to go they have to go. But surely there was a better solution than this.

19. I feel like someone should have a word with this man. And quick.

The Sun

But on the other hand, I kind of want to see what happens next. Hey, I never said I was a good person.

20. I don't think that bag means what you think it means.


She could have easily avoided this by taking a Sharpie and crossing out "don't."

21. I want to find the person who said this and give them a high five.


To be fair, that would be awfully convenient and ingenious. Unfortunately, the CD slot on a laptop remains solely a place where little kids can stick chewing gum and Lego pieces. No? Just me?

22. It's all fun and games until someone gets electrocuted.


"Hey guys, I've got a great idea. Let's rig up some electronics and put them in the water. What could possibly go wrong?"

23. I wonder if this guy was surprised that he got wet.


What's that saying about giving a man a fish? Clearly this man has not been taught how to fish yet.

24. I'm starting to understand why women live longer than men.


This is why people hire professional movers.

25. She comes in peace.


It's unclear if this woman is channeling Spock or if she's doing Mork's "nanu nanu" gesture. Either way, it's a good thing Vader's contained in that tube, because he would definitely not stand for this level of disrespect.

26. I don't think this guy read the owner's manual before operating this piece of machinery.

This had to be a dare, because if you look closely, it's pretty clear that they're in a workshop. Surely he could've found a non-human surface to do that on.

Stay alert.

Reddit | UNSC-COMMsNO1379

So yeah, that's the back end of a tractor trailer. It's either a fun, lighthearted prank or a terrifying display that'll see everyone behind the truck veering off the road. It's all a matter of perspective.

Is that how it'll work?

Reddit | HotGUUUUU

Glue can work just as well as stitches when it comes to healing wounds. I'm just not sure the person in charge of this graphic understands that medical professionals aren't using literal hot glue guns.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well.

Reddit | Fala7iKing

This tweet is mocking these industrious young entrepreneurs, but I applaud their effort. It's one thing to sell boring old lemonade from a roadside stand, but it's quite another thing to resell the most popular chicken sandwich of 2019.


Reddit | tmaxb

So you want to check out the lower shelves, but the hard floor is hell on your knees. No problem! The bakery section is full of kneepads, also known as bread.

My dude...

Reddit | merica1991

I can appreciate some creativity when it comes to facial hair, but the Oakland A's team barber really has to answer for this. There's a reason that asymmetrical beards have never been a thing.

There's a lot to take in here.

Reddit | VampireQueenDespair

Everyone knows the old retail adage, "No shirt, no shoes, no service (unless you have a raccoon)." This guy knows the rules, and he came prepared with his pet trash panda.

Oldest mistake in the book.

Reddit | TheRealKamal

I can see how this could theoretically happen. I just don't understand how, during the course of the haircut, the issue of this big honkin' play button never once came up.


Reddit | FBAHobo

Again, I want to applaud the creativity here, because there's no doubt that this is a completely one-of-a-kind haircut. It's just that, like, there's a reason that you don't see haircuts like this.

How dare they take a picture.

Reddit | downriverrowing

Big props to parents who have to deal with unexpected diaper emergencies in circumstances that are less than ideal. I want to feel sympathy for this mom, but surely there's a better place than a display table at Old Navy.

C'mon, dude.

Reddit | JacobMC-02

This guy is getting his jollies in a super pervy way. Does he not realize that there are better ways to get these kinds of pics? And by 'better ways', I'm talking about the internet.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Reddit | Ubui

Unless you're using a toilet in subzero conditions, the seat tends to warm up pretty quickly once you sit on it. Then again, if you love the feeling of bare butt cheeks on shag carpeting, this is probably the only real option.

His dogs are barking.

Reddit | geekaz01d

There's no better feeling that taking off your shoes and socks at the end of a long day. Most people do this at home, but technically there's no law against doing it at Starbucks.

I'm convinced.

Reddit | toppun2345

If you go to a big box automotive store, there's aisle upon aisle of cheap products to make your garbage car look fancy. You could shop there, or you could get creative.

Fires can wait.

Reddit | PrincessBubblegumB

Sure, this fire truck has places to be (probably a fire). But this lady also has places to be, and she's not going to let any pushy emergency personnel get in her way.

The shoe nobody asked for.


Have you ever wanted a shoe that looks like a shoe, but offers no protection from the detritus on the street? Say no more. This footwear is so original, it may never be duplicated.

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