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Adult Version Of The Little Tikes Toy Car Is Legal And It Goes Up To 70MPH

Remember those red and yellow Little Tikes plastic cars? They were, and still are, such classic toys from many children's childhoods.

Brothers Geoff and John Bitmead were feeling all the nostalgic feels when they decided to turn the Cozy Coupe into a functioning adult version.

I'm sure I don't have to remind any of you about the original Little Tikes Toy Car, right?


The original version was first released in 1979.

Little Tikes

The Cozy CoupeĀ® Car was named the best-selling car in America, if you can believe it.

Over the years, the car has seen some changes and upgrades.


In 1999, it was " redesigned for a more sturdy and enjoyable ride."

In 2009, cartoon eyes and a smile were added to its front bumper, but it's still the same Cozy Coupe we know and love.

As kids, we loved this iconic red car.

And now for some good news for any adults out there who may be feeling like they want to relive their childhood...

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a real life adult-sized version of Little Tikes' Cozy Coupe toy car.

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The "Big Tike" was designed and built by mechanic brothers Geoff and John Bitmead.

They noticed how similar the Daewoo Matiz looked to the Cozy Coupe, and decided to completely transform it.

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It's fully functional, equipped with airbags, headlights, mirrors, a gas tank, and even speeds up to 70mph.

It took 1,000 hours and cost £4,000 (almost $5,000 USD) to build it, compared to just $50 for the children's Cozy Coupe.

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It really looks like the real thing!

It gained a lot of international attention, even landing itself a Guinness World Records certification!

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While the brothers don't own it anymore, a very happy eBay customer somewhere in the world does!

Keep an eye out on your next road trip, you might be able to spot it on the roads!

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