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Lego's New Sets Are Aimed At Adults Who Need A Creative Outlet To De-Stress

Many adults are looking for healthy ways to reduce and channel their stress.

More and more, people are turning to the arts or creative outlets to help them quiet their minds and explore their hidden talents.

Lego's new toy line is hoping to provide stressed-out adults a new release by having them engage with their inner child by playing, designing, and building a unique Lego product.

These sets are really cool and have an important purpose behind them.

Lego FORMA is a new building set from the famous toy brick company, but this line is aimed at adults.

I mean, technically, the box says it is for ages over 12, but this line differs from Lego's usual sets in a number of ways.

Instead of bright bricks in primary colors, the FORMA kit mostly includes neutral-colored rods and gears.

This set might look a little complicated when you see the raw parts, but it was designed to be easy to put together.

FORMA allows builders to unplug and explore their creative side.

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The line is specifically aimed at adults in the hopes of giving them a creative way to reduce stress.

FORMA's designs are inspired by nature and feature soft, soothing colors.

Builders also get to customize their creation by coloring its skin.

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Remember how adult coloring books made a huge comeback as a stress-reliever? Lego applied this idea to the FORMA line.

For now, you can choose between a shark set or a koi fish set.

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Both are very cool and honestly, I would have a hard time picking just one. I think I need to buy both of these sets ASAP.

Best of all, the models move and wiggle just like a fish or a shark.

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By turning a small crank, these models come to life. How cool is that?

These would also look really awesome on a bookshelf as an accent piece.

People have been customizing their kits to make beautiful creations.

This beat fish model has gorgeous, iridescent fins and a huge fan tail. It looks just like a real beta!

The shark has also proved to be popular with builders and Lego collecters.

Lego made the FORMA line available to buyers through an IndieGoGo campaign as part of a preliminary test for the products. Over 6,000 of these kits were sold and the reaction from builders was very positive.

Hopefully, we'll see more additions to the FORMA line soon!

I think that there's a huge demand for these products and a large number of adult Lego enthusiasts.

Mostly though, I just want to build my own fish or shark!