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Quokkas Are The 'World's Happiest Animal' With The Pics To Prove It

So here I was mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds when I should have been doing something productive — admit it, we all do this — when an image of an impossibly cute little creature scrolled into view.

I broke into a smile and immediately clicked the heart.

Specifically, it was this incredible picture.

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Look at that face!

Obviously, I needed to learn more about this smiley creature, which is called a quokka.

Quokkas are native to Rottnest Island in Australia and are from the same family as kangaroos.

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I can kind of see the relation. Look at those feet!

Locals say that the nocturnal mammals have been known to wander into yards and campsites to help themselves to human food or trash. Which sounds raccoon-like to this North American.

They're kind of ridiculously comfortable with humans.

Between their incredible faces and the fact that you can get right up close, quokka selfies are an important part of the tourist experience on the island.

Their popularity has even helped conservation efforts, however it's important that tourists just get close enough to snap a pic and not try to touch or feed the cuties.

Look at those chubby cheeks!

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In fact, you'll be fined $300 for simply being caught touching a quokka.

Which is probably for the best, since the critters have sharp claws and aren't afraid to use them. Don't let that natural smile fool you!

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