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17+ Things That Are So Much Cooler Than They Appear

We live in a fast paced, go-go-go kind of world, and it's not very often that we slow down to actually appreciate the things around us. So we're prone to judging books by their covers, which I'm sure you've all heard you should not do. But who has time to actually open a book anymore?

Soapy situation.

Reddit | aleddirleveret

It's easy to just brush off hand soap dispensers because usually, they're all the same sort of thing: put out your hand, receive soap, fin. But this one actually dispenses soap like a Parmesan cheese shaker and if that's not the coolest thing you've seen all day, you're wrong.

I don't...I don't understand.

Reddit | DanaRossiDraws

No, you're not just looking at some guy's hand. Look closer. Notice his fingertips, and how they distinctly look like they're pressed against something? Yeah, this fella is holding reflection-free glass that is nearly invisible. I imagine it's the same sort of stuff Willy Wonka made his elevator out of.

Parisian pen.

Reddit | IamdefinitelyNOTadog

I know this baguette pen is the size of a normal pen. I know that. But how hilarious would it be if this thing was actually the size of a baguette?


Reddit | Weenafile

No, you're not looking at a sketch of a diner. This is a real-life bar with decor to make its patrons feel like they're sitting inside a comic strip. Which I'm sure makes for a super disorienting experience after you've tossed back a few shots of the good stuff.

No use crying over spilled — oh, wait.

Reddit | Tellymon

The prank potential with this coffee cup is just too good. My personal favorite? Place it on your buddy's Macbook keyboard and just wait for the inevitable meltdown. Classic.

Button up.

Reddit | cmonthiscanbetaken

Sure, this might look like a regular shirt. But any busty gals out there likely knows the struggle of dealing with inevitable gaps where the buttons are straining a little too much in the cleavage area. Thankfully, this particular shirt features a button on the opposite side that cover up that peephole and keep girls comfortably covered.

Quaint and quiet.

Reddit | ParzivalsQuest

Although this looks like any other urban strip, this is actually an local nursing home that's been designed to look like an indoor town. It's got a movie theater, a pub, a grocery store, and many other fantastic spots, all stationed inside this self-contained area.

Password protected.

Reddit | celbi1023

After each input, this keypad randomizes the numbers. That way, n one can figure out your password by watching your hand movements. And any next-level hackers won't be able to decipher the code from looking at finger prints on the pad, either.

Advertising done right.

Reddit | TCLP

Although this may look like a regular newspaper face-open, once both pages are closed and held up to the light, it turns into an advertisement for a Japanese film.

Hexagonal seating.

Reddit | Naco88

This university library looks like it has a funky, geometric wall design. But if you're ever in the mood to sit, you can literally grab one of those hexagons and take a seat because each one is an individual stool!

Well howdy, Keanu.

Reddit | mane_mariah

This isn't a printed poster for the new John Wick flick — it's a hand-drawn picture of the one, the only Keanu Reeves on a whiteboard at a hospital. Yeah, that thing was created using dry-erase markers. And apparently, the unknown artist creates a new masterpiece every week or so.

Let me shoyu something.

Reddit | TCLP

At first glance, this dish simply has a beautiful design on its bottom. That's cool enough, but it definitely gets way cooler. When sauce is poured into this dish, the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine appears in its expertly-carved base.

Do Not Disturb.

Reddit | alngrd

Face mask are typically pretty unremarkable, unless maybe you have one of those cool ones with cartoon eyes on them. But this particular mask, found on an airplane, has two sides.

If you the want the flight attendant to wake you up for meals, you wear it with the blue side facing out. Want to sleep without disruption? Grey side will keep everyone far away.

Remember chalkboards?

Reddit | IncadescentPlaza

Sure, chalkboards are pretty unremarkable on their own. But this one was revealed after a whiteboard was removed. And it still has class notes etched on it in chalk, perfectly preserved since 1981.

Come pop a squat.

Reddit | OptimisticEgg

This park bench is no ordinary place to plant your fanny. The entire thing is actually a mini-map of the surrounding area, so you can figure out your route while taking a little breather. Just make sure to move if some poor lost fellow comes along.

Something's a little smelly.

Reddit | shefearsoblivion

At first glance, this is some strange, tiny nose someone has balanced on a stick. But you're actually looking at a glob of pink flesh-colored toothpaste that came out in the perfect snout shape. Oh, and if anyone's curious, that disgusting toothpaste is exclusively for helping with inflamed gums.

I think we missed opening night.

Reddit | SparklePony

The cult-classic comedy Road Trip came out in 2000, so nearly 20 years ago. What business does it have on a subway billboard? Well, as it turns out this poster was uncovered after someone peeled off 20 years' worth of ads that had been plastered over top of it.

Taste the rainbow.

Reddit | biddybooty

I know what you're thinking — what could possibly be wrong with this picture? Well, any passionate Skittles fans out there will tell you that little blue piece of candy down there has found its way into a package where it most certainly does not belong. It even has its own little S stamp.

A pillar of the community.

Reddit | ctorb

It looks like wood, but this post is made from concrete, so it's stronger and won't rot like wood. You have to love when things are made to blend in — they didn't have to go to such lengths, but this is subtle and unobtrusive.

Snap, crackle, and zing.

Reddit | DanyoloHD

No CGI or graphics involved, this is just an ordinary, everyday campfire, with a long exposure showing off all the sparks as they pop and fizzle over top. Now, who's got the marshmallows?

The rocket's red glare.

Reddit | Rosscoe3

Just like that campfire, this also has none of the after effects you might expect — it's just a picture of fireworks, also done with a long exposure. Not only does this provide a different view of something familiar, it would also look great as a poster.

A shadow of its former self.

Reddit | CanadianSparky

If this doesn't give you respect for the heat of a building fire, I don't know what will. The ribbons hanging there used to be a stained glass window — the fire melted the panes and turned it all to this mess.

I'm lovin' this.

Reddit | A_Hendo

What's so special about this bug? Somehow, it managed to grow the McDonald's Golden Arches on its back. Pretty sure it's not some kind of NASCAR corporate sponsorship, however.

That's acute plant.

Reddit | Nqrwhql

Nature has some funny ideas of how things are supposed to be sometimes, and this is no exception — a plant with squared-off edges.

Such a polite pooch.

Reddit | knightTime17

This therapy dog goes the extra mile for the students he serves, even wearing socks while on the job so that his nails don't make extra noise on the floor, which could upset the particularly sensitive kids he works with.


Reddit | nlueshran

This sunscreen turns blue when it's exposed to UV light. But before you go running out to Walmart so you can live your best Papa Smurf life, just know that only the bottle turns blue, not the lotion itself.

Perseverance personified.

Reddit | MikeLeRoi

This tree even looks cool, and when you consider what kind of a struggle it must have gone through not just to make it to the other side of the wall, but thrive there, well, that's even cooler. You could put this on a motivational poster.

Honey drop.

Reddit | awuawah

This isn't your average marble. This is actually a small ball that is made entirely of honey, which you're meant to drop into your tea to let it dissolve. It's like the perfect serving of honey every time. And if you're craving a sweet treat, you can eat one of these on its own.

Great taste in hardware.

Reddit | axeman72

They do look like some exquisite tools, but they would leave a little something to be desired when put to work, because they're made of chocolate.

Nice, round figures.

Reddit | designmur

Sure, these shiny orbs look nice on a shelf, but there's more to them than that. They all weigh exactly the same: one kilogram. They are, from left to right, made from magnesium, aluminum, titanium, copper, and tungsten.

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