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13+ Pics That Seem Normal Until You Look Closer

I don't need to tell you that the devil is always in the details—you already know.

As manufactured and posed as some photos are, the most interesting, funny, and organic occurrences are often taking place in the background.

People can't help it. Humans are just so damn weird that it's ridiculous to expect anything less of us.

You've Got A Friend In Me

Reddit | sormuch

Gonna be honest here—it took me a while to find the second cat.

Caught In The Act

Reddit | roopstmyou

"Accidentally stopped a pick pocket," this person writes, "Happy birthday mate!"

Ah Nuts

Reddit | takeyurchances

Vacation photos often have the weirdest stuff happening in the background. This one's a memory I'm sure they'll cherish forever.

Skinny Dipping

Reddit | withoski

Another day, another creepy tourist lurking in the back of a vacation pic. Keep 'em coming.

The Summer of 1812

Reddit | 99LS1SS

I should be appalled that these kids managed to get their sibling inside an actual canon, but I'm just impressed.

Dead Quiet

Reddit | Bombingofdresden

I'll just let you find this one on your own. It'll be worth it, trust me.


Reddit | MeatheadMilitia

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, right?

Life Imitates Art

Reddit | GummieLindsays

Which came first, the dog or the shirt?

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Reddit | Get_Stamosed

This one's a little more obvious than most, but I doubt it was a silent occurrence, so I can't understand how none of these girls are acting concerned?

Arrested Development

Reddit | stormtripper

Quick—who are the worst people who could possibly photo bomb your picture? If you said the police, you'd be correct.

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Reddit | RemoteControlArtist

This couple looks happy together. Now, the one in the background is maybe just working through some things.

Self Care

Reddit | Trampolice

I don't know what's cuter: the little girl who thinks that the stock photo is a photo of her, or her brother.

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Reddit | ImNotLeet

My favorite weird background photos are the ones that make absolutely no sense. Why is Mr. Monopoly in congress? Who knows???

Falling For You

Reddit | GallowBoob

Could you like, wait till after my ceremony to pass out? Jeez.

Alphabet Soup


I'd really like to talk about this photo...but first...can we please talk about this guy's username?

Devil's Night

Reddit | bannedforlife

Let's just, um, crop this one for the photo album.

Love At First Sight

Reddit | woody1130

I wish we had a second photograph to prove my theory that the little boy totally attempted to take a bite out of this man's dessert.

Pip Pip Cheerio

Reddit | jaydetaylor

That'a a nice picture! It's almost like...wait...wait is that...the Queen?

Fish Are Friends Not Food

Reddit | sloppyFarts

Don't look behind you kid...

A Whale Of A Time

Reddit | vanillapopcorn

If we're going to rate photo bombs, that get's a solid 12/10.

Three's A Crowd

Reddit | kazaamx

Someone looks like they could use a tickle fight.

I Don't

Reddit | hayley_roll

That bebe hippo would object to the marriage if he had a chance to do so.

Part Of The Family

Reddit | moosemerrick

Get you a dog who never fails to ruin a romantic moment.

Trust Fall

Reddit | Jkoos

Proper perspective in photographs really is everything.

The End Of The Rainbow

Reddit | danorm

What? Your dog doesn't poop rainbows?

Me vs.The Girl You Rebounded With

Reddit | A_fish_called_tiger

Don't get mad at me, I'm just spilling that truth tea or whatever the kids call it.


Reddit | BryanwithaY

Which Cirque Du Soleil performance is this?

Chewy Get Us Out Of Here!

Reddit | lolarsystem

"How was the steak?" "A little chewy actually..."


Reddit | WatermelonPOWAH

Some of us are just born to be in the spotlight.

Fun And Games

Reddit | leahkray

If you have a brother, you'll relate to this photo on a spiritual level.

Window Shopping

Reddit | ninimeow

Okay but why does this look like Brad Pitt walking down the TIFF red carpet???

Fight Or Flight

Reddit | ctfatt

Can we get an explanation here? Some back story? Events leading up to this altercation? Hello?

Right Side Up

Reddit | Htxbia

As stylish as the front-and-center kid is, let's move our attention waaay back to the kid doing a complete head stand.


Reddit | elWeeg

This post right here was about the worm.

I mean, sure. On average, that's a pretty big gummy worm.

But can we talk about the toenails PLEASE???