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11+ People Who Weren't The Masters Of Deception They Thought

Even if you despise liars more than anything, it's still not hard to understand why people do it.

Whether it's to get out of trouble or trick someone into giving us what us want, we can't pretend that we haven't come across some big opportunities to cook up a whopper.

But sometimes, it's honestly baffling that people even bothered to lie. Sure, we can follow the logic of the guy who claims to have wrestled seven bears if we recall that attention-starved kid whose uncle totally worked at Nintendo.

But it takes a special kind of guts for people to take their strained relationship with the truth to the internet, where people can quickly and easily prove them wrong.

Hopefully, that's a mistake the people on this list will learn to stop making.

If you come across this ad, don't follow its instructions.

Reddit | PJChloupek

Apparently, you can get away with putting up misleading directions if you state what swiping up actually does next to the arrow.

Tsk tsk.

If this seems a little confusing, the picture on the bottom right shows where the navy blue text bubble claimed to live.

Reddit | StoneyMutt

It couldn't possibly be that they just took that photo off a real estate listing and started playing make believe.

No, it's the realtors who are wrong. Obviously.

While it's not impossible that that this person managed to kick multiple long-term drug addictions by 16, it seems really unlikely.

Reddit | rogueShadow13

And it's especially hard to believe when it's paired with a claim that they found an employer who totally ignored child labor laws, but still honored the minimum wage.

This person's in luck because they found exactly the feedback they needed after they "made" this sushi.

Reddit | HandsomePeasant

Now that they realized they can skip the step where they presumably manufactured the sushi's packaging, the whole process should take a lot less time.

Alternatively, they can stop lying. That's a good tip too.

I don't think anyone has thwarted more attempts to be cool than parents.

Reddit | Purdahhulk

Whether they're showing potential partners the kid's baby pictures or confirming that their totally rad stay in the hospital was the result of "a runny poo," they always bring us back down to earth.

In this case, with a thundering crash. Ouch.

As far as commenters are concerned, this is the cleanest, most photogenic motorcycle accident they've ever seen.

Reddit | Corzare

And despite the influencer's claims, the perfectly framed products in the shot with the labels clearly visible didn't strike them as a coincidence either.


It looks like this label is having a bit of an identity crisis.

Reddit | Droyk

As far as anybody can tell, nobody's invented a way to make juice that's both 100% juice and 27% juice all at once.

For one thing, why would anyone want to?

Not only is "0% off" about as unattractive as a sale can be, but even that's not really true.

Reddit | PharaohVII

Technically, it would've needed to remain priced at $79.99 to be 0% off. If anything, we're into the negatives here.

Unless this person designed that shirt for Macy's, they're probably not being completely honest with us.

Reddit | Crunchboks

And if they had, you'd think that would have come up in their little flex here.

I could kind of understand if they found it at a thrift shop, but this shirt was mass-produced. Somebody was going to find out what they did here.

This rapper's theft of cover art was so blatant that the metal band it actually belonged to left them an Instagram comment.

Reddit | EyedDoubloon

And considering that this person didn't even remove the band's logo from the image, they can hardly be shocked that Cattle Decapitation found out about this.

I know the metal font is hard to read, but still...

Yeah, I'm guessing that the girlfriend found out what this dude was up to and made a few edits.


At least, I don't imagine that we're looking at someone's bold strategy of being incredibly up-front about cheating.

I doubt it would get a person many matches.

Not that anyone would be fooled by a million dollar bill, but this still feels like a weird thing to do.

Reddit | ReptillianArmy

If I see what I think is a $100 bill in the distance only to realize that someone got my hopes up just so they can judge me, my next thought isn't going to be, "Boy, I should really visit their website!"

This sandwich design may fool a lot of people, but it won't do it a second time.

Reddit | velvetmotel

So while it may feel like a stroke of evil genius in the moment, businesses usually need repeat customers. Good luck with that.

Whenever I'm surfing social media, I always marvel at the number of car selfies.


We can debate the dangers of talking on the phone or texting while driving, but I think we can all agree that taking a perfect selfie while driving is definitely not paying attention to the road.

And if you're going to pretend you're stopped in traffic, don't wear reflective sunglasses.

Sometimes the lie is so silly that you wonder why they even bothered.


If it's your new favorite picture, why are you trying to make excuses for why your face is covered in it?

Does the whole fake picture actually work for these people (when they don't give it away in the screenshot)?


Like, if they believe the other person will only meet them if they're hot, do they then think that when an average-looking dude arrives, the date will just not notice?

In a world where systemic discrimination is a battle still being fought, why would you think this is a good idea?


Presumably, they had to be hoping to get the school in trouble, but thankfully, they didn't do a very good job of hiding their fakery when taking the actual pic.

This is just a tacky attempt to get in on a trend.


It really is a bad photoshop job, and choosing a pic from a heavily publicized event is just asking to be caught.

Just so you can maybe sell a couple more of your MLM diet supplements. Did she plan to slap a Meghan sticker on the box to make them "limited"?

Damn those watermarks and their habit of proving the pic isn't actually original!


Maybe the mom was sharing a meme and the kid confused it, but how likely is that compared to just making the whole thing up?

If you're going to make a joke, just be sure you have the higher ground.


I get it. People who brag about having read classics — especially those that are common on the school curriculum —are annoying, but if you're going to argue that everyone's read something... perhaps read it.

Why yes, use a screenshot from a massively popular movie adaptation of a massively popular book series to peddle your anti-abortion message.


No one will possibly notice, right?

Heck, even if they didn't recognize it as Voldemort, that "fetus" bears very little resemblance to what a baby actually looks like.

Don't put words into kids' mouths. Especially when their parents are on your Facebook friends list.


You see a lot of posts where people claim their toddler said something profound and they're often very fake-sounding.

Yes, kids occasionally blow our minds, but it's usually in a simple way and not in sound flowery, formal language.

Here's another case that's baffling.


Classmates often friend and follow each other on social media and there's a whole class of students who can easily prove this claim wrong.

Yes, 5.5 days without food or water is totally safer than your standard fast. You know, the ones where you don't die of dehydration after three days.

Reddit | MyNameIsNotHenry

The idea that the guy would just feel a bit weak and still be able to work is ludicrous.

Faking credit on artwork is a big pet peeve of mine and this one's particularly bad.

Reddit | chihuahua_warrior

Scribbling a "rough sketch" doesn't prove anything, especially when it's easy to just google and see the exact image from the visual novel.

Some people may think responding to bad reviews isn't good form, but I am 100% for it. Context is important.

Reddit | miilzyyy

Note that in the whole response, the pizza place never says that the original pizza wasn't messed up. That happened, but instead of letting them try to make up for the error, she apparently wanted more, then freaked out when they wouldn't make an exception.

Is it true that many female artists, especially ones of color, have been overlooked throughout history? Yes, and it's a serious oversight.

Reddit | Jacobawesome74

But a rant based on completely false information is not the way to go about it. Mahieddine's work is lovely and deserves recognition, but she wasn't even born when Picasso and Matisse were at their peak.

Pro tip: if you're going to fake comments that agree with your opinions, don't forget to log into your other account first.

Reddit | zinnosu

He's complaining about Stranger Things, FYI.

He also apparently forgets Lucas exists, since he specifically says "every white male".

The first rule of cheating is to not tell anyone you're cheating!

Reddit | -Abeam-

And definitely don't make a YouTube video all about how you did it so that 282K people know you did it.

If I'd watched that video, I definitely would have sent the link to those in charge of the exams.

Speaking of just advertising your crimes.

Reddit | imfreezingrightnow

Yeah, it's totally cool that you used a super old shoplifting trick to steal bleach and hair dye. Glad you're proud of yourself.

If you're going to fake a review to make up for a bad one, maybe make sure you weren't the waiter.

Reddit | rayniidayes

It's often hard to remember the faces of servers, but when you're having a bad experience, you definitely remember it.

It's like people don't realize that you can see every post a Redditor has ever made.


Ultimately, this is a pretty harmless fake post, but why even bother doing things like this when the truth is a click away?

When planning a crime, maybe skip the bean dip.

Reddit | M1ssy-

It's a shame the guy was hidden, because the look on his face when he realized it wasn't of the silent, but deadly variety must have been priceless.

If you're going to pretend an animal is yours, maybe don't choose one from a long established meme.

Reddit | MrBeepBox

It's not quite as bad as claiming Grumpy Cat as your own, but it's still dumb. Especially on Reddit, where people are very familiar with memes and viral images.

Why would this guy suddenly pretend to hate a game he clearly loved at the time?

Reddit | FapFappityFapper

Not that you can't change your opinion in three years, but that was some over-the-top praise.

Turns out that the new game isn't an Xbox exclusive, so now that publisher is dead to him.

That dog is adorable af. You don't need to lie to get more upvotes.

Reddit | maia6621

It's r/aww! That pic is the definition of awwwwww.

It's also not their photo or their dog.

Fun fact: turning your head like that while swimming can actually slow you down.

Reddit | honestly_and_blunt

It definitely won't help you "make sure [you] would win." That hashtag just makes the whole thing dumber.

Could have just gone for an actual hike, just sayin'.

Reddit | QuirkyWolfie

This girl's own sister exposed her for trying to fool her Instagram followers into thinking she went on an actual hike. In reality, the pics were taken in her own backyard, and I'm sure she went right back inside once the photo shoot was done.

Did you actually just try to lie about the Mountain?

Reddit | _teestep

This Instagram page got called out by Game of Thrones actor Thor Bjornsson for making up some serious lies about his family tree. You gotta be pretty bold to make up something about the same guy who squashed someone's head like a watermelon.

Impressive acronym, but no, sorry.

Reddit | undercvermartyn

I'm just glad the official Merriam-Webster dictionary was around to set this poor person straight so they don't think the word "news" actually has to stand for something.

That would have been a super powerful story if it were actually true.

Reddit | Laughtrac_

This just goes to prove people will make up stuff about anything if it means taking an otherwise unremarkable picture and turning it into something that will hopefully go viral.

Fishing for compliments only works if you aren't still Facebook friends with your old classmates.

Reddit | PolarLight

Everyone loves an "ugly duckling" story, but you can't just pretend to have one in order to make people think you're blessed to be so "hot" nowadays.

We need answers, Obama.

Reddit | Dev192

You have to admire this guy's seriously misguided confidence. But perhaps someone should have given him a little history lesson before he went on TV.

I don't know how they ever expected anyone to believe this, their profile is public.

Reddit | wup_dizzle

Let's just take a moment and say a quick "thank you" to the people of the internet who are always ready to call out someone who's trying to make up lies to future their anti-vaxx agenda. We salute you.

This one just makes me really uncomfomrtable, to be honest.

Reddit | tsunadehokage

Who would ever think it's a good idea to steal a picture of someone else's baby and post it as their own? That's just next-level creepy.

Do people forget that you can reverse-search images on Google?

Reddit | Zadet607

The worst part about this is that this person probably had a bunch of anti-vaxxers sharing that picture because they genuinely believed it was true.

Nice try, but no.

Reddit | Masterrrrrrrr

This person tried to insist a bar hands out drink straws based on what the bartender thinks of the person they're serving them to. An elaborate and wildly unnecessary scheme, but ultimately untrue.

I had no idea my Fitbit was vintage??

Reddit | iC0nk3r

Personally, I love with when people try to make up stupid lies but forget the people of the internet have eagle eyes and can spot their BS from a mile away.

At least Twitter found her?

Reddit | negligenceperse

So much is wrong with this guy's lie. First of all, what was he doing in the bathroom with this girl? Second, if she asked him to take a pic of her, why is it on his phone to post? This lie was doomed to fail from the start.

Stealing weight-loss pictures is actually a huge problem on Instagram.

Reddit | 773202

Different weight-loss pages will attempt to either pass of these transformation pictures as being the result of some "lost weight fast!" pyramid scheme, or people just simply steal other people's evidence of their hard work and try to pass it off as their own. Both are disgusting.

Either this guy is lying or the person he slept with lied to him.

Reddit | DeterminedDoge

Either way, I'm impressed whoever the liar was thought that anyone would believe scientists quietly came up with an anti-herpes vaccine without anyone else in the world finding out.

So what is the truth, Gabbie?

Reddit | yandere_chan317

Gabbie, the YouTuber behind the channel The Gabbie Show, got called out by her own loyal followers after apparently forgetting her own advice and shaming people who suggest drinking water before snacking. At least she knows some of her fans watch her videos really closely.

When somebody is this bad of a liar, it's hard to even get mad at them.

Reddit | isubucks

The fact that they claimed this couch hasn't seen any pets when there's literally one right behind it inspires more pity than anything.

Like, the cat's not even in a corner or something. They couldn't have missed it!

I'll admit this is one of the subtler fakes I've seen, but I think they forgot something.

Reddit | Very_good_food-_-

Apple has always taken pride in the fact that their logo is an apple with a bite out of it, but this counterfeiter somehow missed that memo.