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20 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Show The Difference Between Cats And Dogs

Whether you're a cat person or a dog person (or you love them both equally), you'll have to admit that they're pretty great in their own ways. But they couldn't be any different.

These hilarious tweets and images show that cats and dogs are as different as, well, cats and dogs. But that doesn't mean they can't get along!

We domesticated dogs thousands of years ago.

I'm not sure it went exactly how it does in the tweet, but it's probably close enough. Amazing how we turned dangerous wolves into creatures that could help us hunt, and in turn into lovable pets that want nothing but to see us be happy.

Cats, on the other hand...

I'm pretty sure they think they domesticated us. And to be honest, they're probably right. We really have no business owning cats, and yet I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dogs are just so relatable.

Do you ever walk in on your dog sleeping in the most uncomfortable position and think, "same"? I swear, there's nothing more relatable than a dog that looks like it's given up on life (or the day).

Meanwhile, cats are slightly demonic.

But we all already knew that. Don't worry, though; cats are pretty relatable too. Just in very different ways. Both when they're being lazy, and when they're showing off the secret demon that lives inside them.

Sometimes, you have to worry about a cat bringing a mouse or bird home. Dogs, meanwhile...

I don't think they bring cows home all the time, but a dog is probably more likely to do this than a cat. Either way, you aren't going to want this new addition to the family.

Cats tend to have better coordination for sure.

I don't blame that poor doggo for absolutely failing at this challenge (in the most adorable way), but the cat just has the advantage. You don't get a reputation for having nine lives by crashing into everything, after all.

Dogs tend to love encouragement.

I feel like you'd never have to stand by your cat to make sure they eat their food. I'm... pretty sure you don't have to do this with most dogs either, though. Pets are weird.

Cats also tend to care a lot less than dogs.

Those dogs did a good job avoiding the imaginary void. The cat, on the other hand... embraced the void in a way only cats can. No matter how you look at it, though, every pet in this video was super charming.

This one probably sums up each pet's strengths.

Dogs are so great at picking pieces of food up from the floor like a vacuum. Cats are really great at knocking things down. Put them together, and you have an unstoppable team.

We don't talk about cat breeds the same way we talk about dog breeds.

To be fair, it's probably a lot easier to guess a dog's breed when you see them at the shelter than it is a cat's breed. But there are plenty of cat breeds! Tabby, ragdoll, Scottish fold... uh...

Would you ever see a poster like this about a dog?

I'm having a really good time imagining this person's cat breaking into people's houses, eating their food, and then getting sick because they stole food. A dog would probably only steal food at home.

Cats tend to have expensive taste, too.

Don't get me wrong, some dogs are picky too. But you can usually get a dog to at least drink water out of a bowl. Some cats need to feel like royalty with their special cat fountains.

Thankfully, neither cats nor dogs have thumbs.

Dogs are like that one grandparent who texts you randomly to tell you to have a good day and remember a sweater. Cats are like the teenager who texts you from across the room to ask what's for dinner.

"Dig in Mr. Mittens."

This made me laugh out loud. But just because a cat would totally try to eat you if you died in your house doesn't mean cats don't care about us. They're just being practical. Right?

Needless to say, cats have a reputation for being evil.

To be fair, some cats really are evil. I think most of them just like to be left alone, though. If you cat wants attention, it'll come find you. At an inappropriate time, probably.

Dogs may command a little *too* much attention at times.

For a good chunk of dog owners, you literally can't eat ever without feeling incredibly guilty. Why do dogs have to stare at us with those big old eyes, trying to get us to feed them from the table?

Cats can be a lot sneakier than dogs.

Their size and flexibility sure does work in their favor. Dogs are very smart, too, but I doubt a dog this size would be able to figure out how to get out of that playpen without the owner's help.

Why do people name their cats and dogs so differently?

Some people are really out here naming a purebred dog they got from a reputable breeder for thousands of dollars things like Fido and Spot.

Then you have cat owners, who definitely don't take their cats' names seriously enough.

Who said cats can't make friends?

Dogs may try to bring cows home, but cats will befriend random marsupials in the neighborhood. This is definitely a lot better than waking up to a dead bird on your pillow, though.

"Always wear your thinking cat."

This, I think, perfectly sums up how different cats and dogs are from each other. Dogs always look happy, while cats always look a little grumpy. But don't worry, whether you have a dog or a cat, you'll have a pet who loves you for sure.

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