20 Pics People Shared Because They Show Something Out Of The Ordinary

The coolest pics on the internet don't have to be heavily Photoshopped or show something outrageous. Sometimes, an everyday item can be kind of extraordinary. You know, when there's something about it that's out of the ordinary.

The people who shared these pics did so because they found some mildly interesting things. Nothing outrageous, just good, clean entertainment.

"My oven got a firmware update."

Nothing says 2022 quite like appliances that can connect to the internet. It's so strange to think about how pretty soon, every electronic we own will be part of a smart home. Let's just hope they don't decide to destroy humanity someday.

"This massive cheese aisle in a Wisconsin grocery store."

I guess they don't call Wisconsin the Cheese Capital for nothing. Still, that's an absurd amount of cheese! Do you think Wisconsinites go out and buy that much of the stuff during their weekly grocery runs?

"Garlic… but each one is a single clove."

It's funny enough when this happens to one garlic bulb. But for every single one to have no cloves? That's just... strange, to say the least. On the plus side, it's not like all that garlic is going to stay in the fridge for long.

"Found a pair of glasses ingrained with a tree while cutting wood."

There are plenty of things that get caught in tree trunks that don't surprise me; signs, golf balls, chains. But a pair of glasses? That's a new one. There's no way the pair wasn't left there by accident.

"The potato chip found in my lunch."

That potato chip looks pretty miserable, to be honest. I don't know if eating it would make it feel better or worse. Does it want to be put out of its misery or not?

"The amount of squirrels in this tree."

At first, that just looks like there are a bunch of strange lumps on the tree. But each one of those strange lumps is, in fact, a squirrel.

Did... did OP stumble upon a squirrel convention?

"This wall looks like it holds rare item in game."

The gamer in me has a sudden urge to knock down that wall and collect whatever's in the treasure chest on the other side. But there probably isn't anything there to begin with. Right?

"This puddle my friend found on his morning walk."

This puddle looks more like a weird geode, or an oil slick or something. But it's probably just frozen water and mud.

I've never wanted to jump on a puddle more in my life, though.

"Ground Cloves found in Nan's Cupboard. Turns 29 this year."

I dare you to go through your pantry and find the oldest thing in there. We probably all have a decades-old container of something in the back cupboard. Who even knows where they came from.

"License plate suggests flatulence where I think they hoped to infer the death of fossil fuels."

See, this could go either way. On one hand, it is a Tesla, so this person definitely doesn't pump gas into their car. But I could totally see someone out there getting a fart-related vanity plate. For fun.

"A tree I came across while mushroom hunting last season."

It's amazing how a tree can be completely hollow like this, and still standing. For all we know, that tree's still alive, which would be really impressive.

If it were a bit bigger, it would make a pretty neat shelter.

"In a multitude of cinnamon cereal squares, a cinnamon stick emerges. Damn near stabbed a hole in the roof of my mouth."

On the plus side, it looks like it's still edible, and not like a gross clump of cinnamon or something. Just make sure you don't end up stabbing yourself with it.

"Two words I never thought would appear next to one another."

Today I learned that there are jigsaw puzzles out there that smell like lavender. That could either be one of the most genius ideas in the world, or one of the worst.

"Main office entrance is closed for repairs so we have to use the service/delivery entryway... I would love to know who found this out the hard way."

If you have to warn your employees about raccoons that may be hanging around the back entrance, you've already lost...

"This absurdly huge whisk."

Even though this is definitely meant for some industrial-sized factory mixer, I'm having a lot of fun imagining someone trying to use this whisk as a hand tool. It would probably be way more trouble than it's worth.

"Bacteria got through this minuscule crack in glass bottle of pasta sauce."

All it takes is a minuscule crack. Mold and bacteria is pretty small, so don't think it won't find a way into containers eventually.

Good thing this person checked before dumping that on their dinner.

"Fire hydrant’s water froze while pouring out."

I guess it was so cold, the pipe to the fire hydrant burst. And then it got even colder, which made the water that spilled out of the hydrant freeze. It's kind of cool, even if it's going to be a pain to clean up.

"A friend got some new glasses… with heels."

These are so random, yet so cool. I wonder if the little heels help to keep the glasses on this person's friend's ears more easily. Either way, it's definitely something people won't see every day.

"This place is Stonehenge but made entirely out of old cars. It is appropriately called Carhenge."

Sure, Carhenge may be a really funny and clever name, but do you think people flock to this site during the summer and winter solstices? Honestly? Probably.

According to OP, it's in Nebraska.

"This dude on the construction team i work with at the airport collects zipper pulls he finds on the ground. There are 4 more of these cables full."

I really hope that the people who lost these zipper pulls didn't also lose half the stuff in their suitcases, but who knows. At least this guy has a pretty neat collection out of them.

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