19 'Universally Beloved' Celebrities That Some People Still Can't Stand

Unless you're Betty White, Dolly Parton, or Bob Saget, it's pretty much impossible to be everyone's cup of tea.

People will always find something to complain about eventually. Even "universally beloved" celebs are fair game, as proven in a viral Reddit thread where users named celebs they can't stand.

Come see who shockingly made the list!

Paul Walker

While it feels wrong to speak ill of the dead, this is one celeb some people can't stand.

One Redditor said that Paul was a jerk on the set of the 'Fast & Furious' movies. They wrote that Walker didn’t talk to anyone except the director and other actors. He would also allegedly take the cars for joy rides without permission.

Zac Efron

"Worker at a hotel where they were filming a movie and Zach efron was there. Treated us like doormats and was completely belittling. Made a housekeeper cry. [expletive] that guy." - u/samiam871 Not cool!

Demi Lovato

This Redditor used to be a diehard fan until the infamous froyo incident of 2021.

As someone who can't eat sugar or gluten, the Redditor wrote that it was sickening and enraging how they were willing to destroy a family business that caters to a wide audience.

Will Smith

"People hate on his kids, but if you listen to how he talks to/about them, it’s a wonder they came out functioning at all. As someone with abusive family, it squicks me the [expletive] out.

That, and the constant articles about his and Jada’s sex life." - u/darthvadersbanana


Although he seems like a big teddy bear, one Redditor faced the former NBA star's wrath when he came into the store they worked at.

He was looking for a cord to go from his phone to a TV in his tour bus. But when they didn't have one, he freaked out until security calmed him down.


"I was a teen in the nineties and used to watch her show, if you revisit that show now it is so problematic and body shaming and consumerist. She also is to blame for Dr Oz and Dr Phil." - u/cornflakegrl

Jackie Chan

"Jackie Chan is actually known to have several mistresses, illegitimate children, and is a complete sellout to the city that he started from (HK), courtesy of being a pawn of the CCP." -u/MechCADdie. He also allegedly kicked his daughter out for being gay.

Maya Rudolph

We're so used to the SNL actress being funny that it's hard to imagine her being mean.

But she was apparently nasty to this Redditor at their jewelry store. Since they didn't agree with Maya's thoughts on diamonds, she went out of her way to embarrass the Redditor in front of everyone.

Kevin Hart

"Not only is he not funny, and most of his comedy is just being loud, but he cheated on his wife, while she was pregnant with his child. He's obnoxious as [expletive] and I don't get why people like him." - u/iftheronahadntcome


Brace yourselves, Rihanna stans!

This Redditor who saw her at the 02 in London said that the singer showed up two hours late for her concert, sang a few songs badly, and looked bored. Half of the concert ended up missing the last train home since the show ran late.


"She has a habit of plagiarism. I don’t dislike her, I’ll enjoy her music if it happens to be on, but I don’t think she is the Second Coming, and I wish she would credit the artists she borrows ideas from BEFORE they have to call her out on it." - u/RunRunDMC212

Tyra Banks

We've all laughed at that meme: "I was rooting for you we were all rooting for you." But there's a dark story behind it, pointed out by this Redditor.

They wrote that she was rude to the poor girl in the clip because the contestant didn’t cry when she was leaving America's Next Top Model.

Ariana Grande

"I hope she eventually speaks out against the way children are sexualized in media. Because she was a prime example not long ago. Instead, she seems to have cozied into that imagery lifestyle." - u/ Chris_Nash

Chip and Joanna Gaines

While some find this couple super wholesome, others can't stand them. For instance, this Redditor believes that they ruined house décor.

Every house on their show looks the same, they wrote, with the grey floors, grey walls, and open floor concept, etc.

Carrie Underwood

"I can’t even really put my finger on it. She just seems so fake. Also, she always has this look on her face like she’s smelling [expletive]…even when she’s smiling. Her voice actually hurts my ears." - u/KSickles318

Neil Degrasse Tyson

While no one can deny that he's a fantastic educator and scientist, he may want to work on his personality.

When this Redditor saw him live, they found that he had such a big ego. "Completely came off as being 100% full of himself."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

"I actually enjoy The Rock as an actor, but his offscreen personality reeks of selling out. I think he realized he’s “The Guy” right now and can pretty much put his name on any product or movie and make a killing. Do I blame him? No, but it’s incredibly annoying and has made me like him much less." -u/BumCockleshell

Leonardo DiCaprio

"If you really fell in love a woman that’s half your age, fine. But if the only category of people that you are willing to date is women in their early twenties, even though you are almost 50 now, this really makes me doubt your character." -u/dodekagon

Zoë Kravitz

While she's poised to be Hollywood's next mega-star thanks to her role as Cat Woman in The Batman, her reputation isn't doing her any favors.

One Redditor said that she was snotty and pretentious when she came into the store they worked at.

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