Betty White Suffered A Stroke Days Before Her Death

Betty White is a household name, and for good reason. Though she has passed away now, people will always remember her for not only her roles on television and film, but for the classy and mostly, hilarious way that she acted in real life.

When she passed people all over the world mourned her death. Now, the cause of her death has been revealed.

Betty White was weeks away from her 100th birthday when the news broke that she had passed away.

Needless to say, people all over the world were heartbroken to find out that the television and film star had left us.

Betty White was an icon long before her passing, and people will always remember her that way.

Considering she kept talking about how she was in such good health before her passing, fans were shocked to hear that she had passed.

As it turns out, according to TMZ, Betty White had suffered from a stroke about a week before she passed away.

Her cause was listed on the death certificate as a cerebrovascular accident, which is what happens when there is a loss of blood flow to the brain.

When January 17th rolls around this year, people will still be able to enjoy a movie in her honor, but it will definitely be more bittersweet than they were expecting.

Betty White: 100 Years Young -- A Birthday Celebration which stars many of her friends, including Ryan Reynolds will still be going forward.

Needless to say, losing Betty White was a great, great loss.

But we will always remember the hilarious moments she brought on television and to film. She did something not many others did.


h/t: TMZ