18 Funny Coworkers Who Made Work A Bit More Bearable

We all know that humor can make the day pass by faster. Am I right? So if you're lucky enough to have a coworker who makes you laugh all the time, it must be absolutely awesome.

These folks do, and they have graciously shared with us just how much they enjoy working alongside their funny counterparts. Check this out and laugh.

1. This Awesome Walmart Lady

Meet Charlene — she's a Walmart employee extraordinaire. This funny lady often poses for pictures that the local Walmart posts on their Facebook, and I, for one, am grateful for her. She must be a hoot to work with, eh?

2. This Highway Sign

Yes, you tell them. It's about time people learn how to share. Isn't it so annoying when some folks refuse to let others in when highway lanes merge? I mean, you're all going in the same direction, so be nice.

3. This Humor In Times Of Corona

I bet there are still some smartasses that try to do both just to defy this sign here. Am I right? But I do admit both actions would be pretty funny to see, ha, ha!

4. This Fun With Signs

This person with a slightly odd yet fun sense of humor used to amuse themselves by leaving fake hazard signs around the office. I don't know about you, but I think we need more people like these.

5. This Googly Eyed Monster

"My coworker bought googly eyes and is putting them everywhere."

Ha, ha, I forgot how much fun googly eyes are. I should go out and get some and start putting them in grocery stores for people to find, lol.

6. This April Fool's

"Happy April Fools!! Coworkers ate eight Mayo donuts and no one’s said anything yet...."

OMG, what? I don't know how I feel about this. If I was one of those people who ate it I don't think I would be all that happy about it.

7. This Good-Bye Cake

"My former coworkers were so supportive towards me changing jobs, they got me a cake!"

Aww, how nice of them. I bet they're really jealous that you're off to bigger and better things, and they're still stuck there, lol.

8. This Tit For Tat

"Every year, me and my coworker always troll each other. This year I printed wallet-sized family photos for the whole team. I’ve printed out 8x10, 5x7, and wallet sizes. He said his wife hates it already! Mission accomplished."

Oh my goodness!

9. This Important Message

Fans of Ghostbusters will immediately hear this in their head while reading this sign. Ha, ha! I love that even when you're trying to send an important message, you can still be funny about it, huh?

10. This Bonding Time

"Myself and two coworkers realized we were wearing the same coat. The only option was to zip them into one three-person coat."

Ha, ha, who says construction workers don't have a sense of humor? This bunch definitely does.

11. This Fun Office

This is what happens when the entire office decides to dress up as you for Halloween. What do you think? I think they totally nailed it, eh? I hope at least the guy had a good laugh, hee-hee.

12. This Gardener

How lucky would you be to be friends with this guy here? Apparently, he routinely sends pictures like these to his buddy. I bet it must make his friend's day whenever he gets to laugh at these gardening photos.

13. This Sticker Happy Day

And they tell us there is no UFO? Well, here you have it. One totally caught on tape, lol. Let me guess. This must've been somebody from the science department, no? That would be my wild guess.

14. This Funny Labeler

This is what happens when one of your coworkers gets a hold of a label maker. I wonder what other signs they put up all over the office? Do you think anybody will notice? I hope so.

15. This Reality

What is it with toilet paper? Really? The fact that it's more sought after than a diamond ring is crazy. However, I love the sense of humor of whoever made up this display here. Give them a raise already!

16. This Office Jokester

"So they installed a new coffee machine at work and before anyone could use it, I placed this sign on it...best three hours of my life (I have the office right in front of the break room)."

OMG, to be a fly on the wall in that office, haha.

17. This Wishful Thinking

Ha, ha, it's good to know that even doctors can have a sense of humor. Let's just hope his surgical skills are better than his acting skills. You wouldn't want him to try to show off when he's cutting you open, huh?

18. This Truth Teller

Don't say he didn't warn you, hee-hee. But seriously, I wish everyone who loves to talk too much would put a sign like this on their back. Then we can all choose for ourselves whether to approach them or not.

So, are you the jokester at work, or do you leave the funny stuff to someone else, huh?

I would love to know if you ever did anything to make your coworkers laugh. I think we can all use a few more laughs right about now. Am I right?