30 People Who See Everyday Life As Nothing More Than An Innocent Side-Quest

Ah bless them, those little sausages! There are some people out there in the world who just cannot take life seriously, instead preferring to take it with a pinch of salt...or a vat of salt.

Bearing this in mind, why not distract your mind with 30 people who see everyday life as nothing more than an innocent side-quest!

"I don’t think the person who made this understands what it means when you put a line through a word like that."

That police officer looks as though he is quietly furious about how this sing has turned out, but he has already paid for this so cannot take it down.

"Who needs a harness when you've got a couple old couch cushions around?"

One roofer did throw their own two pence in, adding, "Roofer here. Couch cushions are amazing on the roof. Highly recommend, if you say otherwise you probably never tried it."

"I don't think a caption is even needed."

They really must have had to commit to doing this to jam the holder through this toilet roll like this. If only there was already a hole for them to use!

"PacSun jeans giving me confidence."

That is one hell of a bold claim to make! Although, it is nice to see a pair of jeans giving people the moral support that they need!

"How many companies do you think actually do this?

I think that this guy is really rocking the pink aesthetic! I would probably just start to deliberately forget my PPE so that I could have the pink outfit!

Did They Really Need To Change The Design Of The Stop Sign?

I feel as though this sign is whispering at me to stop, which is not really what you want from a stop sign now that I think about it.

How Have They Been Eating Their Burgers?

Once you have cooked your burger just make sure that you rip it up and roll it into a sausage shape. Anyone who eats their burgers differently are just being bloody weird.

They Really Take The Whole Sign-Writing Boss Very Seriously.

Look, their boss told them to write on the board and they wrote on the board, they absolutely nailed the brief! It is nearly Christmas, let them off!

"I found a downtown SF Easter egg."

There is a certain Italian plumber who would like to know the location of these mushrooms. Don't tell him though, he really needs to cut down on the amount of mushrooms he is consuming.

"Just a little boost to reach this gas station roof."

"They just really wanted to make sure they complied with the "three rungs above" requirement they got in trouble for before," pointed out one individual.

"What a great way to advertise a movie."

I think at this point most cinemas don't even need to properly advertise that they are showing this film. Most people going into the pictures at the moment are just assuming that this will always be playing anyway!

"I salted the sidewalk, boss."

Perhaps they were actually trying to just keep slugs and demons from being able to walk down this street? I think that it is pretty cruel if you ask me, but whatever.

"Boss ordered. Not my job to argue with boss."

It is always important to keep the snow trimmed on your land! If you let your snow grow out of control then it can start to throw up all manner of issues for you!

"There was a weird little surprise inside my sugar cone wrapper."

"I normally eat a bit of the cone before taking off the wrapper. I also normally eat a bit of the wrapper, I'm not sure I would actually get an opportunity to see this message," wrote one wrapper-eater!

They Are Just Getting Ready For The Future!

How did the person who put this up not see what they were doing? Or, maybe they were genuinely just trying to get ready for the year 2202?

Now That Is How You Fix A Wall!

"Look, boss, you asked me to brick up the wall and that is what I did."

"I kind of hoped that you would, you know, seal them a proper wall?"

"Ah, well you should have specified that."

"This chair is 211 and not 404."

The irony that chair 404 was not found is absolutely staggering. I am kind of thinking that they might have done this on purpose now. This has to be intentional, right?

"This toothbrush without bristles I found today at the supermarket."

The idea of spreading toothpaste onto this lump of plastic and then bashing it against your teeth is going through me. What a way to keep your teeth in the best possible health!

Can You Find The Hidden Otter?

That otter looks so fed up with being used for secret Easter Eggs! It is amazing how cute it looks while also looking incredibly fed up!

"On the back of a tag on a kid shirt I thrifted."

I wonder what else this could apply to. One person said that they thought this could apply to a burrito, but I cannot say that I necessarily agree with that statement.

"My girlfriend and I fought and didn’t talk for 3 days so I sent her an Amazon gift with this as the message."

Fortunately, this person went on to write, "Her and her family thought it was funny." So I guess it paid off.

"To purchase tobacco products, you must be at least two years old."

Christ, they really are getting more and more lax with the rules around people smoking, and I for one am all for it! There are nowhere near enough toddler smoking nowadays!

"I found Pac-Man in my onion today!"

I can only hope that, with ever bite that you take of this onion, the noise that plays when PacMan dies can be heard. That could get really old really quickly though.

"This bass guitar I found at a local music shop."

I like to think of this as actually being a baritone banjo. I would love to play it and hear how it sounds, like a low-octave bee I would imagine?

"Don't worry, I put the air vent in boss."

You don't really need to have a functioning vent, it is all about just having the appearances of one. I mean, it is not like they really do anything anyway!

Why Bother Checking Your Spelling?

Perhaps this is for motorbikes that have been fashioned out of old-school farming tools. They sound as though they would be really painful to ride on though, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Thanks For Making The Stairs So Accessible!

"Well, I mean, we've done most of the ramp, can they not just make it up a small amount of stairs?"

"Not really, Dave. I don't think that you understand what we're really doing here."

"Florida Man Spells School Wrong, Twice."

Spelling something wrong once is a bit of a goof, but doing it twice is unforgivable. Although, maybe he knew what he had done, but spelt it wrong again so that people wouldn't notice.

"There was an attempt to make a kitty door in a door."

I think that the only thing that is unforgivable here is those Crocs. Although, are they actually a case of something being so bad that they are actually good? I can't make my mind up.

"It was supposed to say 'Fashion Art.'"

They surely must have wanted it to say "Fashion Fart" for some reason, right? There is no way that this didn't jump out at anyone on the design team? Maybe a fashion fart is something really trendy that I just don't understand.

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