18 People Who Cracked The Code Of An Object's True Purpose

Isn't it fascinating when you stumble upon an object which purpose escapes you? What a conundrum, huh?

Well, thankfully, there is a place online you can always rely on, and I'm talking about Reddit here, haha. The popular thread "What is this thing," or "WITT," helps people solve such mysteries, and here are just a few of them I found. Check them out.

1. This Wooden Board

If you found this wooden board object in your attic, would you think it was some kind of game? Well, you would be right. It's called "Carrom Board," and it's a tabletop game that originated from India.

2. This Device Behind A TV

Somebody found this electronic device attached to the back of a TV in their Airbnb and they were concerned it might've been a hidden camera.

It is not. It's only an infrared receiver for receiving remote signals to a TV box that sits behind the TV.

3. This Weird Steel Foot

Do you have any idea what this might be? It's something called a "Daniell Cell." It's a galvanic cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. These were once used in battery development and electrical telegraphy.

How cool, eh?

4. This Boulder On A Beach

OMG, what in the heck this could be? It's plastic and hollow and the size of an SUV. Well, it's actually a large ship bumper/fender. They're used to keep huge ships from smashing into the pier. It must have washed up during a storm.

5. These Wire Mesh Screens

If you saw these at the back of a local Starbucks, would you know what they could be used for, huh? I thought they were some kind of solar panels, but they're only a trellis for plants to grow, haha.

6. This Heavy Steel Object

This one was easy for me to guess. I knew it was a press for something like a tortilla. And as it turns out, I was right. I wish I had one of these in my house.

7. This Odd-Looking Chair

Somebody left this on the curb, and a passerby wondered what its purpose might be. I had no idea, but apparently, Ikea makes this type of chair for gaming purposes. Have you used one? I've never seen it before, haha.

8. This Thing On A Roof

If you spotted this on a roof, would you be baffled too? I just found out that it's was an old solar system for heating either air or water. People installed these in the '80s to mostly get a tax credit for using solar energy, haha.

9. This Object Found By A Bed

This person staying in a hotel in England found this object attached to their bed. There are no buttons on it. The smart people of Reddit said it's an alarm clock for the deaf as it shakes the bed instead of ringing.

Oh, wow!

10. These Contraptions Over The Stove

Does your stove come with these two contraptions right above it? If it does, your lucky. Did you know they're automatic fire extinguishers? Oh my! They work by popping open when they get too hot.

I've never heard of that.

11. This Unusual Porcelain Box

Honestly, at first, I thought this was a butter dish. But I have to admit I was wrong. It's actually a box to keep your toothbrush or your razor inside. I would never have guessed that.

12. This Street Sign

Somebody spotted this odd street sign that has numbers and a barcode. What would that be used for, huh? Well, apparently, it's for firefighters, so they know where to find the nearest fire hydrant.

That's so handy, no?

13. This Door Entrance

Somebody spotted this weird contraption in from of a door in Broad Ripple, Indiana. What the heck is that? Well, as it turns out, it's some kind of dam used to stop floodwaters from coming inside.

Wow! How interesting is that, huh?

14. This Plastic Object

Somebody received this plastic folding object without any explanation, and they had no idea what to use it for, haha. As it turns out, it's just a phone/tablet stand.

I can see how that would work.

15. This Wooden Box

Okay, here I thought maybe this was some sort of wine cellar type of thing. But it is not. It's actually a sewing box. You use the posts to hold spools of thread.

What a neat idea, huh?

16. This Wire Object

Have you ever seen something like this? I have. Growing up in Europe, we had many of these. They're kind of like fidget spinners. We used them to play with them a lot. You can change the shapes by moving the parts. It's fun.

17. This Odd Pool Table

Here's the weirdest pool table I've ever seen. And it's not even used to play regular pool. You can use it to play "Bumper Pool." The object is for a player to sink all of their balls into their pocket at the opposite end of the table.

18. This Unusual-Looking Garment

Oh my goodness, what is this odd-looking garment here? The openings in the arms and legs have been sewn shut.

I had no idea such a thing existed, but apparently, it's an inflatable ironing machine. You put your garments on it and inflate it with steam to get the wrinkles out.

Amazing, huh?

I told you, these were all such fascinating finds.

I love when people discover such interesting items most of us have never seen before. Have you ever stumbled upon something you couldn't decipher? Did you see online help to find out what it was?