20 Unusual Things People Came Across Randomly In The World

It's amazing how you can find the most random things literally anywhere. Maybe you've found a weird mushroom in the woods. Or, you found a strangely-shaped piece of cheese in your salad.

But no matter what, you might be tempted to take a pic and post it online. Which is, evidently, what these people did. And we love them for it.

"This Mini Cooper with a Little-Tykes toy car theme."

Not only does this car have a toy car strapped to the top, it's also painted to look like the car. That's... well, it's certainly a choice, especially for a Mini Cooper. Then again, who am I to judge?

"Apparently my enchiladas have 2X the chicken required by the 'Chicken Enchilada Standard'...?"

I love the fact that they felt the need to clarify. I'm not sure what the "chicken enchilada standard" is to begin with, but good to know they're following it. I guess...

"Look at the size of this traffic cone!"

I've seen tiny traffic cones, and ones that were kind of big. But this one is giant! I don't really know why you'd need one that big, though; the kind of big ones are big enough, I think.

"Very sad chunk of Bleu Cheese from my salad!"

I'm not going to lie, I kind of feel bad for this little piece of blue cheese. It looks a lot like a really sad gremlin or something. But it was found in a salad, so its fate is sealed.

"This coffee confused me at work one day."

They... shouldn't have to clarify that in the first place. Unless this is a brand that usually sells nuts, but branched into coffee for whatever reason... why? Why confused all of us like that?

"I found a puffball mushroom that resembles the moon."

I love when people find random fungi in the woods. They always look so cool, or weird (or both). And this one is no exception. It may be missing a few craters, but it definitely has moon energy.

"Found a couch while hiking in the mountains today."

Finding a random couch isn't always weird, but it depends on where you find it. On the side of the road? Not weird. In the woods? A little weird, but still not rare. In the mountains? Yeah, that's just strange.

"Our ice cream had no expiration date because they congratulated a long tenured employee."

I mean, that's great for Jan O. But this ice cream doesn't have a best before date now, which wouldn't really bother me, but some people might be annoyed by something like that.

"This fallen leaf I found with an L pattern on it."

My guess is that some kind of object was on top of the leaf and branded it. Maybe it was someone's shoe. Or someone left a block on top of it. Either way, weird, but could probably be explained away.

"Really REALLY big tires I saw on my drive to work."

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what kind of vehicle needs tires that big. Some kind of construction machine? A really big monster truck? I'm actually pretty curious now.

"Last night my lamp burned out, and 3 small pieces of gold fell out of it."

I think that gold is used in small doses for electrical stuff? It's a conductive metal, after all. But it's also expensive, so I'm kind of surprised that there was gold in a lamp. Maybe it isn't the real stuff.

"Two chips in a wall that look like dinosaurs."

I'm not going to lie, that second chip (the one on the bottom) looks a bit like a hissing cat with its tail up. But also like a dinosaur. It could be either or.

"The way the snow bent my tree."

Snow may be light and fluffy as it falls from the sky, but it can get heavy, too. I've seen it weigh down a bunch of trees. None quite like this, though. This one is pretty... unique.

"One of our cows has a big 4 on it."

Cow spots are pretty random. I don't think they set out to have actual symbols or images on them, but we humans love to find things where they don't actually exist. Cool number 4, though.

"I’ve put safety pins in my ears. But a carabiner seems so heavy?"

Yeah, I'm not sure I like this. It just takes that carabiner getting caught on one thing, and this guy will have a sore ear for days. Or worse. Hopefully, this isn't a trend that'll catch on.

"What strange geology is happening to my soap?"

I can't tell if this happened because the soap is unusually dry, or if it just wasn't manufactured that well. Or for a totally different reason entirely. I don't know what to think anymore.

"How the wind blew this pinecone."

I never realized wind could be so strong, it could push a pinecone into a chunk of snow. That's... really weird, to be honest. But at the same time, it's kind of cool. Kind of.

"My new shoes have a map to Savile Row on the sole."

I'm going to go ahead and assume that the Savile Row doesn't make shoes that people wear for errands and stuff. Even just seeing the bottom of this shoe, it looks fancy. You probably only wear it for special occasions, like going to the Savile Row, I guess.

"Skip filled with discarded dental impressions, found outside an orthodontic technician’s office."

To be fair, this would be a lot weirder if this was found in any other dumpster. But I guess the dental impressions that orthodontists and dentists make don't just stay in the office forever.

"Turtles basking in the sun."

I'm guessing that's why that ramp is there. Still, this would be such a random sight to see at any point in time. You don't really see that many turtles or tortoises out and about, after all.