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People Share Their Jobs And Reveal How Much They Are Actually Paid

What do you do for a living? That's a pretty typical question. But when you're asked how much you're paid, it feels a tad invasive.

It's tough to ask these questions in the real world, but on Reddit, anything goes. That's why this r/AskReddit thread about various jobs and their levels of pay is so fascinating.


Unsplash | National Cancer Institute

"I am a paraprofessional in an elementary school. I spend most of my time in a self contained Kindergarten - 5th grade classroom of mostly "non verbal" students with autism. (Occasionally I float to other classrooms) I make around 20k a year. I love my job, but the pay is insulting."


Software engineer

Unsplash | Fotis Fotopoulos

"I just started a new job as a software engineer with 384k total comp. To be honest I don’t really know what to do with most of my money besides caring for my aging parents and saving. I feel very lucky and privileged to be here."



"I’m a farmer. My earnings are flirting with the breadline, but I have very little bills and my life is overall very happy and fulfilling. I’m talking small farm.

"Olive grove with ancient trees on the side of a mountain, a veggie patch and all sorts of fruit trees and bushes. No, I’m not in the US and I don’t receive government subsidies."


Project manager (with a side gig)

Unsplash | Jo Szczepanska

"Project Manager in the wireless telecommunications industry and I make $95k a year. I live in the Northern California area.

"I also am a part time horse photographer (because I love it) and I make an additional $20-25k at that."



Unsplash | 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

"Here, this’ll surprise some folks: I’m a librarian, and I earn right around $100K with full benefits.

"But I’m in the Bay Area, and that’s with a Master’s Degree + 15 years of experience. So it’s not all that impressive in context."


Lab analyst

"I’m a lab analyst for a microbiology lab, doing sample testing and environmental monitoring in a germ-free environment where hospital drugs are made. I make $18 an hour.

"Not bad, but the stress of the job combined with the fact that it’s on the low end of the wage of these sort of jobs means I’m looking for other options."


Package sorter

Unsplash | Chris Leipelt

"UPS package sorter at a warehouse, $22 an hour plus time and a half pay for anything over 5 hour shift in a single day (so for example one shift is 5 hours if I work two shifts in a row the second one would be $33 an hour)."


Air traffic controller

Unsplash | Beckett P

"Air Traffic Controller. Around $100k. Day-to-day, it is surprisingly routine. The real stress comes from internal politics (some external too), frequently changing rules that make zero sense, and shift work. It can also get stressful during bad weather and emergencies."


Teacher (in Zimbabwe)

Unsplash | Ivan Aleksic

"Teacher in Zimbabwe - $150USD Per Month

"Edit - Thank you guys so much for the messages and awards . Feels great to be appreciated . $150 is not enough in Zimbabwe. We’re just living by day by day like birds . Political and Economic situation is very bad."


Recycling plant worker

Unsplash | Nick Fewings

"I work at a recycling plant, I get $35 an hour to stand at a conveyer belt picking out glass

"Edit: Should have stated when I wrote the comment that I live in Australia, so that would be $25 USD roughly.

"While I have people's attention I would like to use this platform to ask people to please be mindful of what goes into your recycling bins. Diapers, food and plastic wrappers do not belong in the recycling bin."


Dumpster driver

"NYC roll off dumpster driver under a Teamster union contract. $40 an hour in January + medical and pension paid 100% by my employer.

"There’s guaranteed overtime too, so gross around $130k + the other perks. We also get a 100k severance payout the day we retire."


Carpenter (in Australia)

Unsplash | Ryno Marais

"Carpenter, $117,000 Australian dollars."


"Carpentry income varies year to year. My dad's been a carpenter his whole life basically. Good years he's making over 100k easy. Some years making 20k. Those super low years were from the big economic collapse in 2008 and the fallout from that."


Veterinary technician

Unsplash | Werzk Luuu

"Vet tech, $15/hr in Utah. Getting a raise later this month tho! Techs that work at Banfield (the vet inside PetsMart) naturally make more because they work for a corporate company. Same with VCA hospitals.

"Anyone who works for a private clinic is gonna make a little less. But then they don’t have to deal with corporate quotas and policies and all that bull. It’s a tradeoff."



Unsplash | Avel Chuklanov

"Private jet captain. Varies with overtime, but this year will be around $360k."


"All you have to do is pay for pilot training. Then pay to get hundreds of hours of flying experience. Total cost $100k or more. Then get paid minimum wage to be a new pilot at some small private air company. After 10 years you can work your way up to making decent money."


Wendy's employee

"Wendy’s Crew Member, $9 normal hours, $10 when I close. If I become an ambassador I could make $12 an hour but that’s a lot of work. I work the grill usually and they say I’m the best at it not including the managers and one of the ambassadors."


Line cook

Unsplash | Sebastian Coman Photography

"I’m a line cook / manager for a busy restaurant, and I get paid $19 an hour +tip share + profit share from two recipes of mine on the menu.

"Very easy to manage the stress, just know your station, and cook times. Sure, when you’ve got 20 Cheeseburger tickets lined up, you want it to be over, but you can’t make food cook faster."


Nuclear plant electrician

"Nuclear plant electrician 50 an hour, 130-150k a year depending on Ot/bonus. Moving into an operations role in the plant soon. I’m going on my seventh year in this position. It’s unionized and I’m at the top step. Our mechanics, I/C, and electricians share the same rates."



Unsplash | Ian Taylor

"Officer on a container ship work about 6 months out of the year and make about 120k. For the most part my job is looking out a window at some waves.

"I do enjoy it, just being on the water is relaxing. It's better as a young single guy not really having any expenses and then being off with no commitments for a few months at a time."


Toddler teacher

Unsplash | Ryan Fields

"Toddler lead teacher. Just got a raise from 9.65 (minimum wage) to 10.50 but not because I’m valued, because we’re so severely understaffed and everyone that walks through walks right back out once they learn how low the wage is. Don’t blame them one bit."


Steel worker

Unsplash | Ant Rozetsky

"I work in a steel mill that heats steel bars to a certain hardness. I get paid 18$ an hour and so far we haven’t had anyone die for a year (that’s a record)."


"Work for a family of iron foundries. We had our first death in my 11 years here 2 years ago and it was awful."


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