18 Brides Who Scored Their Dream Dress For A Ridiculously Low Price

I'm not going to lie, planning a wedding is a huge expense. There are so many things you need to keep to stay on a tight budget.

One of those things is deciding on how much you're willing to spend on your wedding dress. So I'm thrilled to see that these brides lucked out big time and scored some amazing bargains on their beautiful dresses.

1. This Goodwill Number

I didn't shop for my wedding dress at Goodwill but perhaps I should have. This woman was able to find this amazing one for only $36. Wow! Doesn't she look stunning in this gorgeous dress or what?

2. This Lovely Number

Would you say "yes" to this dress for $192? This bride did, and I'm pretty sure she's really happy about her decision here. I think it fits her like a glove. Don't you think? I love the bodice, too.

3. This Simple Beauty

Many brides end up spending thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. But some prefer to find a real bargain. This lady found a simple yet beautiful dress that fits her like a glove for only $100.

4. This Fun Dress

Who knew that you could go to a charity store and end up with an amazing wedding dress for only $34? This lady said it fits her perfectly, so she doesn't even need to alter it at all. Score!

5. This Pretty Lace

I wasn't sure what kind of dress I was looking for in terms of my wedding. Lace was definitely one of the options I considered. So I'm happy to see this lady scored a pretty one for only $35.

6. This Put-Together Look

This lady went shopping with her fiancé, not even looking to buy a wedding dress but then decided to try on some for fun. When she put this dress on, she started tearing up, so I guess she found the one for just $80.

7. This Bohemian Stunner

Any bohemian brides out there? If you're looking for a unique dress with that cool bohemian vibe, this one might be right up your alley. The lucky lady who found it only paid $120 Canadian for it.

8. This Beautiful Dress

This lady only had to spend $70 on her wedding dress. I guess it really does pay off to go thrifting for it, huh? I kind of wish that I did that now. Oh well, ha, ha!

9. This Perfect Fit

Isn't it amazing when you try a dress on, and you find out that it's the perfect fit from the get-go? That's pretty much what happened to this bride-to-be here. And she only paid $350 for it.

10. This Absolute Gem

I can honestly say that if I weren't already in love with my dress, I would be in love with this one. Somebody found this 1950s gem in a vintage store, and it's the most stunning find I have ever seen. And it was only $64! Unbelievable!

11. This Fun Number

Sottero and Midgley wedding dresses usually go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But this lady was incredibly lucky to find a dress that looks like it was made for her for only $25. I can't even believe that. Can you?

12. This Absolute Beauty

First of all, this bride-to-be is gorgeous, but the dress she chose makes her look even more stunning. And luckily for her, she found it at a thrift store for only $70. Oh my goodness. Isn't that amazing?

13. This Slick Number

I have a confession this is the type of dress that I would wear to my wedding. I absolutely love the bodice and how well it fits this lady here. And I adore how flowy it looks, too. It was only $199.

14. This Winter Beauty

This lady was planning a winter wedding, so she needed a perfect dress for the occasion. She found this gem for only $74.99 and paid a total of $121, including alterations. That's an awesome bargain, no?

15. This Stunner

Many brides look for wedding dresses with stunning back details, and this bride was no different. The fact she was able to find this incredible design for only $60 is truly a miracle. Wow! I'm pretty speechless here.

16. This Custom Number

If you're on a strict budget, you probably think you wouldn't be able to get a custom dress, huh? Well, think again. This lucky lady paid only $300 for this custom silk number. That's the cost of alterations alone.

17. This Vintage Beauty

Let me ask you: how much did you spend on your wedding dress? I'm not going to admit how much I paid for mine, ha, ha! But if you can believe it, this lady found this vintage beauty for only $3! OMG! I'm shocked!

18. This Dreamy Look

Oh wow! How beautiful does this bride look here, huh? She was able to find this dreamy wedding dress at Goodwill for a whopping $68, ha, ha! I can't get over how gorgeous it looks on her and that incredible price.

Wow! Bravo!

I can hardly believe these brides-to-be were able to find amazing dresses like these at such affordable prices. Now, I feel like I might have jumped the gun on purchasing my dress, ha, ha! Were you able to find your wedding dress at a bargain price?

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