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19 Things That Are Legal That Still Make Us Feel Guilty

There's a very fine line between illegal and frowned upon.

But those lines start to get a little blurred when it comes to things that are illegal but somehow make us look guilty.

Things like leaving a store without buying anything, going in the same direction as another person, and going for a walk late at night.

We know we're not doing anything wrong, yet we can't shake that guilty feeling! Here are 19 examples of just that.

Using both hands to put on chapstick


We've never seen someone do this (thankfully). That's how illegal this feels to do.

It's hard to even understand how it would work. Would they move both their hands in a circle? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Eating food the wrong way.

"One of the politicians in our country bit into a hotdog side ways and in the middle, like a sandwich. It was so weird that it was in the newspapers the next day. Slow news day obv, but made him look like a nutjob." - u/Inflames811

Writing an "S" from the bottom up.

Reading this might make your skin crawl or for you to feel physically angry. Writing an "S" this way just feels wrong, so let's vote to make it illegal, shall we?

Bringing food to a restaurant.

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"Very silly situation back in high school where we agreed to meet at a public space, so I cooked a bunch of frozen spring rolls for our picnic. Then plans changed, and I was snacking on spring rolls out of a Ziploc bag in a burrito place." - u/FragmentOfBrilliance

Entering an elevator full of people and not turning to face the door.

Unsplash | Derrick Treadwell

Just imagine the awkward eye contact that would come from this! It's bad enough being in a small, enclosed space with complete strangers.

Going for a walk at three a.m.

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

"Try explaining to police that you just enjoy walking at night, and watch them scratch their heads trying to figure out what crime you committed or are about to commit. Because there’s absolutely no other reason why anyone would be out walking at that time." - u/Im_on_my_phone_OK

Digging holes in your backyard at night.

Just imagine what your neighbor would think. Here's how the conversation would go:

Neighbor: Hey Ron, what are you doing? You: Oh, hey, Bob! Just doing some night digging!

Neighbor mutters "call the police" under breath to his wife.

Pulling your pants/underwear all the way down to pee at a men’s urinal.

Unsplash | Syed Umer

"I knew a kid in elementary school who did this. Normally he would use the stalls but one time he did it at the urinal and yelled "oops I'm not in the stall" then turned and made and held eye contact when I looked cause he yelled." - u/OutlandishnessNo3979

Eating unwrapped food from inside your pockets.

"I was on a roadtrip with my cousin. Probably 30 minutes after we're on the road he pulls a perfect slice of pepperoni pizza out of his pocket. It looked like it was out of a commercial." - u/IZCannon

Going in the same direction as the person/car in front of you.

This Redditor once made eye contact with a woman downtown. Fifteen minutes later, they bumped into each other again on the same bus. Then, since the Redditor's cousin lived on the same street as the lady, they got off at the same bus stop.

Doing something involving your mouth while making eye contact.

Unsplash | Bernard Hermant

"My boss used to apply his lip balm while making firm eye contact with me at the end of the day. Used to creep me out, and I'm still unsure why he did it like that." - u/Inflames811 . Eating a banana while maintaining eye contact is another weird one.

Putting ketchup on steak.

"My grandpa would put ketchup on everything including steak. When we made lambchops marinated in cream of mushroom soup (it’s really good) he didn’t understand why mom was upset when he dumped a ton of ketchup in the container and thoroughly mixed everything up." - u/ChaoCobo

Having carpet in your kitchen.

Unsplash | Catt Liu

We shudder to think of what bacteria and leftover food exist on that carpet. It's a whole body shake when imagining what would linger on a bathroom carpet. It's definitely seen some things.

Putting milk before adding the tea.

Unsplash | Rumman Amin

"I know theres absolutely nothing wrong with it but my god does it make my anxiety go to the moon. Like who in their right mind does this?! Tea should be respected." -u/vizualwarriorz08

Sitting/standing near someone when there are other spots available.

This definitely applies for urinals, as this Redditor pointed out. "Standing next to someone at a urinal even when there is an open one at the opposite end of the row." - u/throwawaylogin2099

Putting milk before cereal.

Unsplash | Nyana Stoica

This is a law against humanity and physics! You won't know if you're adding too much or too little milk until you add the cereal in, and then the cereal will likely float right to the top.

Stop responding midway through a conversation, but maintain eye contact.


"I do this sometimes, but it’s just because I’m having such difficulty finding the word I was looking for. When this happens my partner describes it as my 'face going to screensaver' while I try and find the word." - u/ReadAllAboutIt92

Standing silently at night along a forest road.

"I did that once in the moonlight while taking out trash, I turned off my light and just enjoyed the serene night. Then I hear rustling in the bush and my led light just [expletive] died, it hasn't worked since. but yeah nice night." - u/Agent2Duck

Leaving a store without buying anything.

Unsplash | Belinda Fewings

It just feels so wrong, especially after you've looked at different items. And before you leave, you give yourself a pep talk, saying "be cool, be cool" as you pass through the security bars so they're not suspicious of you.

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