20 Discoveries The Internet Crowd Was Easily Able To Identify

Finding a thing and having no idea what it is can be super frustrating. Trying to find the answers you're looking for isn't always easy, either. That is, unless you try asking the world wide web.

The people who discovered these strange things got their questions answered quickly thanks to the internet crowd. Don't you just love it when the web is used for good?

"Vessel with handle and pour spout, hooks for 6 small cups, glazed earthenware."

Reddit user raineykatz chimed in with the idea that this could be some kind of old Italian liquor jug. This is probably the closest we'll get to a right answer, and I think it's pretty good.

"Thermos travel mug handle, I'm wondering what the purpose of the cut out part is."

You know, I've also always wondered why some mugs have hollow parts in the handle. But the Reddit comments clearly knew what's what, because a bunch of them said it's for support/stability. The handle's less likely to break when it's like that. Interesting.

"Found this 'key' on the ground at work (hospital). Doesn’t match any that we’re given. Thin metal, with a small slit in the top."

According to the Reddit comments under this post, it's called a jiggler key. Apparently, it's used to pick locks. I guess if it was found in a hospital, it's probably used in case of emergencies.

"Heavy, Metal, Found in a Collection of Old Kitchen Things, HMO on the Larger Piece."

Ah yes, such a big mystery on our hands. Just kidding, even I know this one. I have a nutcracker set at home that looks just like this one. I've never actually used it, so I'm not surprised someone didn't know what it was.

"This is made of 2 wooden pieces held at the corners with a hinge. the bottom is smooth. i got this at goodwill so it had no identifying features."

According to Reddit user giocondasmiles, it's "probably a tostonera." After a quick Google search, it looks like a tostonera is a kitchen tool used to make tostones, a dish made with plantains.

"What’s this for? Metal utensil found in kitchen drawer."

According to Reddit user NickSB2013, this cool little device is a flour duster. You know when you're baking and you need to put flour on your counter to roll your dough out? Yeah, this would dust that flour in a flash. So cool!

"What is this plastic item with the inner white part being squishy almost like ear buds please? Is it an anti snore device? It is about 5cm wide."

Reddit user Iwilllieawake said:

"It looks like one of those things they sell in Asian beauty stores you wear on your nose to pinch it closed. The idea behind it is if you do it often enough and long enough you will reshape the cartilage and thus make your nose thinner."

That's... interesting.

"Gifted to me from a friend. Copper tub like thing on top."

Reddit user MrDorkESQ called this thing a dry sink. According to user e-town123, "Dry sinks had a pitcher of water and a bowl or basin instead of piped water and drain system." Must be some kind of pre-plumbing device.

"Blue, approximately half the length of a pencil. Cylindrical until the tip. What is this?"

There were actually a few Reddit users who had the right answer in the comment section, but the one given by user SchrodingersCigar was really good at explaining what this thing is:

"A spudger. Used for separating things without damaging them - like separating the glass on a smartphone for example."

"All edge grain wood, short handle, with stencil in French."

Funny enough, a bunch of people ended up finding the stencil itself. According to Redditor scottb1000, it's a "Michel Perreaux French Feedsack 12x12 Stencil."

As for the board, it's just a charcuterie board. For, like, fancy cheese and stuff.

"Metal tool of some sort. It is thin but not sharp or anything, and it is thinner toward the end. It also has parallel engravings on both sides - the top one appears to be of grapes."

Some people thought it was a letter opener, but the most likely answer is that it's a metal chopstick that's missing its matching piece.

"Metal twist with threaded ends - hair tie?"

Reddit user brock_lee found the answer to this quite easily. It's apparently a key ring. I've never seen one like this before, but it seems pretty cool. I almost want one for myself now. Almost.

"Round cast iron disk about 3" across with the numbers 89 and 420 on the face."

Some commenters thought it could be a small weight, but that doesn't seem right. Other commenters thought it could be the lid to a small cast iron pot for a wood stove, and that seems to be a way better answer.

"What is this old chair? Has foot rests, a panel in the center that looks removable, and loops under the arm rests."

Reddit user Okika13 had the right answer this time. Apparently, it's an "antique sleigh bench to be pulled by a horse..." I'm literally so amazed by internet dwellers and their ability to find the most random, obscure things.

"What is this wooden tunnel thing on a road called? Does it have a specific name? What is it for?"

I've never known the name for things like this, either. But apparently, it's just a covered bridge. Ah, I love it when the right answer is super simple. No detective work needed this time!

"Found these at a thrift store. Thought maybe skewers but they don’t see long enough."

Even though OP thought these things were something other than skewers, that's what they ended up being. Specifically, antique French ones. Or at least, that's what Reddit user Nice2gnomeU thought they were, and it kind of makes sense.

"Chain link structure with distinct sections at a concert. Concert jail? Drunk tank?"

To me, it almost looked like some kind of unfinished platform that the artist was supposed to be able to use (since it's for a concert). But the comment section is saying that it's storage for the floor seats, which makes a lot more sense.

"Red metal thing… small part screws into large part, but can’t screw in in very well (maybe thread is stripped). No markings at all. Quite light, maybe aluminium or titanium?"

Reddit user stewboo1425 said, "Looks like a pool cue joint protector." I don't know why or how they knew this super specific answer, but it ended up being right! The power of the internet is amazing.

"What is this thing? metal box with antenna and levers found in a goodwill."

It may look like a walkie talkie, but that couldn't be further from what it actually is. According to Redditor HopeHostal, this is a "Kenmore Sewing Machine automatic buttonhole attachment." It's for making buttonholes in garments.

"What is this instrument in a wooden box? Found in my garage."

A few different Reddit users chimed in with the right answer to this strange little doohickey. It's a motorized timer, sort of similar to the kind of mechanism you'd find in an analog clock. Cool!

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