13+ Times People Didn’t Prepare Well Enough

You know how the saying goes: "Fail to prepare, prepare to have your fails uploaded to the internet." I mean, I think that's how it goes?

Anyway, with this in mind, from people who locked themselves out of their flat at the worst possible moment to train stations not being prepared for cat attacks, here are 13+ times people didn't prepare well enough.

"I pray to God my kids don't turn out this dumb..."

Yeah, cheers a lot for this genius idea management! Although, it might be a little counter-intuitive!

"Hmmm. What a save Spiderman..."

There is something strangely appealing about this. Although, I wouldn't fancy being the one who had to try and get it out of the box!

"High quality planning & construction work."

"Look, I know you want a games room but that means we're going to have to..."

"Whatever you have to do, do it."

"Found this bad boy on the clearance rack. Ready to grow my extra set of arms this winter."

Pfft, this person only grows their extra arms in the winter?! I let my extra set of arms grow from my ribs all year round like a normal person!

"I have failed to prepare my son for Kintergarden."

30+ letters? I didn't realise that there were that many? Maybe I need to go back to kindergarten?

"Waited 25 minutes for this Hot n Ready..."

The store that made this was clearly not prepared for an order of this size this evening, unless this is just their extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra thick crust special?!

"Kids in Russia are well prepared for the hard life."

I feel like this is something that my dad would have let me play on as a kid and described it as "Character building."

"I think I left a window open last night, not sure."

Good God, I would not even know where to begin with cleaning this up. I think I would just crawl into bed and let the snow take me.

"Change Of Plans..."

Something tells me that a very unfortunate incident lead to the discovery that the max capacity of this building may have been slightly exaggerated!

"My wife asked how I was preparing for our first baby..."

Wow, I got a severe nostalgia trip just looking at this picture. The little piles of poop that used to pile up in the corner were the worst sight of all.

"Me: 'I'm going to take care of this thing to prove to my parents I'm ready to have a pet'. 2 hours later:"

Wow, these two pictures of this bear look like a photo of me before and after a shot of tequila.

"Medication for back pain on the lowest shelf."

They clearly have no sympathy for people with back problems in this store, they only care about "real" problems!

"My mom drew this sketch if my grandfather as a baby that turned out hilariously awful. She hated it, but I fell in love. I’m going to put the picture on a mug."

I absolutely love this drawing. I mean, I don't think that I love it for the right reasons, I just find it hilariously weird and creepy!

Think They've Got Enough Cheese?

Now, I like cheese an inordinate amount, but I think that this might be a bit too much cheese even for me. No amount of training could prepare me for tackling this much dairy.

"When you can't get home because the cat decided that a train roof was a good place to chill and won't come down."

This railway station are probably ready to deal with any incident or threat, but not ready to deal with a snoozing cat on the train.

"Working an outdoor vaccine clinic. Didn't think about sunscreen. Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face."

Luckily though, they will have the perfect way to cover this sunburn line...with the very tool which caused it in the first place!

"Long kayaking trip + belly rolls = most inconsistent sunburn ever."

I can't help but see a goofy happy face in this sunburn, but I know that the guy who has this will be anything other than happy.

"My cat brought me these tiny keys. From where? What are they for? It's going to bug me all day!"

Sure, this cat looks like it is innocently bringing you something. However, I think that cat knows that they don't really unlock anything in this house and is just trying to drive its owner mad!

"My boyfriend wanted to take a picture of that glass of wine, then my dog showed up in my window and did this."

All your dog did was make this photo way more interesting and suggest that maybe you need to cut back a little. He's concerned for your health.

"Ran over the water meter."

This can be a positive, impromptu sprinkler party! Except it never ends and the weather's kind of dreary for it.

"Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow..."

Well, now he'll be trying to clean out your washer too. Hopefully succeeding this time.

"Moved from the apartment I’ve lived in for three years to another in the same building recently. Walked past my old unit this morning and saw this on the door."

The photos a little fuzzy, so I'll confirm that yes, that does say asbestos. Many people told this person that they were safe as asbestos isn't dangerous until disturbed, but it's still a scary moment, don't you think?

Peak disappointment.

As the uploader explained, "My wife received a corporate gift from one of her partners for Christmas. It came with candy, champagne flutes, and a small bottle of bubbly. [...] When I went to open the bottle, I found out it was a candle."

"My wife and kids went across the street to play. Our dog didn't care for that."

Your dog either has some separation anxiety issues, or he hates you in particular. Either way, you might want to see about fixing that.

"Moments after arriving at the office, my shoes decided to take the day off."

That's your fault for walking through that puddle of acid on the way in when you could have stepped around it.

"Just poured my last cup on coffee today."

This is really unfortunate, but on the bright side, you didn't discover that spider by drinking it!

"My co-workers who bought the same lunch box as mine."

This just proves that you're fashion conscious, you know what's hip and trending.

Why In God's Name Aren't They Lined Up?

If I moved into a place that had this abomination in the kitchen, I think I'd just have to smash up the kitchen and start again. Just imagine looking at that every day, it'd be like having cockroaches constantly crawling around under your skin.

"I knocked my container of flour onto the floor, and this is how it landed..."

Time to use the 'slide a card under the cup' maneuver often seen when trapping bugs. Or let it all fall and have a satisfying vacuum moment.

"Man got stuck on his balcony in shorts and a t-shirt during a blizzard."

Fortunately, the person who posted this went on to say that this cold man did get back in because, "I called the fire department. They showed up with a ladder and broke open his door. Somebody also threw him a jacket while he was up there."