20 Randomly Cool Pics People Shared Of Things That Are Cool For Random Reasons

Sometimes, the coolest things you can find are also the most random. They may not be what you'd expect to see at any given time, and yet here they are, still existing in the world.

The one thing all the pictures in this list have in common is that they're all kind of random. But it's that randomness that makes them so cool.

"This spider-web looks like Spider-Man."

I mean, Spider-Man is, uhh, Spider-Man. His suit was modeled after spiders. So it shouldn't be surprising that a web ended up looking like his mask. And yet, here I am, surprised like a fool.

"This balcony has a balcony on it."

Is the balcony underneath some kind of terrace? Is it a single unit with two balconies? I have so many questions, but I don't think I'm going to get any legitimate answers to them.

"I am the only known owner of a uniform to Blockbuster's failed 1997 indoor amusement park, Block Party."

I'm really bummed out because now I know about Block Party. Since I'll never be able to go to one, I feel like I'd be better off not knowing they ever existed.

"This trash can says what it is in three different ways."

Okay, I'm not 100% sure, but I think this thing might be a garbage can. Oh, on second thought, it could be a trash bin. Or a waste basket. Or a trash can. Oh man, I'm so confused now!

"I own a mammoth bone."

I love how matter-of-fact this is. As if owning a mammoth bone is something that isn't weird or random. As if mammoths aren't extinct animals, and their bones are usually found in museums and stuff. Way to keep it casual.

"My perfectly heart shaped beetroot."

Beets and hearts have a lot in common. They both have similar shapes (well, a beet is shaped more like a love heart than an organ heart, but still), they're both red on the inside, and just biting into one would really weird people out.

"A perfect outline of my spoon on the surface of my soup bowl water."

I guess the salts in the soup and the metal in the spoon are reacting to one another? Is this a science thing? Man, that's kind of confusing, but also super cool. Not to mention super random.

"This giant binder clip used in my office."

Does anyone actually need a binder clip that's this big? Like, I'm not complaining because this is such an amazing thing, but it's still so weird. I didn't even know they made them in this size!

"This little car pulling this large bull."

Nothing to see here, just a tiny car toting a bull statue around the neighborhood. I can only assume that it's for some kind of parade float. Or maybe the birthday party of a wealthy, cow-obsessed child.

"Really long crouton in my salad."

I don't know why, but this is kind of bugging me. I get that croutons are basically just cubes of super hard, toasted bread, but this just looks wrong. It needs to be cut up more!

"A merganser crashed into the side of my cousin's house. They are rare enough to see, let alone to hit your house."

On the plus side, the bird looks like it didn't get too banged up. And we get to see a rare animal! It's basically a win-win situation (even if a bird had to get a little hurt for it to happen).

"This Marvel comic of Mother Teresa."

Is this... is this allowed? Like, I know that Mother Teresa was a real person and her stories have been told so many times over the decades, but as a Marvel comic? Does she have, like, holy powers or something?

"This mushroom that looks like a frog."

I love the fact that mushrooms, without fail, look like other things. If I didn't know any better, I might think that there was a toad sticking out of this tree somehow. Luckily, I know better.

"Wig glue remover melts Styrofoam."

To think, this is a chemical that gets applied to the scalp. Like, after you've used wig glue and want to take your wig off. But I guess human skin and Styrofoam are two very different things.

"This ball in the window of a local sports shop."

You know, Tom Hanks has had such a successful career after Castaway (and before that, too). But we never hear about what happened to Wilson. I guess the industry wasn't as kind to him.

"A historic piece of the Berlin Wall kept in my room."

As someone who was born after the Berlin Wall fell, this feels so weird. Like, the rubble itself and pictures are all we have to prove that this wall existed in the first place.

"The way my wedding ring vandalizes the left side of my steering wheel."

I mean, I guess if something is going to mess your car up, it might as well be your wedding ring. That's just proof that you actually wear it, which is nice.

"This fancy lock to the bathroom complete with code etched on door frame (The code works, I checked)."

Is this lock any better than a regular one? Probably not. But it sure is a lot cooler. In fact, we should just replace all bathroom stall locks with ones that use passcodes. Life would be so much more fun that way.

"These cereus cacti were planted by bird poop high in a palm tree about 5 years ago."

That's equal parts fascinating and disgusting! It also goes to show you that birds are really out here pooping wherever they feel like it. Such strange, inconsiderate little creatures.

"This motherboard looks a bit like a city."

This looks like the setting to any cyberpunk movie where an evil corporation is fighting against cyborg people who wear cool outfits and hack into phones and stuff. So in other words, it's super cool.

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