20 Great Ideas That Get Our Seal Of Approval

There are so many industries, committees, and teams out there dedicated to innovation and the betterment of society. They'll come up with designs and inventions that truly make the world a better place.

When explained like that, you might think I mean huge ideas that will impact nations across the world, but I also mean the little inventions that matter a lot in our day to day lives. To show you what I mean, here's a list of some great ideas that get our seal of approval!

"My local library has cake pans available to check out!"

Specialty baking and cooking devices are such a smart thing to rent out! If someone wants to make one cake of a specific shape, why buy the tray forever instead of just borrowing it? It just makes more sense this way.

"This digital bathroom sign with useful information."

Now this is it, this is the future. It gives you all the necessary info at a quick glance and lets you make whatever decision you want based off it. No more awkward walking in and out. This needs to be in every public place ever.

"My child’s toy house has both a recycling bin and an electric car charger."

Hey, there's nothing wrong with trying to introduce kids to the sweet sweet world of recycling and eco-friendly buying options! You can teach them how to sort materials and plug their car in at the end of every day early!

"My milk jug has a spot to hang a tool to slice the bag open."

Wait, there are milk bag rippers? I've just used scissors my whole life. I didn't know there were such specialized tools for it.

Meanwhile, people who didn't grow up with bagged milk are thinking both parties are out of their mind.

"My parents hotel room has a dark towel specifically for removing makeup."

I totally understand a hotel getting sick and tired of trying to wash makeup stains out of their white towels, but using a black one instead just makes me think there are other peoples' makeup stains on that instead.

Though, if you're not comfortable with other people having used things before you, you wouldn't' be in a hotel.

"This supermarket has confectionary free checkouts for parents unwilling to have children demanding that they buy some."

Kids find a way. They always do. They'll start demanding a bottle of water, or the checkout sign, or the cashier. They'll want to bring something home that they consider fun and rebellious, whatever makes them feel like they won.

"My beer has a crossword puzzle on it!"

You would think that crossword puzzles are one of the last things someone would want to do while drinking, but apparently you'd be wrong seeing as this one's filled out.

There's at least one madman out there who will do it, meaning there are more, a whole community!

"This pickle jar has a built in plastic basket with a stem so you can pull the pickles up to the top."

Someone in the comments said this has been commonplace in France for the past 30 or so years, to which I ask why is the rest of the world so far behind then? You're telling me I could have been experiencing this pleasure my whole life if I was just born in France?

"There's a public, solar powered smartphone charging station in my city."

There are so many smart, simple ways that solar power can be implemented into a modern society, it's a shame that you don't see it more often. Like this, which is easy, practical, and helpful to the public. More of this, please!

"This old school shower that tells you the water temperature."

While having the data of what temperature you like your showers at can be cool, it's also a little useless unless you're hopping from shower to shower frequently and they all have temperature gauges. I get why this was phased out.

"My local library has 'binge boxes' in the film section."

What a cute idea! It looks like they not only have complete series in there so you can watch the entirety of something in one go, but they also have movies that are similar in theme or genre. This has probably created so many nights of fun for people.

"This zipper check sign on the backside of the door of a hotel’s lobby bathroom."

There's an embarrassing amount of times that a sign like this would have saved me from an otherwise awkward situation. Well, maybe I'm just the one who found it awkward because I was the one embarrassed, but still, this is nice!

"[This] packet of pasta has a drawing to gauge the quantity of pasta [without] a scale."

Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick to the natural process of grabbing a chunk, assuming it'll be the right amount, then ending up with way too much pasta every single time. Having any less at this point would feel like being cheated.

"In mainland China they place IV fluids on trees to give them extra nutrition."

This is extremely logical and a good way to aid trees who need the extra TLC, but given the nature of IVs, this reads so clinical.

This tree was uprooted and transplanted to a local tree hospital where it's receiving treatment for its injuries.

"This elevator has buttons for your feet so you don’t have to touch the buttons."

In recent years, the significance of this has grown to preventing the spread of germs, but this is even nice for those who just have their arms full. When a design element like this can serve several purposes, that's how you know it's successful.

"This bar has a built-in chilling rail."

The comments were alight with debate on whether or not this actually worked, but you have to admit that the concept is interesting at least.

Though, I imagine most people out there are busy actually drinking their drinks before they have the time to get worryingly warm.

"My town has a bike pump permanently installed next to the bike lock-up area."

I'm surprised this one isn't more common. Bike pumps aren't exactly the most portable thing, meaning if someone gets a flat while out and about, they're just out of luck and now have to walk the rest of the way. This is a nice public service!

"My packaging foam was Biodegradable!"

This is starting to pop up more! Either biodegradable foam like this, or substituting in paper for plastic, I've even seen paper alternatives for bubble wrap! Considering how many packages are shipped in a day, this probably does a ton to cut back on plastic use.

"This picnic bench had a raised metal plate so you can use a disposable BBQ without burning the table or surrounding grass."

Today we honor all the picnic benches that have fallen due to barbeque burns in the past. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten on the path to this, the perfect way to keep all future tables safe from the harsh burns of cooking tools.

"This kid's shoes can connect to Legos."

Is it finally over? The days of stepping on Lego pieces and feeling immeasurable pain, is it done now? Can shoes of all sizes be made in this fashion? Slippers, even? Everyone deserves to be protected from those tiny plastic devils.

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