30 Hilarious Pics That Are As Funny As They Are Confusing

Not all things that are funny are necessarily straightforward! I mean, humor is a complex, multifaceted concept which takes many...urgh, I'm boring myself already, let's just get on with the bizarre and funny pics!

So, pop the kettle on, pour yourself a nice cup of some soothing green tea, and enjoy these 20 hilarious pics that are as funny as they are confusing!

"When you need to check the mooring lines of your submarine, but there's a Walrus sleeping up on the bow."

As cute as they may look, I would not be tempted to head down and wake him up by rolling him overboard. Those things can tear through other animals in no time at all.

"Meet me at the Cuth Pube later?"

What is this place actually meant to be called? Is it supposed to be The Cube Pub? If so, then what kind of name is that anyway? Nope, I think it is called the Cuth Pube from now on!

"Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on VHS."

Jesus Christ, there are now people buying flats that probably would not even know what this thing is, let alone how to play it. Just remember to wind it back when you're done.

"How am I supposed to do this? I am so confused..."

"Ah, Mr Smith, welcome back, have a seat."

"I'd rather not, if that's okay Doc. I have a bit of a problem with the prescription you gave me."

"Oh God. You didn't try to..."

"Let's just assume that I did and go from there."

"I was just trying to enjoy my shower at this Airbnb."

This guy looks like he has just about had enough of this tiny little shower! What are the people like who normally live in this Airbnb, they must be absolutely minuscule!

"Never skip arm day."

The facial expression that he is pulling alongside having that tiny little arm just makes this guy look like the sassiest man on the planet. I know for a fact that I will never have the confidence to be this sassy, so congrats my guy.

"Someone at a festival offered me a little pot."

As funny as this is, it always amazes me that there are people out there who actually make these things and take them to festivals just for one cheap laugh. It is pretty admirable.

"Schrodinger's baby.."

Either this means that the machine does not know whether they are having a baby or it means that they are going to give birth to a giant, sentient question mark. The giant sentient question mark baby could be pretty cool actually.

"What a confusing sign..."

Ah yes, York Museum Gardens. I have heard tell that people flock to this location from miles around just so they can bean children and the elderly in the jaw all day long with no consequences.

"We all party down here!"

Look, nobody needs to make clowns any more terrifying than they already are! Writing this out in blood is just like adding another head to the alien from Alien, it's threatening enough as it is without needlessly adding stuff to it.

"My boyfriend wanted to take a picture of that glass of wine, then my dog showed up in my window and did this."

Maybe this dog was trained to be an abstinence dog. No matter how sneaky they are with trying to have an alcoholic beverage, this dog will leap out and slap it out of their hands!

"My dad decided to buy a new drill on Wish. This is what has just turned up."

Ah Wish, you really do add an element of the unknown into the already murky world of online shopping. I hope that they at least found somewhere nice to hang this picture.

"This is not how to apologize."

At least the person who owns this car will not miss the little bit of damage that was done to their car. Something tells me that this may be the result of a messy break-up?

"My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere."

Cats are now so removed from having to abide by the laws of science that they are clearly now able to phase through concrete. And you though that they were difficult to get a hold of before!

"My cat is shaped like a bird."

I was completely ready for this cat to come knocking on my chamber door and do my head in by repeatedly saying "Nevermore." That is also one of the. blackest cats that I have ever seen!

"Presenting my first potato harvest from our amazing balcony garden."

Maybe, as opposed to village fetes only have competitions for the biggest vegetables, they should also do competitions for the smallest pieces of veg that people have managed to grow!

"My brother is in the wine business. At tastings if he encounters insufferable wine snobs, this is his go-to move to confuse them."

That is a pretty good go-to move. I think that the only other one would be to snort some of the wine.

"Ah yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark."

A decent rule of thumb is that if a restaurant has 'authentic' in their name, they likely aren't that authentic at all and are instead just compensating. Not knowing the correct landmarks for the country you're supposedly authentically representing really doesn't help.

"Fashion is evolving."

In fairness, one strangely practical person did add, "This would be handy for a strip club bar tender. You can still be in your underwear but you've got a belt you can hang a towel from and belt loops for keys and such."

"Our dentist passes out candy cigs and root beer for Halloween."

Both of those kids know exactly how tough and badass they look with their latest Halloween treats. Don't you even dare suggest she's laying it on a little heavy with the root beer, she'll clock ya right in the jaw for it.

"Toilet in a new build."

Is there some new-wave ideology about no longer needing privacy in your bathroom? If so, I don't subscribe to it. Bathrooms should remain sacred spaces where one is guaranteed some alone time, free from the prying eyes of whatever weirdos would want to watch them do their business.

"My girlfriend only eats 'the good colors,' and leaves the rest for me and the kids."

You know, doing this to your partner sometimes is normal, I think. That's just some territory that comes with being in a relationship, sometimes the person you're dating eats all the good candy! But doing this to your kids? That's a whole other level of cruel an unusual.

"My little brother just returned from trick or treating with a 'Ferrero Rocher'."

The trick was never supposed to be related to the candy! It was supposed to be the spookiness of your decorations or your costumes! Now you've probably gone and made some kid cry while you wring your hands in an evil manner and cackle!

"Real sign at a new development in Denver."

Oh, so there's nothing? Okay. Are you sure? You can tell me if there was something you wanted me to see, I don't mind. You're totally sure? It's no big deal, really, what was it? Oh it, like, left? Alright then, um, see you around, I guess.

"Almost drank from this bottle of WOOD POLISH disguised as a water bottle."

Packaging anything even remotely similar to how bottles of water are packaged is a dangerous, dangerous game, let alone something completely inedible that would wreak havoc on a human's digestive system. Not to mention how tiny that warning symbol is, it's like they did this on purpose!

"My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning."

There surely had to be an easier way for them to get him out than this? Although, being locked in a toilet is a terrifying experience, so I can see why they would have resorted to such drastic measures.

"Icebark, right ahead!!"

It's clear from the rest of the yard that these people have children, but I'm obsessed with the idea of them buying and building this ship just for their dogs. Pets have fantasies too, and allowing them to play them out is great engagement!

"Big steps in a toilet cubicle in a mall. Safe to say I fell as I was walking to the door after turning to flush."

Having stairs in a bathroom at all feels illegal somehow, let alone steps leading right up to a toilet. No one should need to climb in order to do their business. Though I guess it would feel rather fancy, but it's not worth the trade-off of falling when you're finished.

"Just two people holding a mirror on a beach."

They have managed to create quite an interesting picture here. Although, who wakes up and goes, "You know what we should do today? We should go down to the beach and take a big mirror with us!"

"This useless piece of fabric meant to separate the first class."

This is fine by me. I hope those in first-class feel good about spending a lot more money just to be separated by a sheet of tissue paper that doesn't prevent their eyes from being able to see the plebians that sit behind them.

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