18 People Who Took Laziness To A Whole New Level

I have to admit that when it comes to the weekend, I tend to get lazy. After all, I do work my butt off during the week, so I kind of feel that I deserve it, hee-hee.

But there are people out there who take laziness to the next level any day of the week. And you have to see it to believe it. Check out the examples below and laugh.

1. This Straight To The Point Message

You can imagine how many people abused their bathroom stay that this place had to resort to hanging up this note. OMG. That's is the funniest thing ever.

2. This Shortcut

Oh my goodness, I used to see this type of behavior where I lived in Europe all the time. It pretty much summarizes how lazy the vast population of humans is, ha, ha! It would always drive me a little bonkers.

3. These Lazy Kids

Imagine if you were a mom and came home to this? Just how lazy are these kids that they can't even put the new toilet paper on the holder the way regular people do? Seriously? Ugh!

4. This Christmas Decoration

If you're a fan of Star Wars, you'll definitely appreciate this lazy Christmas decoration here. Honestly, that's the best idea I have seen in a while, and I might actually steal it for our front porch.

5. This Painter's Solution

So this person thinks that throwing away paint roller trays is just wasteful, and cleaning them is a damn mess. So they came up with this instead. Newsflash: that's why there are actual tray liners real painters use.

6. This Garbage Disposal Idea

Who is so lazy that they can't go downstairs to throw away their garbage? This person, obviously. So instead of getting off their bum, they came up with a smart solution to their problem, ha, ha!

7. This Hands-Free Technology

You know that you're working at a place that's way too cheap when you have to resort to inventing your own hands-free technology. Oh my! That is one smart man they hired here. He deserves a raise, no?

8. This Tourist Information Kiosk

Do you remember a time when you would go to a Tourist Information kiosk and get an actual live person to speak to, huh? I guess those were the good old days, and now we get this instead. How sad!

9. This Clever Scheme

Okay, here's the epitome of laziness, ladies and gentlemen. This man, instead of shutting the light off himself, gets the cat to do it. Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I wonder if our cat would do that, too?

10. This Kitchen Hack

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! What exactly am I looking at here, huh? Did this person put their appliances on rolling plant stands so they could grab them faster? Oh wow! I would have never thought of that.

11. This Cooking Hack

One thing I don't enjoy about home cooking is the constant need to get up from my computer to check on the progress. This guy got tired of it and decided to skype with his food instead. OMG! What?

12. This Ingenious Solution

This guy came to visit his sister and was surprised to see this contraption here. So he asked what it was for, and she replied, "it's our soda can chute." Oh my! That's quite convenient, no?

13. This Generous Tipster

Being a food delivery person can be a thankless job sometimes. After all, people are hungry and cheap. However, this hungry man was lazy but not a bad tipper at all. I really dig the note.

14. This Lazy Parenting Idea

A lot of parents go out of their way to buy expensive toys for their kids. Am I right? When all you really need is a cardboard box, a crayon, and they will be happy as a clam, ha, ha!

15. This Halloween Costume

If you're ever in a pinch for a Halloween costume idea but are too lazy to come with something fast, check this guy out. Ha, ha! If you didn't realize, he's Vincent Van Gogh. Isn't that genius?

16. This Smart Kid

Check out this clever kid here who singlehandedly invented a hands-free iPad experience. Yes, work smarter, not harder. I don't know about you, but this isn't lazy at all. It looks pretty comfortable. However, he does need a pillow, no?

17. This Guy's Christmas Tree

Honestly, I think I've seen lots of people being lazy about putting up a Christmas tree. But you have to agree this must be the laziest thing you've ever seen. I'm literally rolling on the floor looking at this.

18. This Decorating Tip

Here's a clever decorating idea. This person wanted to see what a rug would look like in their living room but didn't want to spend time Photoshopping it. So instead, they held up their phone and voilĂ . Problem solved.

Just when you thought you were the laziest person in the world, I give you these folks.

I bet you feel a little bit better about yourself now, huh? Let me ask you: what was the laziest solution you ever invented? Inquiring minds want to know.