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20 Pics As Satisfying As The First Cup Of Morning Coffee

Everyone could always use a little more satisfaction in their day. Whether things are going poorly or going well, there's always a slight endorphin rush at seeing something that's definitively satisfying.

If the real world hasn't been particularly satisfying lately, feel free to lose yourself in this curated list of satisfying sights from around the world.

"Yogurt arrangement at this market."

Reddit | Palifaith

I really appreciate the thought that went into this. An employee would have to know the quantity of the yogurt they had, as well as the colors of the packaging, and have a cohesive vision of what they wanted to make.

"A few people said you might like my pizza dough."

Reddit | jimblenikrap

I could look at dough, or bread, or dough becoming bread, all day long. When it's done this cleanly, the sight is extra satisfying. Just imagine how good the finished pizza is going to look.

"The process of a penny floor."

Reddit | notGhxst

This is incredible. It looks great and is a way to get a high-quality copper floor for the price of... what, a few hundred pennies? Even investing ten bucks would get you a thousand copper pennies.

"My community just applied a new seal coat on the pavement."

Reddit | PM_ME_ASSES

You know the road is smooth when it doesn't look like a road at all, but rather some kind of unfinished texture. I'd love to bike or rollerblade along this smooth surface.

"I snapped this pic of a subway station in Toronto."

Reddit | nick_wons

I always like the subway stations that are perfectly cylindrical. It gives you an appreciation of the big tunnel boring machines that had to cut through the earth to make the stations possible.

"Seems like a good time to finally show off the spice rack I built."

Reddit | StickyMustache

When presented with an awkwardly sized dead space in your home, you can either leave it alone or max it out. Clearly the homeowner here chose the ladder. Excellent job.

"This lawn is every suburban dad's dream."

Reddit | Celt9782

I've never been a lawn guy, as evidenced by the multi-colored, clover-covered thatch of grass in front of my house. But seeing an image like this is aspirational. Perhaps I should invest in some sod.

"When constant winds and ice meet a fence."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I kind of understand this — the fence has shaped the ice, while wind has pushed it back — but it's still hard to fully get my head around what's going on here.

"The way the snow rolled down on my windshield."

Reddit | sigmar_ernir

I'm always seeing pics of this phenomenon, and despite living in a cold climate, I've never seen it firsthand. No, the snow on my windshield is never this satisfying to remove.

"Cubic window during different times of day."

Reddit | solateor

A well-placed window, one that gets a lot of natural light, can radically transform the feel of a room. Just look at how dramatically different each of these scenes is from the rest.

"Camouflage master."

Reddit | GraveBreath

When camouflage is really, really good, you don't even realize you're looking at it. With that being the case, you need to find an animal that's well camouflaged, but not thoroughly camouflaged, in order to appreciate the effect.

"Black on black VW bus."

Reddit | d3333p7

I'm used to these VW buses always looking big and clunky, in bright oranges and greens. This matte and glossy blacked-out bus looks, dare I say it, sleek. I never thought I'd say that about a VW bus.

"The arrangement of these bubbles looks like Europe and Asia."

Reddit | Stockilytake

To me, there's something calming about maps. Having a world map on the wall, or as a desktop background, helps me feel centered in the world. And when a map shows up totally randomly like this, it's kismet.

"U.S. Postal Service floor tiles."

Reddit | Haelfyr_Snoball

Odds are pretty good that the vast majority of people passing through this lobby never notice or appreciate the mail-themed tile design. But for the few who do notice, it's a fun Easter egg.

"This house on a lake."

Reddit | RampChurch

This would be a gorgeous cottage under any conditions, but this photo is absolute perfection. The overcast sky makes the colors pop that much more, and the calm water makes for a perfect reflection of the cottage itself.

"The dog I'm dogsitting looks exactly like her food."

Reddit | Captainsboot

If pet food companies aim to make their models aspirational, no one needs to worry about this dog. She's already living up to the lofty ideals of Purina's dog models.

"When your daughter accidentally breaks a mug... symmetrically."

Reddit | TheBellJarHymnal

No one wants to break a mug or a glass, but it's bound to happen from time to time. And when it does happen, at least it can sometimes be weirdly satisfying.

"The way the frost highlights the sculpture."

Reddit | shawneffel

I'm not sure if the original artist envisioned the way that frost might emphasize the features of the sculpture. In any case, it's incredible how dynamic things look with just a thin layer of frost.

"Tailoring the detail that is in retail."

Reddit | LucyandMikes-Dad

I sometimes wish I'd worked in a clothes shop during my younger years, because older me has no idea how to properly fold, or even hang, my clothes. This seems like a useful skill to have.

"Pulled this out of a very dried-up glitter glue pen."

Reddit | momtoeli

Now, there's nothing I'm aware of that can be done with ancient, dried-up old glitter. Still, there's something undeniably appealing about the way that this plug of glitter adheres to the shape of the pen.

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