15 Times Men Tried To Make Dinner And Failed

Jordan Claes

It's a bad stereotype to say that men can't cook. Just go ask the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Massimo Bottura, and Matty Matheson — they'll be sure to set you straight.

That being said, there are some of us who, try as they might, still have a long way to go. Have a look below and check out these 15 times that men tried (and failed) to make dinner.

Can I interest you in some deconstructed fried chicken?

I've never heard of deconstructed fried chicken before and after seeing this picture — I'm not sure that I want to. Not only does it look undercooked, but there also appear to be Ritz crackers mixed in for some reason.

Who could say no to upside-down Tourtière?

So I'm thinking that this guy popped a couple of frozen meat pies into the oven, turned them upside down on a dinner plate, and then decided to add a whole tomato as a garnish.

It's an admirable attempt with room to improve.

Believe it or not, this is supposed to be a caprese salad.

I think what's most important here is that you can see the time and effort that went into this...dish. Yes, it might be slightly terrifying but you know that it was most definitely made with love.

This is what's known as the salami taco.

My goodness. You're just chucking salami, jalapenos, and raw onion into a piece of flatbread, aren't you? And I'm sorry but what kind of psychopath doesn't use sauces?! You could at least throw in some mayo or cream cheese for good measure.

It takes a lot of effort to screw up this badly.

Did this person put the potatoes in the oven and then forget them for three days? Was the oven preheating to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit? Because something here isn't right. Those potatoes look as if they were just rescued from a burning building.

One sad lonely looking quesadilla.

Granted we can't see what's inside, so it is possible that this quesadilla could taste a whole lot better than it looks. That said, I still can't get past the cylindrical glob of mayo on top.

"My husband's creation, The Fart Wrap: Flour tortilla, mayo, garlic sauce, microwaved hotdogs and sour kraut."

The only thing more unappealing than the name itself is the hodge-podge ingredients that this guy slapped together and called a wrap. You've insulted the entire country of Germany without even knowing it.

Men are literal creatures. You can't leave room for interpretation.

Wow. He also sounds like the kind of guy who would stare blankly at a carton of orange juice for hours on end, simply because the label on the front said: "concentrate."

Everyone knows that guacamole, white rice, and soy sauce is the perfect flavor combination.

On the surface, yes — this sounds looks disgusting. But who knows, maybe this man had previously eaten some Mexican-style rice and thought that he was replicating something he knew to taste good? it's a reach, but I'm trying here.

Not even a child would eat this.

You know the old saying that kids will eat anything? Well, not even the hungriest, most starving child on the face of the planet would be able to look at this plate without turning up their nose.

You said you wanted a burger...

So a burger is what you got. No bun, cheese, or condiments are required. It also may not be cooked the entire way through, so you're probably going to want to have the hospital on standby.

Are you hungry or just happy to see me?

Do you know how Freud said that all human beings go through a phallic stage? Well, it turns out that he was right. This guy was even able to use quinoa to create makeshift pubic hair!

This is what happens when stew doesn't...stew?

Oh dear lord, please tell me that you didn't eat that?! I feel like I can smell it and from where I'm sitting — it stinks. I try to look for the good in everything but there's none to be found, here.

Excuse me, waiter — can I have another plate? Somebody puked all over mine.

I can't even think of something clever to write because I'm literally stifling my own gag reflex and trying my hardest not to look at the image while I'm writing this.

Excuse me for a minute...

When you run out of parmesan cheese, you have to get creative.

Men, let it be known that cheese slices have only one purpose. They are to be used in the making of grilled cheese; that is all. If you remember nothing else, please remember this.