29 People Who Are Worse Cheaters Than Your Friend's Terrible Ex

The world is filled with cheaters! Be them people who cheat at board games, professional sports, or even people who cheat on other individuals.

However, when cheaters get caught out it can be an incredibly cathartic thing to witness. So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 20 people who are worse cheaters than your friend's terrible ex!

"Not raised well enough apparently."

This is not a very good advert for the south really. Also, what is this person doing carrying around a pair of emergency crocs in the back of their truck? At least have the decency to hide them!

Is This Really Enough Of A Punishment?

I don't think that I would be planning on forgiving someone who cheated on me just because they spent a day wearing a sign admitting to what they had done. Maybe I'm the weird one though?

"Teacher said we are allow to bring a single sided piece of paper for notes during finals."

Okay, so this is not technically cheating, it's just thinking outside of the box. There must be extra points for finding a loophole in something that utilises an actual loop.

"This mustang that was vandalized by a jealous girlfriend or spouse."

It always amazes me that there are so many people out there who resort to enacting this kind of revenge. More people need to start going to anger management classes!

"Someone at my work was cheated on. He brought all of her shoes to work!"

"His red flag should have been more than one pair of leopard print boots," added another individual. Although, I think that is a bit harsh, right?

"I... Have... Been... Cheated!"

This is something of a paradox I suppose. Although, it is true in the fact that most fortune cookies simply give away general life advice or adverts nowadays. Fortune cookies ain't what they used to be!

The Halloween Costume Formerly Known As The Purple Artist...

How have they managed to make it so that the model's head is massive and his feet are absolutely minuscule? They really did not need to do him dirty like this.

"Your math is blowing my mind.'

So they don't want you to use calculators, meaning you do the math in your head. But then, it ends up saying it's wrong, so you check your calculator to see what the right answer is. It's sort of like this test is trying to turn people into cheaters.

" least she is being honest."

Despite this strangely intense bio and her appearing to stare into the souls of whoever looks at this picture, I wonder how many matches she got. Seriously, why is she staring so severely into the camera?

"Son (20M) loots the skin off 3 hour beer can chicken."

It seems that this person's son isn't just a cheater, but a bit of a thief, too. How dare he take what one could argue is the best part of the chicken!?


Some people are so lazy that they just steal other people's ideas when they need to come up with a mascot for their business. Mattress Bob really doesn't have the same ring to it as Spongebob Squarepants though.

"This is how to prevent cheating."

Those desks looks pretty far apart as it is, you'd need a neck like a giraffe to cheat in this classroom even without the boxes. Maybe the teachers just enjoy making the kids look daft?

"Tesco's 'British' strawberries are from the Netherlands."

I'm no geography whiz, but I am pretty sure the Netherlands isn't part of Great Britain. Meaning that these strawberries aren't even close to being what Tesco says they are...

Dominos Is More Than Just A game!

"My aunt says i cheat at dominos by looking at the smudges and scratches of the back of the dominos, so every time we are invited over to play, she washes the dominos," explained the person who posted this.

"I ordered Cheesy fiesta potatoes in the Taco Bell drive thru and found this in my bag when I got home."

Either the person working the drive thru at the time was feeling especially lazy, or that particular location ran out of normal-sized containers. Or, Taco Bell is secretly cheating us out of Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes!

This Twitter poll is completely out of hand.

If you follow the correct order of operations, you'll find that the correct answer is 10. And yet, 10 isn't even listed in the poll. It's like the original poster wanted to trick people into doing the math wrong.

"This is an external battery I found rummaging through a drawer, I think something else copied it, it reminds me of something."

I was always confused by the PS5's design. However, it all makes sense now. Clearly the designer forgot to draw up the plans and just happened to have one of these chargers in his bag during the pitch meeting.

"It looks as though someone got might have been caught cheating."

I feel kind of bad for everyone involved in this situation. I cannot imagine being named Therion, that has got to do something to you in the long run, right?

All that storage space that you can't even use.

I cannot help but feel cheated every time I look at my phone's storage space. Why do the companies advertise certain storage sizes, when you actually get a lot less usable space thanks to all the bloatware they install on the phones?

"Some guy tried to copy my tattoo artist's work. He ended up with a nipple tattooed on his arm."

It looks as though they really might have gotten what they paid for with this artist. I mean, how could someone not realise that they were tattooing a nipple onto someone's arm?!

"This parking job."

Life is hard enough without things like this happening. It's completely mind boggling how people choose to double park in spaces. It's as if they're the only people in the world who matter!

"Delivery company copied their logo from both IE and FEDEX."

I suppose that this company thought if they mixed together Internet Explorer's logo and FedEx's logo then no one would notice what they were doing. It's a bold strategy...but incredibly stupid.

"Big box to make it seem like there's more."

It appears that pretty much everything that comes in the kit can be seen through the cutout in the box. The rest of it is useless plastic. It makes you think you're getting a better deal than you really are.

"That time someone did the wrong cheat code by my work."

I suppose that there must be someone out there who is missing a boat. It is actually pretty impressive to misplace an entire boat, it's not exactly small enough to go missing by accident!

"My newest YouTube video called "THX Phobia" was claimed by Bquate SAC for using one of their songs called "Canción Dos" by JD Artista."

"I looked up the song, and it turns out to be nothing but a loop of THX's iconic and signature 'Deep Note' for 1 minute and 49 seconds."

Getting copywrite claimed is bad enough, but getting one for a song that isn't even an original sound is even worse.

"'Plastic free' but comes in a plastic packaging cover."

It would be nice if companies gave the whole plastic free idea a genuine shot, rather than being just as wasteful as they've always been. But that may be too much to ask for.

"Ex cheated. Called off wedding. Day of 'wedding' I was sad. My family surprised me with an Anti-Wedding party."

It is good that their family managed to find a way to turn this sorrowful day into something of a celebration! You're better off without that piece of crap!

"Found them at my local farmer's market."

They have not even tried to disguise what they are ripping off here, and it's kind of impressive how bold they are being. If you listen closely, however, you can hear Lego's lawyers saddling up their horses.

"Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of kind of cheating?

Our lord and saviour should have just miracled a wheel onto the bottom of the cross that he was dragging along in hindsight. What an obvious idea, you'd have thought that the messiah would have thought of that.

"Someone is cheating in this game..."

That poor woman was so close to getting a five-of-a-kind! That is one of the most amazing hands in poker! Most people can go for their entire lives without ever having managed to get that hand.

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