20 People Who Wandered Headfirst Into A Giant Pickle...Not A Literal Pickle Though

People love to get themselves into a bit of a jam from time to time. Although, I suppose people don't love to get themselves into jams as much as they get into jams by accident...and I've said "jam" too many times already today.

With this idea in mind, please enjoy these 20 people who wandered headfirst into a giant pickle...not a literal pickle though!

"The psycho who did this in my art class..."

Was this part of his final art project? Perhaps the idea behind this piece was to make a statement on the futility of man's pursuit to do everything by the book only for things to still go wrong?

Why Are Some People Like This?

Why would a rainbow blanket not be appropriate for a young child? Kids love rainbows, don't they? How could you really be so heartless as to give back a blanket that someone made for you?

"This newly-built house has a state-of-the-art external guest toilet!"

You would have to have nerves of steel to try and actually use this toilet. I don't think this level of fear is necessary for a toilet, or am I being daft there?

"True art cannot be contained."

Could they not have made it so that the horn was flat and could be attached to the cake once it is ready to be eaten? This feels like a needlessly ridiculous way to get around the problem that they have encountered.

"Holy cow, how fast was he going or how thin-walled is that metal post?"

The fact that the driver managed to impale right through the centre of the post is amazing enough, but the fact that the post didn't even bend is just mind-blowing.

"She's gonna be pissed..."

Someone did suggest that this scene should be sculpted into a water feature for their backyard when they move into a house with a garden. They look so massively uncomfortable, and yet so at peace.

"I put in the advertisements just like you asked!"

Just how on Earth could no one have noticed what had happened here? I can only assume that they got quite a healthy amount of complaints as a result of this.

"He is going to be a handful it seems."

He is just giving you a little teaser as to what sort of shenanigans he will be getting up to in the future. I hope you got pet insurance to cover this little guy!

"I sorted that dead goose, boss."

I think that might actually be a swan, in which case they may be waiting for the Queen of England to come down and ravenously devour it from off the cement in front of her subjects, feathers and all.

"Gee, thanks dude..."

"God damn it, Dave! I explicitly told you not to put our white banner in the wash with your red shirt!"

"Look, I think that the pink adds a real nice warmth to the banner...if you ignore the missing word."

"I have no idea how they turn this off."

It is quite obvious how they actually have to turn this off. They just have to do it very, very, very quickly and without hesitation! You don't want to have to make a second attempt.

"My grandfather's diary from 1952, Jan 31st, my mum's birthday: 'Spent evening at Harpers (his favorite pub) while Phylis (grandma) had the baby.'"

I like that he had his priorities sorted out! Also, it seems as though he went out drinking the next night as well!

I Personally Think That They Have Done A Brilliant Job With This "Fix"!

Amazingly, someone did point out, "Some irony in this one is that the sign says 'optimists' street'." This is one of those moments where life was just a little bit too perfect!

"I was just trying to enjoy my shower at this Airbnb."

That is one hell of a healthy moustache that this guy is rocking, so congrats on that! Although, he still looks pretty miffed at being stuck in this tiny little shower.

"There's something almost poetic about this."

If you look very closely then you can also see a little HotWheels car sat atop the red truck. Let's just hope that this truck doesn't break down as well and require a fourth vehicle to come and help out.

"Happened a few years back, supervisor of these guys said he had done this technique for years..."

This looks like something out of a Fast And Furious movie. Sure, it wouldn't be very fast, but OSHA would definitely be furious!

"He might be waiting at this stop for quite a while."

I spent so much time being distracted by that damn blister plaster advert that I missed the sign right above his head which says that this stop is not in use!

"My cousin teaches kindergarten and came across this little gem in a kid's work."

If I were this person's cousin then I would be staying as far away from this kid as possible. I would also be tempted to keep any scissors away from this kid going forward.

"I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest."

I would be cutting that out and taking it home each and every night. Although, that would probably just end up with my dying of a heart attack within a year.

"Stood during the entire concert, even when absolutely nobody else was standing. Picked a fight with someone (not me) who asked her to sit down."

One similarly vexed individual added: "I was at a concert a while back and a woman was using an iPad to record video of the show, so not only was she standing, but the iPad blocking view as well and shining bright light behind her.

"It was only a few minute before a full beer came flying and knocked the iPad out of her hand, over the railing. Then she started yelling down for someone to throw it back up to her and that went badly. eventually she caught it and it was absolutely trashed.

"I never saw who threw the beer, but that person was a hero."

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