Flight Passenger’s 'Inconsiderate' Hair Is Pushing The Internet To Its Limit

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Andrew Palmer

Flying on an airplane can be a lot to handle for many people. Airplanes are not large and sometimes, you're cramped in with complete and total strangers that you don't really know.

To top this off, there is barely any room in between seats or in front of you for your legs and arms. Therefore, proper airplane etiquette is important to us all.

There are some things on airplanes we just cannot stand.

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While we know everyone has their own reasons for flying, there are some things that push us over the edge.

One thing is people who feel like they can take up their seats and ours with their arms and their bodies.

You paid for one seat, stay in it!

Unsplash | Marcos Paulo Prado

Crying babies, for example, can sometimes be a huge stress on both the parents and the other people on the flight.

No one will ever say it out loud, but it's true.

While we all support families and those who fly with babies, having a baby cry the entire flight can be a total headache for everyone involved.

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Not that we are parent-shaming, it's just a hassle to deal with when we're 3,000 feet up in the air.

We also cannot stand seat-kickers.

Unsplash | Oskar Kadaksoo

When we're on flights trying to take a nap or just get some peace and quiet because, well flying can be anxiety-inducing, there's nothing as bad as getting your seat kicked by the person behind you.

Keep your feet to yourself! No one wants to smell whatever it is you have going on down there.


Or, the OG worst passenger—the snorer.

Everyone wants to take a snooze on a plane, especially on a long flight.

Is there anything worse than hearing someone snore as loud as the plane itself?

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I mean, they can't control it, obviously, but that doesn't mean it isn't annoying.

It's okay to admit we all judge others, we all do it, and are all victims of it.

The fact is: no one wants to be bothered when traveling in the air.


TSA is annoying, dragging your bags around is a lot, and not to mention we hate how long it takes to get on and off a flight.

Now, thanks to Twitter, there's another thing that can drive us wild while flying on a plane.

Unsplash | Bao Menglong

As if all of these annoyances weren't bad enough to have to deal with, Twitter has found a new thing for us to bug out about when we are flying on a commercial flight.

Twitter user Anthony shared a photo asking if it would bother anyone on board.

The photo in question had to do with a passenger and her hair.

In the photo, the passenger in front of Anthony had their long, luscious locks of hair draped over the back of her chair.

And, the hair is so long, it goes right over the table tray and all up in his magazines.


Clearly, that is definitely the most obnoxious thing someone can do.

People on Twitter were feeling some type of way about this, really and truly.

One person said that they would lower the tray, and trap her hair in the tray just to piss them off, too. And, they even said they'd offer to give her a haircut if she needs one, too.

And in one of the videos, that's exactly what she did.

Unsplash | Lukas Souza

People sounded off in the comments talking about what one should do when that situation arises.

One air hostess said to "call the cabin crew."

One person said to call the cabin crew so that they can take care of this passenger.

Or tell them to please move their hair onto their own "seat area." It is gross and unhygienic—especially during these times.

Someone else said, however, they can "understand" why people with long hair do them.

Someone on Twitter said that they can understand why people with long hair would do this because long hair can be a lot to handle. But, to be honest, I didn't ask you to have long hair.

And, others said that they have had way, way worse.

One person shared online that they have had way worse—so much worse that they shared a photo of someone who decided to take their shoes and socks off on the flight and push their feet in between the seats. Gross. Vomit!